A trip to 1984 and back – all in the same blog!

Gotta be honest: there are a lot of topics I could be writing about today. Let’s take Mr. LeBon’s comments in The Guardian about Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video for instance.  Or better yet, there’s always The Guardian’s comments in return to Mr. LeBon’s initial mentions. Yes, I could be writing about that topic. However, and I don’t really mind saying this today…I just don’t feel like it.

Like many of my US buddies, I have stuffing to prepare. A turkey to stuff. Cranberries to sauce. (can you really sauce a cranberry?? Never mind…) A house to clean! So, forgive me if my mind isn’t quite on blogging today. I just can’t go into the finer points of misogyny, or why I believe Simon was well within his right to comment…or why I believe Robin Thicke needs to be smacked around a bit. Even better if it is done by a woman. Another time, perhaps.

INXS:I think these guys have aged amazingly well, yes. 

Instead, I bring you a link to a blog on New Wave artists. I ask you, have they all aged well?  I’m certainly not going to point fingers – my own under-eye bags are packed and ready to go, so it’s not as though I have room to talk! Or blog. I will say this though: I take offense that they’ve gone and characterized Depeche Mode as the Rolling Stones of New Wave.  Sure, they may have sold out a stadium or two in their career – but they don’t have anyone named Taylor, LeBon or Rhodes in their band, and they definitely didn’t write or record Rio. Put that in your New Wave pipe, DJRioBlog (!!!) and smoke it!

Next, I cannot help but make a small confession here on the blog. I’ve seen many Facebook comments and tweets about how Christmas has to wait until after Thanksgiving. I’ll agree, it needs to wait a bit longer than November 1st.  However…I’ve been listening to *gasp* Christmas songs lately. Listen, you all get into your holiday spirit your way, and I’ll do it mine.  I couldn’t wait. I tried to be strong, I tried to wait…and failed. *sigh* I’ve heard Do They Know it’s Christmas three times on the radio now, and each time it brings a smile to my face and dear, dear memories to mind. So, if you hate watching videos, videos to Christmas songs no less…with some of the very same people that you just saw in the above blog… I invite you to turn away now…if you can. John Taylor is on the darn screen no less than 5 seconds into it, but hey – go ahead and turn away until December 1st. Go on, turn away, but don’t blame me if you can’t. I couldn’t either. We’ll be weak together.

 And since tomorrow brings a review here on the blog – Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.  🙂


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