30 Days…holidays, memories, and planning!

So I received a package today that contained my travel size, dual voltage flat iron.  I realize this might not be terribly exciting for the rest of the world – but for me, it’s thrilling because it means that I will still have straight hair while visiting England, and more importantly – when I go to see Duran Duran.  😀  Laugh if you must, just understand that I know they can see to about the 10th row.  I won’t have curly, unruly wavy hair while standing in front of John, Simon, Nick, Roger OR Dom, thankyouverymuch.  Vain much?  YES!

In the coming days I have a few more travel items being sent – adapters and that sort of thing.  Again, not terribly exciting to everyone else, but for me – it’s Christmas Part II!  I can’t help but feel both a sense of excitement and of course one of continuous anxiety, and that’s probably going to continue until the moment I get on the plane, and maybe even then I’ll fret a bit until I find Amanda (along with our other friends Jessica and Deb!) on the ground once I’ve landed at Heathrow.  Once I know we’re all there, together and safe, I’ll be ready to get the party started!

Between now and then – and we’ve got 30 days to go here – it’s going to be insanity at my house.  Sunday is Easter, (it’s honestly a miracle that the “Easter Bunny” remembered to buy candy, baskets and goodies this year….just saying) then next Friday is the 3rd birthday of my youngest.  We’re celebrating the birthday both on Friday AND on Saturday because she’s just too cute to stuff it all into one day.  The following week (officially in May now), my oldest has her spring dance performances.  Then there’s Mothers Day, my sister’s birthday and somewhere in between all of that, I have to give myself sometime to breathe and probably grieve and remember a bit – as the anniversary of my dad’s passing will take place.  It was a rather long and drawn out type of thing while he was in the hospital those last few weeks, and unfortunately I’m still getting used to those memories, the pain that is associated with them, and learning to go on without his daily presence.  Unfortunately for me, during this time of year that should be so joyous, my thoughts  are typically of what my mom, sister and I went through and I don’t mind saying that I have a very tough time, although I try to do it privately because that’s just me.  I talk about it more on this blog than I ever do in “real life”, oddly enough.  This year though, I’m hopeful that I will keep myself busy enough with the trip planning to do better.  It will have only been 3 years (yes, if you’re keeping track – my youngest was born 2 weeks prior to my dad’s passing.  Now you can probably understand why it’s all a little more difficult.  My dad was rushed to the hospital on a Sunday and I was put in the hospital two days later – the stress was just too much for me)  So, while I don’t want the blog to be a downer for the next few weeks, I’m not going to lie – it might be at times.  If I seem a little out of sorts, it’s probably because I will be, and I apologize in advance.

On a better note, the weeks are gonna FLY by until I leave, that is for sure!  In just a few days, my good friend Amanda will have her two show “binge” with the band before getting ready for her trip, too!  It’s funny because at this point, I’ve already seen my US shows and I’ve moved on to preparing for the UK – and yet she’s yet to see her shows so she probably thinks I’ve lost my mind by just moving right along.  I’m looking forward to hearing how her shows go, and naturally, once she’s off of her Duran “high”, I look even more forward to going over our plans with a fine toothed comb – and hearing all about the tour binder for the UK!  I can’t even begin to imagine what all she’ll include in there, but I look forward to hearing all about it!

Next on my list of “things to buy for trip” are shoes.  I need to spend some serious time looking for cute ballet flats for during the day – must be cute AND comfortable.  I also still need clothes….and a billion dollars to spend however I choose…. 🙂  The list goes on, and don’t think I’m completely ignoring my children, or their ever-growing and changing “Master Schedule” that must be devised before I set one foot out of this house on May 20th.

I’ll start working on that  May 19th.   Midnight.   😉


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