A Matter of Feeling (and perspective!)

For the past couple weeks we’ve enjoyed driving our friends crazy with questions such as “If you were deserted on an island, what ten Duran Duran songs would you want with you?”  It’s been very fun reading the responses and having people curse at us for making them choose. (it’s really Amanda you’re cursing at though – these questions are her gig!) Yes, it can be painful to choose!  

For this week, Amanda decided to ask what ten DD songs you would NOT want to hear live.  I love these questions, mainly because I laugh when I read the answers.  It’s all in fun, right?  It’s not a personal affront to the band when we ask that – because although they are very kind to themselves and swear they don’t have favorites or songs they get tired of playing…I think they’re either fibbing again or they’re as alien as Nick Rhodes.    I would bet my RCM album that if I got one or more of them alone in a dark corner that they’d admit there’s at least one song they’d like to ditch for a while.  (no comments about the dark corner.  You all have YOUR nasty little fantasies and I’ve got mine!)  
Interesting enough though, some fans take it all so incredibly seriously.  While most people can certainly separate the difference in poking fun for fun’s sake or even being blunt that we’ve heard enough of certain songs to last ourselves a lifetime, there are some who insist that if you don’t love every single song as though it were your own firstborn that you simply must not be a fan.  Some are even a bit more violent.  To those few, I say perspective can be your friend.
Newsflash: you’re still a fan if you, like me, would rather go get a drink than have to listen to Hungry Like the Wolf again.  Dom Brown and his onstage delightful antics aside, of course.  (Oh wait…that’s probably just me that enjoys that sort of thing…and that’s OK…I can accept that.  It’s a tough job.)  
One thing Amanda and I have noticed since way back in our days of being on message boards is that we can go months touting the successes of the band, lavishing praise upon them and never hear a word from anyone.  Let us say one slightly negative comment, and people come out of the woodwork with hoods and pitchforks at the ready.  Fans absolutely hate to hear less than wonderful things about this band, and yet they’ve said it themselves – they’re not perfect.  Neither are any of us, and I’m really kind of OK with that.  My gosh, I make mistakes on a pretty much hourly basis around here.  I even posted a blog a few weeks ago that was about one band and named yet an entirely different band in the blog.  I’m amazing!!  It happens, and I laugh a lot at myself.  Sometimes I even cringe and worry that someone important (i.e. ALL OF YOU!) read my mistake, then I remind myself that I’m not trying to save lives here, and that this isn’t about world domination.  Well, at least that’s the story Amanda and I stick to publicly.    My point is simply that it’s OK to not love every single thing the band does and you’re not going to have that Duranie card taken away by the mere mention that you’d prefer if they never played Save a Prayer live again.  
Conversely, we as fans probably need to make more of a reminder to ourselves that others (i.e. people who are not nearly as besotted by the band) have a right to their own opinions.  Even I feel that knee jerk reaction to send a nastygram to folks who dare to say less-than-stellar comments about this band – I’m human.  We have to learn to stop ourselves, or at least take a moment to slow down before threatening violence (I wish I were kidding).  The truth is, people are going to keep hating.  It’s what they do, and all you and I can really do is spend our energy doing the things that matter most to us…and using negative energy trying to sell this band to people who refuse to get it just isn’t the best use of our unbridled enthusiasm. 
Speaking of enthusiasm, we are putting out another call for guest blogs!!  We would love to hear your own story of how you became a Duranie.  Tell us about your very first show, or your first experience meeting the band.  What about a story behind your favorite DD song, picture, video…or relate a childhood memory to the band!  Summer is coming, and we’d love to run some blogs from all of you!  If you’ve got something you’d like us to read and print – send it to dailyduranie@gmail.com  along with a thumbnail picture of yourself and a short bio.  We want to read your stories!  

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