24 Duran Duran Not Needed Results

About a month ago, I assigned you all homework. This assignment was relatively easy as I asked each of you to send me a list of twenty Duran songs that are not needed. A lot of people sent in lists, which was great fun to read and to calculate. Most people seemed to enjoy the idea as they understood that this task was not to criticize Duran Duran but to have fun with their vast catalog. Of course, some questioned my fandom by asking about this, but I don’t need to prove my love. I do it everyday here. Anyways, on to the results!

First of all, I could not limit the results to 20. There were too many ties. I could have stopped the list at 15 or go up to 24. I opted for the latter. Second, there were a lot of songs listed, 111 songs to be exact. They represent ALL the albums. Some were album tracks while others were b-sides, demos, etc. What also fascinated me as I went through the results was the idea that one person’s throwaway song might be someone else’s favorite. For example, the song Planet Roaring made it onto a list. While that person might think it is not necessary, I know other people who love it. (I do, in fact.) Now, I’m not saying that to criticize any of the choices but to show how diverse the fanbase’s tastes are, which I think is cool. What might be interesting is to compare this list with those songs who made it on the Top 40. Were there any songs in the Top 40 list that fans thought were not only top 40 material but ones that don’t need to exist period? What about the songs that didn’t make it on either list? Are there many of those? What does that tell us about Duran fans? Questions I suspect that I might explore in later blogs.

24 Duran Duran That Are Not Needed:

The results here are given in most frequently included to least:

  1. Hothead
  2. Danceophobia
  3. Bedroom Toys
  4. Hallucinating Elvis
  5. Undergoing Treatment
  6. Read My Lips
  7. Can You Deal With It
  8. Skin Divers
  9. Nite Runner
  10. Shotgun
  11. Yo Bad Azizi
  12. Medazzaland
  13. Fragment
  14. Downtown
  15. Venice Drowning
  16. Zoom In
  17. Breath After Breath
  18. All Along the Water
  19. Drowning Man
  20. Lava Lamp
  21. Prototypes
  22. Taste the Summer
  23. She’s Too Much
  24. So Long Suicide

As you can tell by the results that there were some albums that produced a lot of songs that Duranies feel are not needed. For example, there are a number of tracks off of Red Carpet Massacre and Pop Trash.

What do you think of this list? Were you surprised by any? Were you expecting different tracks? How did your list compare?


5 thoughts on “24 Duran Duran Not Needed Results”

  1. No surprise, not a fan of RCM, Medazzaland and Pop Trash at all. Thank goodness they are back to making great albums again.

  2. Well, I’m not surprised at a lot of the list, because I’ve learned just how poorly some albums were received by some fans.As it happens I adore RCM, Pop Trash and Medazzaland-the latter is genius, and a bit of a walk through the band’s mental state at the time.I tried to do this challenge and had decided the Shotgun snippet could qualify, but then decided with the nickname ‘The Wedding Album’ a snippet called Shotgun in fact was important.But you were right- a lot of songs I love are on this list.The general dislike for Danceaphobia eludes me-it’s so amusing to me.And Lava Lamp has a great beat and a sitar-well anyway it was a great challenge and I enjoyed learning about my fellow fans pov, even if I don’t agree.I think it would be really interesting to know what specifically turned someone off on a song.A lyric, the beat-or simply that the guys got too experimental?In my youth I did not embrace Notorious due to the sheer difference of it. {I think that’s the problem with RCM for a lot of fans) Now I adore it and play it a lot.But I think that could be a great conversation.

  3. There are about 10 or 11 songs there I love. I am curious where songs fell in the list after that. I honestly half expected to see HLTW somewhere near the bottom @ least. So many people I know all feel the same way about it. Was the Reflex anywhere near the bottom? I would love to see the whole list, frankly, out of curiosity.

  4. Am very surprised with the list, not so much because of what’s on it, but what isn’t. Can’t listen to Proposition, it grates my nerves. And, the album version of Big Thing never gets played, but funny enough I LUV the dance-version which I only heard for the first time a couple of years ago. And Zoom In is simply awful, it’d be near the worst to me, and Femme Fatale is blah.

    On the like side, So Long Suicide is absolutely riveting, and the original version is even better, a beloved classic and I like most of Medazzaland but it took a while for me to finally understand and warm up to it. And, even the songs on Pop Trash are disposable but fun, while many on Liberty are surprisingly energetic. Was no fan of the album originally, but don’t mind revisiting it now and then, but Violence of Summer is a bit of a dud.

    Oh well, to each their own as they say. 🙂

  5. I entirely love Venice Drowning. It is definitely on my list of faves, and one of my Top 3 off of Liberty (so you can tell I didn’t do my “homework”). And I love Taste the Summer purely on the basis of the first full line “Can you, can you taste the summer? I do, I find it in your mouth.” But overall, yes, while there are definitely songs I really enjoy off of RCM, Pop Trash and Medazzaland, they aren’t my favorites.

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