A Little More Stone Love Bass Odyssey

Yesterday, I watched the final installment of John’s Stone Love Bass Odyssey on Instagram. I didn’t realize it was the final one until I noticed some comments lamenting it being “the end” and how sad they were. I’m almost glad I didn’t know at the time, because I just enjoyed watching John break down the structure of A View to a Kill. For that short ten-minute span, I didn’t worry about anything else. I didn’t let anything else enter my mind, and concentrated on the music. It was glorious.

Life has been rough for all of us lately. Having these little glimpses into the creative process, completely with all of the music geekery, have really made my week more fun, and I hope they’ve done the same for many of you out there. Judging purely from the number of views John’s breakdown sessions have gotten, I’d say they’ve done their job well. It’s difficult to imagine that John has taken the time to do these for the past six weeks!

If his Bass Odyssey’s weren’t enough, yesterday brought another special treat as he spent an hour chatting with none other than Roger Taylor, also on Instagram. These little chat sessions have been so great, primarily because rather than focus on questions or comments from the viewers, it’s been about the conversation.

I know that at least a few people have mentioned being disappointed by that. I felt the opposite. Watching John and Roger speak casually was probably the closest I’ll get to being a fly on the wall. In every case, I felt like it was an intimate and friendly chat between friends. Twitter Q&A’s certainly never afforded that kind of setting. I found that without the constant commenting, I focused far more on what they were saying and less so on the barrage of “I love you’s”. In fact, during the moments John did turn on comments, there were a couple of times I found myself typing in something to say, which in hindsight kind of ruined the moment (for me). I guess what I’m saying is that in my opinion, the positive engagement came from listening to him speak with his guest, not because I was able to make a comment and send it. It isn’t as though he’s ever able to read or respond to anyone, or at least not many.

Before I sign off, I’d like to acknowledge something – Daily Duranie is a blog. It isn’t a news site. This website has everything to do with Amanda and I, and now Jason too. We give a part of ourselves to this collective effort each week. It is personal in that Amanda, Jason and I are not journalists on this site, nor have we ever suggested otherwise. The reason why our blog has drawn attention – aside from the obvious topic at hand – is because when we’ve written, we’ve been able to inject our own voice, and our own life experiences. That makes it unusual from most other sites out there, and I’m proud of that. If you are looking for straight music journalism, this isn’t the place to get it. There are a variety of sources out there for impersonal articles that do their job remarkably well. When we write or even record a review of a Duran Duran song and post it, don’t kid yourselves – we are perfectly aware of our bias. We write from our own perspective and have done so for nearly a decade now. It is a shame that the focus isn’t on the good things each site provides to the fan community at large without taking cheap shots at one another. Is there really a point to that?

So often we fans like to engage in some sort of sick purity test as a way to create a hierarchal society. It is done on social media, but I’ve seen it discussed in person at concerts just as often. Topics such as “Who is the best fan? Which of us are the “most serious fans” Who is a fan because they like the music – which means they’re a real fan, and which of us are here because they’re after the “ultimate” autograph?” get thrown about online, whether blatant or through vaguely worded exchanges. Don’t you ever get tired of it? I sure do. We’re all here because we want to be. After nearly ten years of writing this blog, I just don’t know why it really needs to be anything more than that.


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