A Shared Obsession, a Shared Ambition

This morning, I listened to my now favorite podcast (OK, in all honesty it is the first one I ever listened to, but I love it), The D Side . David (@boysmakenoise) was interviewing Baranduin Briggs (@bbamok), a fellow Duran Duran fan, and very gifted photographer. Amongst a garden variety of topics, one of the discussions was about how Baranduin experiences shows.

While someone might attend a concert and feel fully immersed in the music, their body trying to soak in and store every single note like a sponge, she sees the show in frames – as in camera shots. I thought a lot about this as I listened to the rest of the podcast, which was very entertaining. I chuckled and smiled a lot, thinking back over the first time I’d met Baranduin in Las Vegas. (I think that was 2016, right??) She’s a seasoned Duran Duran concert traveler now!

I think that our other hobbies likely influence the way we experience Duran Duran. For example, Baranduin takes thousands, and I do mean thousands, of camera shots at the shows she attends. She commented that at the recent New Orleans show, she had a front row spot and took 5,000 shots – to which she later said she’d only end up with maybe 15 pictures that met with her seal of approval (methinks maybe she’s a bit harder on herself than necessary…) While some might assume that because she’s so focused on pictures she’s missing the show, I’d argue that for her, the pictures are what enhance her experience. The photos are personal to her enjoyment.

When I think about my blogging partner, Amanda – she’s an organizer. I don’t think that’s a hobby for her though. It’s her passion, and she utilizes that throughout most aspects of her life, whether teaching (um, take it from me – you’ve got to be organized and plan ahead to teach), politics, or even in fandom. She really loved planning fandom events and really wanted to do far more with them than I ever did. I think being an organizer enhances her fandom. Yes, planning takes a lot of energy, but I think perhaps Amanda feels less connected without them.

Besides Duran Duran – what would you say is your biggest obsession? It doesn’t have to be another band. It could be a hobby like cooking or quilting. Maybe it’s cosplay, or perhaps you’re a movie buff! Do you find that in someway it plays a part in being a Duranie or is it a separate thing?

I’m thinking about what my own obsession might be. I’m honestly not sure I have one outside of writing this blog. I like writing. I thought about that a lot while listening to The D Side. Oddly, when I’m out, I think about writing quite a bit. What would work as a blog topic? How can I write about something in a way that hasn’t been discussed before? However, just because you love doing something doesn’t mean you’re necessarily great at it. Writing is sort of that thing for me. I am not blind to the enormous talents of other bloggers and writers – such as Jason, our contributor. I’m hoping to absorb some of his skill by screen time osmosis.

Let me know about those obsessions. Meanwhile, I’ll be outside mowing what has gone from beautiful green native grass to now golden yellow brush!


6 thoughts on “A Shared Obsession, a Shared Ambition”

  1. After Duran my obsessions are my 1968 Mustang and 1975 Dart which I inherited from my now deceased parents. We got Elizabeth, the Mustang in 1970 when I was 5. I would sit in the drivers seat with Daddy and he’d let me hold the wheel as we cruised the highway.(The world was a little freer back then)Hitting the high beams so the red horse on the dash would light up thrilled me to pieces. When I cruise that beautiful car these days I feel I am once again with my much missed and beloved parents.The Dart is my ‘buddy car’ and I have had a lot of custom work done to the motor. Victoria has been in the family since 1976 and my teen years included sleepovers in the back of her pass-thru and hauling bales of hay to the stable.Good car.

  2. I love the Chicago Bears so I follow the Bears current and past players. Coach Ditka Love love. Hobbies are attending Chicago Bears games and cheer on Bear Down. I also love reading. I enjoying volunteering doinf community service give to those who are less fortunate, give back to the community. I love art, concerts and dancing . I have a huge Barbie Doll collection and most are in mint condition. I love reading the Holy Bible and serving Jesus Christ.

  3. In recent years I have not had quite the time or the finances to enjoy my other obsessions as much, but I am a HUGE Anne Rice fan and bit of a collector. I have met MANY fellow Rice fans within the Duranie community. I have also found a strong love for the vampire in the fanfic I have read. I also love photography, especially concert photography. Not just @ Duran shows, but almost anywhere I go, if I can. I have a love for many of the various movie and epic TV franchises out there. On occasion, it is fun when two of those are crossed. Like people have made comparisons with DD members as various characters from Star Wars. (Who didn’t immediately picture Nick as the fussy C3PO?) Anyway, it is all in fun.

  4. Obsessions? Hmmm… this is a fun one! I have three main obsessions:

    1. Duran Duran, Scissor Sisters, and Bright Light Bright Light (what’s up with musicians being so awesome that we have to say their name twice? Hehe)

    2. Roller coasters – I’m a coaster junkie traveling the US and Canada to ride these wooden and steel beasts.

    3. My Great Dane, Titus – I don’t know if anyone can understand the love and joy that a Great Dane can bring to your life until you’ve had one. They are the silliest, goofiest dogs that you’ll ever encounter. Go check out some YouTube videos of Great Danes. You can’t tell me that you didn’t laugh at them. …and I certainly love my “little” cuddle monster.


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