A Break in Time

How many of you follow Duran Duran’s social media?  If you are reading this, my guess is that most of you do.  Why?  Do you follow their Twitter account in order to get news and updates?  Is their Facebook page one that you follow in order to get features like “Facebook Page of the Week” or “Watch It Wednesday”?  Perhaps, you like all of the above.  Maybe the big goal is simply to know when a new album will come out or when new tour dates are announced and the rest you just skip over.

I’ll be honest.  I follow the band’s social media mostly for news.  For example, this week, DDHQ posted the video of Duran Duran and Chic singing “Good Times” on stage together during this recent tour again with a statement about how this should happen again.  It got me thinking, wondering.  Was this post to prepare us for news of that rumored East Coast date?  During the latest Kafe, there was some implying that Australian dates with Nile Rodgers were set up for 2017.  Could that post be hinting about that?  I wonder.

Does this mean that I skip the other parts?  Sometimes I do.  I know.  Shocking.  The horror.  Shame on me.  I’m pretty busy so I always have to limit what I look at on social media or how often I even check out the online world.  While I like that DDHQ shares a “Facebook Page of the Week” unless I’m really into it, I might not check it out.  Sometimes, I have already liked the page that they share.  That said, sometimes, the posts/features that are shared that I might skip over from time to time catch my attention.

This past week, the photo below was shared:

Duran 87

While good Duran pictures always grab my attention, this picture make me think.  First, it made me think of the different Duran “eras”.  When we look back at their legendary career, I think we can all acknowledge that there were many eras.  For example, we are in the midst of the Paper Gods Era.  Before that, we experienced the All You Need Is Now Era.  Just like with all types of history, once enough time has passed, people can examine those different time periods.  We can decide what went well and what didn’t.  Heck, people can and do this with their own lives.

Looking back, then, fans can pick out their favorite era(s) and the reasons behind those favorites.  Maybe, one’s favorite era is the Rio era because s/he love the videos from that time and became a fan then.  Others might choose the Medazzaland era for the experimental music.  Then again, others might still claim that the current era is their favorite.  I know my gut instinct is always to say the current one is the one I like best.  Can I judge a current Duran cycle as well as I can older ones, though?  I don’t think so.  I need time and context to really analyze it.

Then, of course, there might be some discussion about what the different eras are.  While my first response is to declare each era to be based on the studio album released at the time, I recognize that it isn’t that simple.  Where would Wild Boys and A View to a Kill fit in?  Do they go with the Seven and the Ragged Tiger era?  Are the Power Station/Arcadia side projects a separate era?  Duran played a mini-tour in 2009.  Do those shows connect with the Red Carpet Massacre album or the All You Need Is Now album?  What about the Fan Show of 2007?  A CD was played with new tracks off of RCM but that was months before the album release.

What do you think?  What are the different Duran eras?  When do they stop and start?  Then, after deciding that, which one is your favorite and why?


2 thoughts on “A Break in Time”

  1. My favorite years are from 1978 to 2004, because they were the wisest years, they took the wisest decisions here.
    Musically they still make awesome records,which I adore, but up to 2004, there was more than awesome albums.
    Up to 2004 they were more inspired, wise, they believed in what they did, they were down to earth.

    1. 1978 to 2004 was a LONG stretch. In my mind, there are many eras there, especially since they had different members during it. I disagree that they made the wisest choices then. Some were wisest but some weren’t. -A

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