A Smile That You Can’t Disguise

I love when I get to read an article or see something related to fans.  I, especially, love it when it shows fans in a positive light.  There are no negative statements or stigma shown to or about the fan(s), in question.  The person/people’s fandom isn’t hidden and doesn’t need to be.  Today, my friend, Heather, sent us such an article.  This article was about a fan of the band, Phish, who was on the Price is Right.  You can read the article here.

As I read this article, I found myself immediately connecting with certain parts or certain quotes.  Any music fan would relate to these quotes.  In the very first paragraph of this article, John, the Phish fan, talks about how being on the show, The Price is Right, was part of his summer tour.  I loved that he phrased it that way and Rhonda and I do the same.  Yes, we realize that it is the band’s tour but, dang it, if we are going to multiple shows and have to travel in between, we get to call it a tour, too!  In this first paragraph, he mentions that his 100th show was on this tour.  I love it!  We aren’t quite there (yet!), but would love to be there someday.  Ideally, we would like to hit the next milestone on the next tour.  (Dear Duran Duran:  If you would like us to send you dates that work for us for the next tour, we would be happy to provide!)  He also describes touring well, when, he says, “…getting to see old friends, making new ones and all the happenstance and synchronicities being on tour provides.”  Exactly.  There is so much to a tour that goes above and beyond the two hours or so that the band is on stage.  There is a lot that goes on then, too.  My point is that a tour is a big deal on so many levels, including the shows, the friendships, the experiences.  People want to know why music fans go to more than one concert of their favorite band(s).  This is why.  There is so much more than just shows and those aren’t ever the same, either, even if the setlist is the same.

He then goes into detail about the whole day’s experience at the game show.  Again, though, I love how he weaves some fan elements into the day and story.  For example, he talks about how he used the energy and excitement of going to a show to the game show.  This even led him to wear a special touring t-shirt and hat for the occasion.  Again, this fan was proud to be a fan and proud to show that he was a fan!  I love it!  I definitely felt this at the convention.  I, too, was trying to bring the energy and excitement into the weekend and I definitely was open and proud about being a Duranie!  I remember on the Friday of the convention when one of the hotel staff noticed that Rhonda and I both had on Duran t-shirts.  We smiled and told him that we had a convention there in fact.  He thought that was so cool!  I love that, especially as opposed to the loser hotel guest who asked if Duran Duran was still alive.  Still, the positive vibes and energy outweighed any negative.  That ignorant guy did not diminish my pride or my good time.  

As his experience in the game goes on, he starts to think about the people he would like to thank and some of those people are, indeed, Phish fans.  Much like something Rhonda talked about this week, he mentioned about how the fans are super creative and have inspired him to be creative.  As John Taylor talked about being in the “inspiration business”, Phish, clearly, is, too, as I’m sure every other person/group/organization that has a fan community behind them is.  Again, I found that I could relate to this fan as other fans do inspire me and impress me with their work.  They push me a little bit, too, to do more or to be better.  

After winning big, he still had more to look forward to with a Phish show.  I loved how he described a moment at the show in which the band played something specific, which tied the whole day together for him.  Has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever been at a show and had them play a certain song that just really spoke you?  Really captured a day or a week or even a tour?  When I thought about that, I actually had two moments pop in my head.  First, I will never forget Leopard in Glasgow in December of 2011.  This was the last show of our UK tour and the entire venue seemed to be in sync, united as thousands of people clapped together.  Since that song reminds me of fandom, it seemed perfect.  Just perfect.  Another moment which had less to do with me and more to do with the band was at the Chicago show in October of 2006, days after the announcement that Andy left.  I remember all of those feelings of grief (denial, anger, bargaining) and thinking that their big test would be that first show.  Would it be okay?  Would they be okay?  Would they be able to survive that?  Then, Ordinary World came on and Dom stepped up.  He was different that night than he was before.  He played that song beautifully that night and really seemed to embrace the music.  I knew then that Duran would be okay and that Dom could and should be allowed in.

As the article finishes, John talks about how being at a Phish show is like winning at a game show because the feelings are the same.  I could totally relate, if you substitute Duran for Phish.  He’s right, though.  Being at your favorite band’s show does feel like winning.  


2 thoughts on “A Smile That You Can’t Disguise”

  1. @EasternViolet here… Thanks for the tip 'o the hat 😀 I'll continue to forward any more articles that I might stumble across from time to time. If there is anyone I know who can get excited about “fandom” in general… its you ladies! I almost felt while reading that article that being a Phish fan somehow increased his luck, that he took cues from his Phish experience and that somehow lead him toward the winning path. I thought that was pretty cool. Bit of a side track here… but its still connected to fandom all the same. I really, really wanted a signed copy of in the Pleasure Groove. But the nature of where I live, just made it impossible. I played every single Duran contest where I might win one. So, at a certain point in a losing streak, you must manage your expectation and I resigned myself to the conclusion that it was not meant to be. And then you drew my number at the Durandemonium raffle Amanda!! I really felt like the winner on the Price as Right! It couldn't have been a better moment. Sometimes Winning is everything. }wink{

  2. I love the idea that being a Phish fan could have lead him to winning! I love that idea!!! As for your win, Ms. @EasternViolet, I couldn't be more thrilled that you were the winner! Enjoy!


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