I heard you speak my name

I’m sure at least some noticed an invitation appearing on Monday morning from none other than John Taylor. He asked Duranies to join him at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on Tuesday night, where Halo Circus was to appear and perform.

Halo Circus is a band fronted by Alison Iraheta, their label is a subsidiary of Manimal Vinyl called Badlands Records. As you might already know from reading previous blogs – Halo Circus’ version of “Do You Believe In Shame” is included on the upcoming Making Patterns Rhyme tribute album. They also have another single, “Gone” that is worth checking out.

When John issued the invitation, I was curious as to how many Duranies might show that night. From my own observations it didn’t seem as though the “Do You Believe in Shame” cover went over well with many Duran fans, and so it was tough to gauge interest. That said, John Taylor seemed to indicate that he would be there that night, and I figured that many fans might make plans to go solely for that reason.

I was not able to be there myself, but I heard from many that John was in fact there, and I’ve seen several photos of the evening…but what I was most excited by was a video posted of Halo Circus performing “Do You Believe in Shame”. Personally I loved the album version of the cover. Alison’s voice speaks to me, telling me a completely different story of that song than I’d ever heard before.  It hits me in my soul – and while yes, the original is the original, this long time Duran Duran fan actually PREFERS this cover. Halo Circus gave new life and meaning to this song for me, breathing a sense of urgency, pain and desperation that strikes me right in the gut. I love it. My question was whether or not I’d feel that same intensity in a live performance, so I was delighted to find video of this song on YouTube. Check it out!

This one song exceeded my expectations for the entire night…and you can bet that the next time they play, I won’t miss the show…John Taylor or not!



5 thoughts on “I heard you speak my name”

  1. I really like this cover too, Rhonda. (I might even categorize myself as one of those difficult to please fans!)

    Anyway… can you imagine how intimidating it would be to play with cover with JT in the audience?

    Kudoes for to her on many levels!

    1. You know Heather, I meant to touch on that – I mean, he was definitely there in the audience that night and I know he’d heard the song prior – but even so, how intimidating. I am sure he approves though. (as well he should, because it’s fantastic.) -R

  2. That cover version is still my favorite one!
    It captures rock when there wasn’t in the original studio version. And don’t remember it was played “rock” live during the 1988-89 tour.
    O yes, wishing I could hear the guys playing it again, with or without JT …my USA visa permitting… LOL!

    1. I don’t remember the band playing a “rock” version of it – the last time I heard it played by the band, they stayed true to from (and it was great as is). I just really like what Halo Circus did with it. -R

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