A Late Blog and an Early Birthday!

I am so sorry for the tardiness of this blog today. There is no other way to say it, today has been one of those days. I’ve been the sole “active” parent this week, and trust me – I’ve been more than active. Some days feel like short sprints, and today felt like a marathon, and I’ve finished last. This morning was especially painful, and on the morning “crawl” to my daughter’s high school something hit the windshield of my car and now it’s sporting a huge crack.  Not the greatest way to begin the day, but not earth (or windshield) shattering.  Oddly though, I had the song(s) Fly on the Windscreen (Depeche Mode) and (I’m Looking for) Cracks in the Pavement (You Know Exactly Who) stuck in my head all day.  Bizarre.  From there it was a nearly endless array of phone calls to insurance people, overseas husbands (it was in the middle of the night his time when he got my phone call…oops!), school meetings, and driving. Oh, the driving, and the traffic. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, that’s all I’ve got to say.

Since today is blessedly Thursday and it’s my last blog of the week, an early Happy Birthday is in order to Mr. Nicholas. I hear that 50 is “The Big One”, although the 8.0+ earthquake that is way overdue to hit Southern California is also given that delightful moniker.  Coincidence?? I could say that age is but a number and countless other platitudes, but the honest truth is that when I think about what the age of 50 must look like, it is definitely not Nick Rhodes’ face that comes to mind. I have a very difficult time believing that any one of that band could possibly be 50 yet. It’s very similar to what comes to mind when my oldest comes to me and asks to borrow my shoes. I still see her as the precocious 3 year old in pigtails that wants to borrow a pair of my shoes and stumble around the house. Time goes by so fast, and while I know the band stays firmly in the present – I still think of them as the twenty-somethings I admired from afar, or at least the boys I admired on my bedroom walls.

I’ve always used the birthday blogs as a way to honor the birthday boy in question, write a bit of a love-note, and a way to weave my own personal experiences into the blog. The funny thing is, my personal experiences are somewhat at a low when it comes to Nick. What I can tell you though, is that I’ve never once heard a single fan ever have a bad experience meeting Nick. I know that he has caught the eyes of many a fan at a concert and smiled – and let me just gush and say that no band member has a smile like Nick. When he smiles (which in my opinion is not nearly enough!), his entire face lights up and you feel like the smile is truly meant just for you. Nick has a gift for words and making the tiniest of moments mean something special. He may not ever be the band member we find on Twitter or Facebook, but his genuine nature comes through loud and clear in his short video clips or notes on the band webpage. I have friends who have had the opportunity to meet Nick several times (Faby I am talking to you!), and I adore seeing those photos. There is a love that flows from Nick to the fans that is returned many million times over, and it really does come through with every photo I see.

I too, have believed that I caught Nick’s eye and a grin at a show or two when I was in the UK – and it’s those tiny little moments that make the shows come to mean more than just a concert.  It’s remembering how shocked I was to hear the opening notes of Secret Oktober in Brighton, only to look up after squealing in delight with Amanda to see Nick with an ear-to-ear grin. It’s thinking about how I finally made it to the rail at the very end of the show to hear them play Rio at the same show, and have Nick stand and take photos right in front of us. It was that last show in Glasgow when I could swear he smiled right at me and waved as he left the stage. I’ve decided to claim those seconds as being mine, even though they were probably meant for dozens, if not hundreds of other people as well. We can all claim them, and chances are, none of us are wrong.  

Nick Rhodes has been a part of my life for many years now. It’s a slightly dizzying thought when I count the years his music has been spinning on my record player, in my CD player…or just playing as an MP3 file on any one of several iProducts I’ve owned. He’s a welcome image in my head and heart and I wish him a very happy birthday…..even though I still can’t wrap my head around half of why he likes Second Life.

Happy Birthday Nick!!


2 thoughts on “A Late Blog and an Early Birthday!”

  1. Yes Rhonda, it's hard to believe that our baby of the band is 50 today. And to think of what a true gift he has, a visionary, an artistic genius, born. To see the future of Duran and make a plan with John to make it happen, when so very young. And JTs birthday, just around the bend, two geminis make that happen if you believe in such things. I am a Gemini myself, so while I may not espouse the gifts they do, geminis are great creative minds and communicators. While I don't put myself on the same plane as these talented men, and not to discount all the talents and gifts each person contributes to this world no matter what sign they are born under, it just fits.

    And no, none of the band members resemble or behave what I thought 50 might look like. As I approach that number myself, turning 45 next Friday, I realize I have grown up with duran. What a gift to me!

    Sorry for your misfortunes of the day, but in true Rhonda style as it come out as you write, challenge presents itself, you assess what needs to be done, you prioritize, take the steps needed, and move on. Voila! Maybe a martini afterwards with an extra olive, but I admire your strength and resilience.

    As an aside, I fully understand why nick likes second life. It is a playground of artistic creativity and design. While others may go for less than savory activities or games, there are many worlds there. I even attend conferences in second life for continuing education for licensure! I love it.

    While he may not give us his second life address to teleport us to his location, I imagine there are many delights in the creations made by sir nick.


  2. Here's the thing with Second Life and Rhonda….I can't make my person move. When the band first announced their partnership with Second Life, I embraced it. I really did. I marched myself right over to Second Life (well, virtually anyway), got it all downloaded and spent what I believe must have been HOURS designing my person. (I've been away from it so long I've forgotten the lingo. Apologies!) Then I spent hours trying to figure out how to do basic things. Walking. Moving. Flying. Getting onto and off of a magic carpet thing (don't ask). Not get stuck in some sort of a dance thing. (again, just go with it and don't ask…) I tried very hard to embrace the idea of being someone completely different from who I am normally (isn't that what tours are for?!?) and just letting go – but I couldn't do it. It might not have helped much that a few days after being on Second Life I ran into someone who proceeded to give me quite the education about the dark side of Second Life. It was quite the conversation, and while I was completely fascinated by not only the topics but also the excitement he clearly had in sharing such information with me – I was completely unnerved by the whole idea. Fantasy in my reality was just too much for me to keep straight! 😀 -R

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