Doesn’t Have to be Serious: Duran Quizzes

Life hasn’t been very fun lately.  Work has been overwhelming lately, taking up a lot of my time and energy.  If that wasn’t enough, I have stepped up to volunteer, once again, in the big political campaign.  While I find what I do valuable and meaningful, there are times, moments, when all I want to do is to step back and have some fun.  I do not necessarily need or want fun that lasts a long time, but I relish  short, fun breaks.

At times, then, I turn on the TV for mindless television, but that doesn’t always do it for me.  Lately, I found myself doing a little search for fun online quizzes.  You all know the ones I’m talking about.  For example, I just took one about how well I know Chicago.  According to the quiz, I am an expert!  Anyway, this led me to think of all of the Duran Duran quizzes that are out there.  I think the most recent one I took was Which Member of Duran Duran Would Be Your Boyfriend.  My result?  John, of course.  That said, if I wanted it to be Nick, for example, I could have catered my questions to ensure the results would say Nick.

What other quizzes are out there?  Are they similar in that I can control the results to some extent?  Here are a few that I tried and my thoughts about them:

Which Member of Duran Duran Are You?
I loved this quiz, actually.  The questions weren’t obvious and the description provided something beyond the usual you are this member because of something superficial.  My result?  John Taylor.  Best line of the description:  “You’re a kind and thoughtful person who has been given the gift of charisma, and sometimes you’re not entirely sure what to do with it.”  Not sure if that describes me exactly but thought it was interesting.  Wonder if John thinks that describes him?!

What Do the Duran Guys Think of You? 
Before I even begin this one, I wonder if there is a separate category for fans who blog?  What about ones who do so every single day?  Probably not but maybe there should be!  Kidding!  Needless to say, the questions are silly as is the reported result.  Again, though, I find myself labeled as John Taylor’s girlfriend in this quiz.  Okay…

Can You Name the Duran Duran Video?
This one featured screen caps of different videos that you had to type the answers.  It was timed.  I liked this quiz as it didn’t just feature the well-known videos nor did it include the most iconic images.  You really needed to know your stuff.

Duran Duran Fan Quiz
Then, there is this one.  It is filled with really obscure trivia questions.  I have no doubt that the author found the information from various interviews, articles, etc. but I’m willing to bet that most Duranies won’t know the answers, especially since I suspect most questions come from the 1980s.  Moving on…

Duran Duran Lyrics
There are tons of quizzes out there that taste your knowledge of Duran Duran lyrics.  Most of them feature questions with lyrics in which you have to pick what song the lyrics come from.  This one had 10 questions and featured obvious ones and less than obvious ones.

The Reflex 
This one features just lyrics from the song, The Reflex.  I liked that I could choose to make it timed or not and that it featured both fill in the blank and multiple choice.  That said, there were a couple of errors in the quiz, which was annoying.

I can’t be too critical, though.  People create these quizzes for fun and I do think it is fun to take them!  In fact, if you know of a good one, please pass it on!


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