I don’t have a lot of time to write this blog. We had internet issues earlier today and have been traveling to Birmingham on a long train ride from Bournemouth. Now, we are getting ready for the show and we are meeting people beforehand. Nonetheless, I did want to summarize the Bournemouth show. It wasn’t like Brighton, which was an amazing, well worth the wait, once in a lifetime sort of show. Bournemouth wasn’t that. It was a learning experience, though.

Many of you might have heard or read that there were many technical issues with the show. Most of them were surrounding John’s bass. It wasn’t his fault and he did the best that he could. After the technical difficulties, the band had a hard time getting back on track. I have to admit that we did as well. Of course, if we had the same setlist as we had the night before, that would have helped as well as we were missing Secret Oktober, greatly. On top of those technical problems, the crowd also sucked. Seriously sucked. We were 4th row but off to the side. Too much to the side. Anyway, our area SAT for a lot of the show, including the first number. Who the hell sits when Duran is on stage?! I don’t get that. The other thing is that we have a lot more fun being around people who are our friends. During Brighton, we were in a section with a bunch of totally fun people who we have now gotten to know. It was way better for that reason alone!

Thus, the lessons learned were less about the band and more about the circumstances surrounding a show. It matters where we sit. It matters if the setlist is long and varied. It matters who we are around. It matters what the crowd is like. It matters if the techs can do their jobs properly to ensure that the band sounds as good as possible. That said, we are here in Brum and we cannot be more excited!!! We had a good pizza and some champagne to celebrate this show. We have waited a hell of a long time for this show and have been through a lot to get here. No matter what happens tonight, it will be a night that Rhonda and I will never forget.


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  1. Technical issues aside, it totally sucks that the people in your section were not into the show.

    Was there any possibility that the people who were in your section were people who had maybe won tickets via a radio station or some other kind of promotion, not true aficionados, but just went because they had gotten a free ticket? The reason I throw out this possibility is because I went to two shows earlier this year and the vibe was totally different at the shows, night and day.

    The Foxwoods show in April was a casino show. Casino shows you get a lot of people who go because they are comped their tickets by the casino and its free, they could care less who they see. The section I was sitting in (lower balcony) did not stand. To be honest, I was afraid to stand because I saw people a few seats over from me asked by the people in back of them to sit down because they couldn't see! :0 I didn't feel like getting into an argument with anyone because it would have just pissed me off and ruined my night, so I sat for most of the show and danced and sang in my seat. The people in front of me did not stand for the entire show, I got up only when I saw the people in back of me had finally stood up and I was sure I was not blocking their view. To be totally fair, I will say though, the people on the floor section right in front of the stage, and the rest of the floor that I could see stood for most of that show.

    The Wang Center show on the other hand, was totally different and much better IMHO. Maybe it was the longer set, the different stage effects, the talking heads above the stage. But the energy that night was completely different from Foxwoods, and I think the key to that was that most of the people who were there were there because they wanted to see Duran. Sure, I am sure there were the usual radio station comp tickets and such, but nowhere near the amount of freebies that you get in a casino audience.

    The energy of the audience at the Wang Center show was completely different, and you could see the band feeding off the energy of the audience and audience feeding of the band's energy. More interaction with the audience that night too. Everyone of the floor was standing, and most of the balcony from what I saw from my seat that night. I was able to stand for the entire show and dance and sing to my hearts content.

    Anyway, I wanted to throw that out there as a possible explanation. Don't worry about replying, as I know you guys are busy traveling, have internet issues, whatever. Just enjoy yourselves on your ultimate road trip! Birmingham should be an awesome show, and looking forward to reading that recap, whenever you get to post it! Safe travels!


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