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A View To A Kill (That Fatal Kiss) — The Daily Duranie Review

We are finishing the reviews of all early 1980s Duran Duran with this review, the b-side of A View to a Kill.  The b-side was A View to a Kill (That Fatal Kiss).  This song is often referred to as just That Fatal Kiss.  Interestingly enough, this song did not appear on the actual James Bond movie soundtrack (A View to a Kill), but could be heard and purchased by buying the single for A View to a Kill.  It is an instrumental.

Rhonda’s Review:

Musicality/Instrumentation: This is a beautiful arrangement. What strikes me most is that the song has been stripped to its barest elements and is stunning as is. I love that the main instrument used is a flute for the melody, that happens so rarely, especially with movie music, that I have to applaud the choice. The song definitely has the qualities of a soundtrack – the melody is woven throughout, but as a soft undercurrent rather than an “in your face” rock tune. Excellent choices and attention to detail without ruining the simplicity of the music.

Overall: I am a sucker for classical music and listen to a broad range of composers (and conductors)…nearly as often as I listen to rock or anything else. I applaud the instrumentals and wish there were more. I would love to see Duran do more concerts using an orchestra backup. Their music has classic elements that always lend themselves well to these arrangements, and in my opinion it’s the sign of solid songwriting. While I realize that the band probably has help with the arrangements, I will go to my grave arguing that if it weren’t for their musicality – these songs would never work as well as they do. The very best elements of A View to a Kill are allowed to shine, and this is why A Fatal Kiss goes over so incredibly well live.  Well done!

Cocktail Rating:  4 cocktails! 5a05c-4glasses

Amanda’s Review:

Musicality/Instrumentation:  Right away, this song sounds like it is from a movie. The instrumentation isn’t your usual Duran, that’s for sure, as it is far more classical in nature and less electronic. Yet, despite the differences, the essence of A View to a Kill is still there.  The notes have the same feel even if the instruments and tempo are different. I won’t lie  I almost always love when Duran turns to instrumentals and I especially love the ones with more classical instruments. What is typically developed, in those songs, is something amazing and beautiful. To me, this shows that there was a beautiful song at the heart of AVTAK.

Overall:  As I have gotten older, I have found myself drawn more and more to instrumentals and even to more classical instrumentation.  It isn’t that I don’t like electronic instruments anymore. I just think my tastes are broadening. This is a good one in the sense that it gives the flavor of the movie and retains the best elements of the A-side, A View to a Kill. It isn’t over produced but as the song is just allowed to be itself, it is being forced to be over-the-top.

Cocktail Rating:  4 cocktails!


One thought on “A View To A Kill (That Fatal Kiss) — The Daily Duranie Review”

  1. Congrats on your awesome review. This is mine! MUSICALITY/INSTRUMENTATION: I don’t particularly love this B Side and the strings make it a boring listen to me. In my opinion they underrated the power of this instrumental: it commercially worked because it was the B Side of a major hit, but in the following tours they could “sneak” it into intros of certain moments or numbers in the following tours.
    OVERALL: 3 stars*** out of 5: it was a Fab Five track, but my rate couldn’t be higher, because it wasn’t much exciting to hear.

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