Ah, That Die-Hard Fan Thing

Please, please tell me now

Last week, a friend of mine asked if I thought one could even be considered a die hard fan if they weren’t upset about John leaving the band back in the late 1990s.

Granted, the comment, or rather, the question, was said in jest. At the time, I said I wouldn’t touch the subject with a ten-foot pole.

Maybe what I should have said was that I wouldn’t touch the subject unless I were planning on writing a blog in advance, knowing I wouldn’t be around to manage the aftermath!!

Is there something I should know?

Seriously though – in answering that question, I think one has to have an idea of what “die-hard” even means. Funnily enough, I think we all have an image of what that might entail in our own heads. Maybe you think a die-hard is someone who doesn’t miss a tour. Perhaps you believe a die-hard fan travels to all the shows, or maybe they’re someone that many within the fan community know and recognize.

Truth be told, I don’t think there’s one set definition, and as I explained last week – I’m definitely not going to be the person to start defining it. At the very least…… I won’t be doing that while I’m sober! We all have our own ideas of what a die hard fan is. Chances are, we either think we fit that definition and are proud of it, or we work very hard to tell ourselves that we’re not…THAT kind of fan.

For many fans, the day John left the band was one of the saddest days of their lives. Others felt that way when it was Roger, or Andy…either time. For still many others though, they didn’t notice the absence all that much. Maybe John wasn’t a favorite, or maybe their attitude was simply that as long as Simon is singing, it’s Duran Duran. I can remember going to see Duran Duran at the House of Blues in 2001. I purposefully kept my eyes on Simon and Nick, willing myself to believe I was seeing all five original members, ignoring Warren and the others onstage. It was utterly ridiculous now that I think back on it, but I was a young(er) pup then. What about you?

People stare and cross the road from me

Opinions and loyalties are often the spark applied to the powder keg of arguments when it comes to fandom. None of us are unbiased. If we were, chances are, we wouldn’t be fans at all – much less hold that super special, “die-hard” label. My own personal opinion is that if you’re a fan of Duran Duran – then you’re a fan of the band. Die-hard, casual fan, or blogger! It shouldn’t matter whether or not you were upset that John left. Others might believe that only the die-hardest (that’s a word, right?!?) of them all would feel as though John’s absence was like missing part of your heart.

Quite frankly, it is all pretty dramatic for me on a Monday (because that’s when I’m writing this) afternoon. It isn’t even wine-o’clock yet!

Someday, when I least expect it, someone will hand me many vodka tonics and then ask the fateful question, “What is the definition of a die-hard fan, Rhonda?”

That’s liable to be a rough one.


2 thoughts on “Ah, That Die-Hard Fan Thing”

  1. Die hard Fan is even though the band members left I never left the band. I still have my Duran Duran with a collection with pics posters scapboooks. Duran Duran will alwys be in my heart soul and mind. I love Duran Duran unconditional. Still a fan since 1981.

  2. I think I will go with sweetness61’s definition. Someone who took the long ride and kept the faith. Someone who has their favorite member- but also recognizes that the band is bigger than the individual members. I feel pretty die hard now, but my fandom is richer now than it was as a teen. The group of fans who have decided they are somehow superior to those who (like me) hit the pause button in our fandom are to be pitied.It’s sad that a group of people who love the same thing just can’t celebrate that connection but need to rank everyone according to an arbitrary standard.I’m not going to regret my life. I loved Duran but needed to be on a horse in the open desert to heal from some traumatic events.And Duran was waiting for me with open arms when I reunited with them and their music comforted me through the greater trauma of my Mother dying.Getting to go to the record store and select a “new ‘ Duran album to distract me from my pain was so special it was almost holy.And if the album that was ‘new’ was Pop Trash, or Big Thing-well, that’s fine. I’m caught up now, and the timing was perfect. I’m older, the band is too and we’ve all had pain and loss and joy.I’d like to be welcomed into fandom as a person who loves Duran Duran and not scorned because I took a sabbatical.

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