Bring You Gifts

Any fans of the band, The Killers, here?  As you may know, both Rhonda and myself really love the band.  They are probably the only other band that we would consider going to multiple shows of a tour or traveling to see a show or two.  We, obviously, then follow them on Twitter and the other night, an interesting tweet appeared on our timeline:

Totally free. 21+. Belly Up in SD. Doors at midnight. First come, first served. Be careful in the rain..That’s the gist. Come and get some.

WHAT?!  They did a FREE show in San Diego at a place called Belly Up.  It is a small place.  From what I can tell, it holds about 600 people!  600!  Talk about intimate.  Unfortunately, neither of us were able to attend.  That said, it certainly gave me much to think about.  Why play a show there?  Then?  Of course, I also started to think about Duran Duran.  Would they ever do anything like that?

When I first saw this tweet, I wondered about why a band would do a show that is basically unannounced?  For free?  It did not seem to be about promotion or trying to get attention from the press.  Could it be just to play?  Just do a show?  Maybe, to get back into the swing of playing together as Brandon had spent a lot of last year writing and touring a solo album?  I know that Duran Duran did a little tour called the Secret Caravan Tour in 1988, in which they played super small venues in the US before going out on a big world tour to support Big Thing.  From what I know those “secret” shows were to get them into a tight unit before the big tour.  On the other hand, what if it isn’t about the band at all, but about the fans?

Seriously, how cool would it be to see a tweet about a FREE concert from one’s favorite band on that very night of the tweet?  It would be like an unexpected gift!!!  First of all, who wouldn’t love to go to an unannounced show?  It would be like being part of a secret club.  Then, to be able to go for FREE?!  Clearly, then, the band isn’t playing for the money.  It is about playing and playing for FANS.  Lastly, who wouldn’t love to see a favorite band in a SMALL venue.  I have never seen Duran in a venue THAT small.  It sounds like all the ingredients of an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I applaud The Killers for doing something like this!

Therefore, if Duran wants to say…add an unannounced free show on a night…say in between the dates of July 7 and July 14 or between July 27 and August 1, at a really intimate venue, I’m all for it!!  I’m sure that all the fans who could attend would feel really, really special and appreciated.


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