Alter Connections

Last night, I spent a great deal of time chatting with Rhonda via Twitter DMs.  As usual, our conversation varied from how things are going in our personal lives to when we should host our online, “let’s break out of the winter blues” party to why is July SO far away.  As we were “talking”, I had a realization.  I figured out how important connection is.  For example, my friendship with Rhonda always does better when the connection is strong.  The same can be said about my relationship with my sister.  How do I maintain connections?  It seems simple to me.  I talk to them.  I keep them in the loop about my life and they do about theirs.  Each time the connection grows and strengths.  When we don’t talk as much, the connection fades, shrinks.  I believe the same can be true of fandom.

I think it is important for fans to stay connected with their fandoms, including Duranies with their Duran Duran fandom.  Let me share a little story from my own life.  I became a Duranie with my best friend at a very young age after hearing their songs on Top 40 radio and watching their videos countless times on MTV and Friday Night Videos.  The connection between fan and band formed for me and for my best friend.  This bond of sorts grew and solidified with every magazine that we purchased and poured over.  It also grew when we watched interviews and rented VCR tapes of documentaries like Sing Blue Silver.  Then, in turn, we showed off our connection by putting up posters on our walls and wearing t-shirts and earrings advertising the band and our love for them.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  My best friend and I moved away from each other.  I moved west and she moved north.  We couldn’t share in those activities together anymore.  What was worse is that this was in late 1985 during the time of side projects.  Without each other and the constant feeding of Duran Duran in the media, the connection between us and Duran Duran faded.  For my friend, it happened a lot faster.  I held on for a LONG time after she had moved on.

My original connection to Duran Duran was SO strong, though, that when I heard new music or saw a new video, my fandom came back.  At times, there wasn’t enough beyond the music, the videos, the media to really strengthen the connection.  It was like having a burst of fandom before letting it lie dormant once again.  Then, of course, the reunion happened and my fandom REALLY WOKE UP!  I suspect it would have resumed hibernation if it wasn’t that I made connections with other fans, including that partner-in-crime of mine.    The bond was never allowed to really fade back into the woodwork as Duran was constantly talked about, constantly discussed in some way, shape or form.  Some days, this discussion of Duran was non-stop.  This usually happened when some music was released, tour dates were announced or a tour was right around the corner.  Other days, my group of friends or I would bring up some topic to keep the conversation and fandom alive.  Now, as a result, my bond, my connection with Duran Duran is strong.  It is so strong that I decided to write a daily blog!  I do something related to Duran Duran everyday.  In fact, I think in the back of our (Rhonda and myself) heads, this was the point with doing this blog “daily”.  We wanted to keep fandom alive–not just for us but for fans we knew and fans we did not know yet.  This is why I do a daily poll/question.  I want people to think of Duran Duran each and every day.  The connection continues then.  In 2016, it is the only real way that the connection will last.  Unfortunately, media only pays attention to them every once in awhile and social networking for the band is minimal, at best.  Fans need more than every once in awhile.  They need constant.  Daily.

Thus, our goal here is simple.  We want to keep fandom alive by filling in a bit of gap left when Duran Duran is off the immediate radar.  We hope that we assist people in making connections with others because, as we know, that is when the bond becomes unbreakable.  Fandom then lives on.


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