The 2017 30-Day DD Challenge (Daily Duranie Edition)

A few years back, we wanted to do something kind of fun during July and August, and created a 30-day challenge for Duran Duran fans.  It is EASY to participate, and we think everybody should, because DD Appreciation Day is in August (the 10th, actually) and this is a great way to lead up to our favorite holiday of the year!

Here are the “rules”:  Each day, you post the topic of the day as your status update on Facebook, Twitter, a favorite message board or where ever else you’d like, and give your answer.  If you want to give a reason for your choice, fabulous.  If not, fine.  If you’d like to find and post a corresponding YouTube video – the more the merrier!  Let’s use the hashtag #2017DDchallenge, and invite your friends to read Daily Duranie and friend us on Facebook/Twitter!

If my math is correct – and I hope it is because Amanda and I talked about this yesterday and I can’t remember what she told me to do (she’s on a plane right now so…) – we’re going to start this today.  We’ll do one question per day right up until August 9th. Then on August 10th, we’ll summarize the answers we saw, as well as add our own.

We’ve changed a few of the questions since we did this last, and we’re kind of curious to see if any answers have changed. We’ll let you know!!

1.  Song you never tire hearing live
2.  Fave side/solo project
3.  Fave side/solo project song
4.  Duran song that describes you best
5.  Video that makes you laugh
6.  When did you become a fan
7.  Fave picture of the band
8.  Fave album cover
9.  Song/video that takes you back to when you became a fan
10.  Song that always brings a smile to your face
11.  Video you forget about but love it when you see it
12.  Fave DVD
13.  Prized Duran related possession
14.  Least fave song live
15.  Fave song never seen play live
16.  Most recent concert
17.  First concert
18.  Fave b-side or bonus track
19.  Least fave video
20.  Least fave album
21.  Fave band member
22.  Fave pic of fave band member
23.  Fave album
24.  Fave show from PG Tour (or show wished you were at!)
25.  Song that should not have made it passed the editing room floor
26.  Demo that should have been on an album
27.  Most underrated song
28.  Song that should have been a single
29.  Fave video
30.  Fave song


Good luck – we can’t wait to read your 30-day challenge answers!


One thought on “The 2017 30-Day DD Challenge (Daily Duranie Edition)”

  1. I’ll do the best that I can to share my answers, given my schedule and my conncection status.
    To those of you who can observe it Happy Appreciation day.

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