Today in Duran History – Germany

Think back to 1987…what were YOU doing on April 7th??

If you’re anything like me, you’re saying “I have no idea”.  However, I can tell you that at this point in 1987, I was a junior in high school and was 16 years old.  I drove a Suzuki Samurai soft top that was probably “death on wheels” back then (somehow I survived and never once came close to tipping it over).  At this point in the school year, I would imagine I was getting close to finding my prom dress (I wore this incredibly large white dress – no, it didn’t really look like a wedding dress but it WAS big), and starting to think about college more seriously.  What’s really funny (to me) about this scenario is that my daughter is a junior in high school now, she’s starting to look at prom dresses, and yes…I’m forcing her to start really thinking about college.  Good times!

All of that aside, I can tell you that on this date in 1987, Duran Duran played at Grugahalle in Essen, Germany.  Were any of you there??


4 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Germany”

  1. I was at the show in Essen at this day. It was my second DD show (the first one I attended was the one in Cologne the day before).
    In Essen I managed to get into the first row in front of Simon.
    It was absolutely fantastic to get this close to the boys. During the encore Simon’s trowers burst. It was so funny but Simon kept cool and used a tower to cover it.

    1. I’m thrilled that someone actually went to the show and responded! I really hadn’t expected to find a single person who was there since most of our readers are from the states, and to find someone who was front row besides? Excellent – thanks for sharing your memories.

      That whole trouser thing seems to happen to Simon a lot, doesn’t it? Poor guy!

  2. I was kind of “living” the 1987 tour with my class mates back then and we heard the news from Germany. We were all like hypnotized and kept saying “they’re arriving, they’re arriving…”
    I was 14 and couldn’t see any of the show, because I wasn’t permitted by my strict parents.

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