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All You Need is….Good Times!!


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Exciting news for Duranies came in the form of a post from Duran Duran’s Facebook yesterday, when it was announced that the band would be working with Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson in the studio next week.

Even Roger Taylor came up out of his apparent dark and very deep Facebook “hole” to say, “It will be nice to work with this guy [Nile] again.”

The response from fans has been incredibly positive, with Duranies posting comments to the band in response of the news that run the gamut from the simple “Woohoo!!!” to the good-natured ribbing, “Nothing good can come from that, now can it?”

Fans are elated by the news of not only Mark Ronson but Nile Rodgers joining the band in the studio. Longtime supporters of Duran Duran know the potential that can be unlocked by Nile, and of course Mark Ronson worked his magic with the band on All You Need is Now….to bring both in the studio with the band at the same time?  Outstanding!  Duranies are looking forward to hearing what develops.

It would seem that Duran Duran is pulling out all the stops for this  yet to be named (so we’re STILL sticking with the #DD14 moniker …sure would be nice to have an album name to start promoting, and yes, I’m looking at YOU, Duran Duran!!) album, with an all-star lineup of guest appearances and producers. John Frusciante, Mr. Hudson, Mark Ronson and now Nile Rodgers to name but a few. The anticipation radiating from the fan community is nearly palatable at this point, with several months ahead before the album is slated to hit (Spring 2015 is the latest target for the band).

While none of us really know what the band has in store, it’s safe to assume it’s going to be an adventure.  Many fans have been quoted as saying that they’ve begun the tour savings in earnest now, and the community looks forward to finally getting that new music flowing through our ears, energy coursing through our veins, and joining the band for the next wild ride.



2 thoughts on “All You Need is….Good Times!!”

  1. I have to admit, my very first tjhought was … “Nah, without Andy, it can’t sound like “another Astronaut” “,
    I am glad of Mark Ronson’s presence, too, because the guy has a lot of amazing ideas in his brain.
    So, I’m intrigued by the mix Nile-with Dom-with Mark (and-without Andy, LOL).
    Rock on guys!

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