A top Duranie moment of the year

Happy “Day After” Christmas everyone!

After a full two days of excitement in my house, it is nice to wake up to relative calm. We have no presents to return or exchange and nothing to really do today except relax, which is nice. I can’t speak for everyone in my household, but I’m exhausted! I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful holiday, and for those who did not,  I hope you had a fantastic Tuesday.

I must confess that due to the fact my entire family, including my sister, is here – my blogs will be rather short until January 2nd. I had hoped that I’d have a few willing souls to write a guest blog. Alas, you have me instead!

So today I will give you one of my favorite “moments” in fandom for the year. This year, I have had many – and I count myself lucky. As I’m sure you know by now, last week we posted our interview with Dom Brown. We had a lot of people ask us how the interview came about, and how it was conducted. The simple truth is that we had an opportunity to ask, and so after some initial butterflies, we just asked.

I fully expected that he’d have no idea who I was or why we would want an interview, but we agreed to at least try. We talk about this idea of the band “knowing” us – not “us” as in Daily Duranie, but us as in “the fans”. It’s very difficult at times to pull ourselves out of our relative fantasyland of believing we’re really talking WITH band members on Twitter and Facebook. Amanda and I are not any different from anyone else in that regard. Of course we hope they see our tweets or posts. We are also well-aware that in sheer numbers, there are thousands of us and only five members of the band. The odds don’t really work in our favor. We also desperately want, and maybe even need to believe that when we’re at a show and they come over to the edge of the stage to jam that maybe, just maybe it was us that they were grinning at. “Did he really look at me???” I know that you all know what I’m talking about here. There’s always that moment where you want to believe that yep – out of the five thousand people in the audience, that it was definitely YOU that he winked at. I know this.  You know this. We like delusional daydreams on occasion, am I right? For me personally, it’s as though while I’m on a road trip or touring with Amanda – I can pretend anything I want.  Sure, I traded smiles with Nick. Yes, I shook Roger’s hand. Oh, I know that Dom recognized me and made sure to come over and coerce me into singing along. But once I get home, I forcibly snap myself back into reality. There is no way that band could possibly have any clue of who I am. I’m a mom and housewife and look like just about anybody else out there…meaning, I certainly do not stand out in a crowd. Yes, we write Daily Duranie. It’s a fan-blog. Why on earth would the band know or even care?? That’s pretty much how Amanda and I operate, and we are thankful that we can slap one another back down to Planet Earth if required.

So, when I asked Dom about the interview, I expected to either hear nothing or get a tersely worded email in exchange. I prepared for the worst, so to speak. It did not take long to get an answer, I must say. He very kindly wrote back, and said something that I was not at all prepared to read:  “I know exactly who you are!”


So the moral of the story? While I still feel pretty sound in my theory that it is just impossible for them to know all of us, and we should never expect friendship out of fandom (unless it’s with other fans), sometimes, it’s OK to be pleasantly surprised.

And I still say that Dom is a really nice guy.  Not that I want to gush…. 😀


3 thoughts on “A top Duranie moment of the year”

  1. so excited that you guys got that interview! and it was very well done, I might add. 🙂 I have to say that for me, personally, 2012 was the best year EVER when it came to all things Duran Duran 🙂 Top two things on my bucket list checked off – got to FINALLY see them in concert and I got to meet John at the Chicago book signing. Sometimes I still can't believe it actually happened, I keep going back and looking at the pictures and video I took to remind myself! I can die happy now 🙂 Hope you all have a fantastic New Year, and here's hoping that 2013 brings us even more great Duranie memories!


  2. I'm glad you had such a great year Sheli!! I know I can't be the only one excited about the future. It's almost January, which means March is right around the corner – can't wait to hear any tidbits of what is transpiring in the studio!!

    No pressure on the guys – but you know, we're enthusiastic about what may come next. That's a lot better than I could have said in 2008, to be honest. I just didn't know where they would go after Red Carpet Massacre.

    Thanks for the kind words about the interview. It was a great experience and I really did learn quite a bit!


  3. hi again
    I want to believe that,YES,Dom looked at me during the concert.I was 2nd row right in front of him(I say technically first if NOT counting the man in a wheelchair in front of me)and wearing a DD Arena t shirt!I mean,he must've noticed at some point,no?!?!2011 was a better DD year for me(3 shows),but got to see JT in 2012!
    ps:now,how about an intv. with Nick??

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