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We’re Amanda & Rhonda, and we run this joint. Welcome to our little place in the world. This is the home we’ve been wanting to build all these years, and we really hope you like it and feel comfortable.

In case you don’t already know us and you have no idea what or who Daily Duranie is…we’ll give you the 30 second bio. We’re two (very outspoken) fans unleashing our opinion of the “State of Durandom” (if you’re not a Duran Duran fan, you’re probably already scratching your head).

Yes…this blog is written daily, and we mean DAILY. Sometimes, there are multiple posts per day. The best way to keep up is to subscribe or get the blog by email, but don’t let us tell you what to do.  We are happy to have you here no matter how you choose to keep up with us (and good luck trying!).

Our current projects include a yet-to-be-titled manuscript that is a case study on the Duran Duran fan community (at large), and this blog.  We’ll give you a little background history: Daily Duranie started out on Blogger in 2010, and in late January of 2014 we finally moved to WordPress. We’ve also planned a variety of meet-ups and get togethers for Duranies across the United States and even a few in the UK.  We do these get togethers because in our opinion – the connections we make between one another are what really keep us all together. It is a testament to that fact that even when the band is busy recording and even on vacation (they take a LOT of holidays!!), our site is very active, and fans continue to keep talking about the band.  We just can’t stop!!

In 2013 we planned the very first Durandemonium – a fan convention for Duran Duran fans. What will the future bring? We wouldn’t dare begin to guess!  So far, it’s been quite a journey, and we’re looking forward to whatever comes next. 

10 thoughts on “All About Us!”

  1. I’m a Seattle Duranie planning a trip to Copenhagen and Cracow. Is there a way to contact someone who lives in one of those places. When I visited Argentina, I had an incredible time meeting other Duranies whom I now consider life long friends.

  2. Hi , i am a 46 years old man ( straight) And i have been a fan for years, i am told i sort of sound like Simon when i sign ( was in a band) , but i am by no means a Dunanie , i am not sure were i fit in ?
    But i lové rendons your posts!

    1. Hi Stephane! You fit in because you’re a fan – and that’s really all one needs to be in order to fully understand this blog. Welcome, and I’m glad you love our posts! We try to be interesting, amusing and fun whenever possible – and we’re happy to have new people find us! -R

  3. Hello. Ellen here….my friend Paula and I saw DD last year at the Hollywood Bowl and are going to see them again in Las Vegas on July 29 this year. We are hoping to meet up with other fans. Going to check your message boards to see if there are any meetings happening. Thanks for hosting this forum.

    1. I would definitely be watching our blog as well as our message board for meet ups before different shows. I know that it is likely that Rhonda and I will host a pre-show meet up in Vegas. -A

  4. Hi there,
    Not here to make a complaint, don’t worry. Very impressed that you manage to find something to say every day – Duran are not always the most productive band. I ran a fanzine ‘Cherry Lipstick’ from 1993 to 2001 and very recently (yesterday in fact) started up again on a website ( I’ve put a link on the site to your page and a few others. I was wondering how you would feel about doing the same for us. I understand if you don’t want to but I thought it might be nice if different elements of the Duran community came together.

  5. I have just subscribed to the Daily Duranie, and am hopeful about making friends who share my appreciation for Duran Duran. I have love them since I was 17, I am now 52. I am new to computers, and being online, and overwhelmed, but hope you will be patient with any mistakes.

  6. My name is Deborah Tuttle ( Debby) huge Duran Duran Fan. I am 57 years of age. Las Vegas 2019 First ever concert. I noticed u are going to have an Duranie convention count me in and I can volunteer meet other Duranies and friends. Thanks for your blog. Deborah Tuttle Duranie.

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