Album Updates (or lack thereof…)

We have a new banner to our blog, to the right of this entry.  Duran Duran’s official site as well as their twitter account has been advertising the new banners with the album release date being March 21/March 22.  What is interesting to me is not that this is the magical date, but the fact that there has been no official announcement made about the album beyond these banners.  (There seems to be a theme lately in my blog posts, doesn’t it?!)  I wonder why.  Clearly, the date is set, if they are encouraging people to use the banners.  They want those dates out there for promotional purposes.  So, why hasn’t there been a full page press release on!  The only clue I have relates to the track listing of the album.

The track listing in the UK is as follows for the deluxe edition, according to Amazon UK is:
Track Listings
 1 All You Need Is Now
 2 Blame The Machines
 3 Being Followed
 4 Leave A Light On
 5 Safe (in the heat of the moment)
 6 Girl Panic!
 7 Diamond In The Mind
 8 The Man Who Stole A Leopard
 9 Other Peoples Lives
 10 Mediterranea
 11 Too Bad You’re So Beautiful
 12 Runway Runaway
 13 Return To Now
 14 Before The Rain
 15 Networker
 16 All You Need Is Now Youth Kills Mix

The track listing for the deluxe edition on Amazon US is:
1.  All You Need Is Now
2.  Blame the Machines
3.  Being Followed
4.  Leave a Light On
5.  Safe
6.  Girl Panic!
7.  Diamond in the Mind
8.  The Man Who Stole A Leopard
9.  Other Peoples Lives
10.  Mediterranea
11.  Too Bad You’re So Beautiful
12.  Runway Runaway
13.  Return to Now
14.  Before the Rain
15.  Networker Nation (bonus track)

Obviously, both editions have a lot in common but there are some differences.  First, the UK version still has the record label being Tape Modern whereas the US one has S-Curve Records.  Interesting.  I’m not sure what that means, if anything.  Could it mean that they are only doing the distribution deal in the US?  I wonder what the rest of the world looks like, in terms of label.  The track listing is basically the same except for 2 little differences.  The UK version has an additional song, a mix of All You Need Is Now by Youth Kills, that the US doesn’t have at all.  The bonus track is on both but with a slightly different name.  For the US, it is Networker Nation and, for the UK, it is just Networker.  I wonder why.  Are they still trying to decide on the final name?  If so, they better hurry as that release date is just over a month away.  Then, what happened to the idea of having many different versions with different tracks on each of these different versions?  Did they not finish enough songs?  Did they decide to stick with 2 basic editions, one with a DVD and one without?  If so, why? 

According to my calculations, there is at least 5 new songs on the physical release.  Of course, there are many speculations that Diamond in the Mind and Return to Now are just different versions of All You Need Is Now.  If so, are they giving us enough new material to make the physical album worth it?  It is for me, but, then again, I have purchased an album for just one additional song before.  Plus, of course, that the deluxe edition comes with a DVD of some footage or another.  I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be.  I guess I could assume it would have the video for AYNIN and maybe what used to be called the album’s EPK.  As for the rest, I don’t have a clue.  Live footage?  Promo activities?  Other videos?  Your guess is as good as mine. 

Now, some fans have expressed concern over these new songs.  Their worry has to do with two things:  1.  Album flow and 2.  Quality of these songs.  It is absolutely true that many, many fans love AYNIN the way it is.  We have gotten used to it being as it is with Runway Runaway following TMWSAL.  Will new songs interrupt that?  I don’t know.  It is impossible to say, in my opinion, until these songs have been heard.  For me, it will absolutely depend on the quality of them.  If they are quality songs that were written and recorded like the rest of the album, I would suspect that they will fit in just fine.  If they weren’t, then, I think there is reason to be concerned.  It seems to me that they continue to work on some of these bonus songs.  Will they be the same if Ronson wasn’t there?  I’m hopeful.  I’m always hopeful when it comes to Duran.  You would think that I wouldn’t be after some of the not-so-great moves that they have done over the years, but what can I say.  I’m a fan.  Still.  Thus, I prefer to think that these songs are going to be on the same quality as the original 9.  Then, March 22nd is a day that I will really be looking forward to!!!


2 thoughts on “Album Updates (or lack thereof…)”

  1. I guess the problem I'm currently having is that for all this talk of a vinyl release, I have yet to see a) a track listing, b) an official announcement of a release date other than the banners, and c) ANYWHERE in the US that's taking preorders for it (as of Friday, anyway). The CD is great and all, but I want a platter, dammit!

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