All You Need Is Now-The Daily Duranie Video Review

Now that we are done with the reviewing the album, we thought it would be logical to turn towards the video that came out on the same day as the album.

Amanda’s thoughts:
I have to admit it didn’t take much for me to *squee* out loud that day as it was such an exciting day for all Duranies!  Thus, I had to watch it a number of times to really get all of the little details (oh, how I suffer for the sake of this blog!).  The first thing that I noticed was that the video seems shaky in the beginning and at the end.  There might be a couple of other little moments of shakiness but generally it is clearly shaky at the very beginning and at the very end.  After I got over feeling a bit motion sick, I wondered why they would choose that.  What significance does it have?  Yes, it could just be a little cool addition to the video but I tend to think that there is more to it.  Could it be that, if you are living in the present, appreciating the “now”, things are clear?  There is decisiveness and strength for those who live in the now and the beginning and the end represent the past and the future.  Perhaps.  I also noticed that the video began as it ended with the empty stage.  Thinking about how the song represents a message from the band to the fans.  Could this shot be part of that message?  The band isn’t always here and won’t always be around.  I liked that it came full circle. 

There were many other larger elements to notice.  A few of these parts included the use of color, the use of words, the archival footage from the reunion through RCM days, and the inclusion of the 3 young people dressed in New Romantic clothing.  I believe that all of these pieces definitely make the video a little bit more special than a simple performance video.  Obviously, the video is mostly filmed in black and white with flashes of color.  I believe that these flashes of color along with the use of words, especially the word, “now”, are used to grab our attention.  Isn’t that part of what the song is trying to say?  We shouldn’t just go through the motions of life but really embrace the present.  Don’t we all need to be reminded to do that?  I did find it interesting that the only other words I saw beyond the title or the word “now” was the phrase:  “Act Now.”  Stronger message than just a simple “Now.”  Again, we must take action, rather than be passive.  Then, there is the footage from the reunion on.  Obviously, this is supposed to remind us of the good parts of the past and where Duran has come from.  I loved it in the sense that I felt like I had experienced all of that with them, in a way.  I am left wondering why didn’t use any footage earlier than that time period.  Didn’t the music that they want us to stay with start decades before?  It just seemed like they wanted to use what footage they had.  It was more convenient or something.  Yet, they did add these younger people going together to a club to have a good time.  They were dressed as new romantics of the early 1980s, but were clearly in current times based on their use of cell phones.  I thought they were a nice touch as a means to show that it is possible to embrace what was good about the past (in this case-fashion and hairstyles) while living in the moment (as evidenced by the make out session!).  I did wonder if this bit was a smidge too obvious.

Beyond the larger elements were some smaller details that got my attention as well.  I noticed, of course, that shoes seemed to be featured a lot.  No clue on that one.  I also spotted both Mark Ronson and Ana Matronic.  I liked Nick’s trip to the cemetery and definitely felt like that added some weight to the message as did the end with a shot of the band (including Dom!  Yay!) all together and then gone.  I loved the outside shots and wished that there were more of them.  I loved that John seemed to be laughing a lot throughout the shoot!  Who didn’t adore the JoSi?!  The band looked fabulous and HAPPY.  The performance seemed solid and definitely needed to be in a video that speaks about music. 

Overall, I think the video is fun.  The elements that give it more meaning (the kids, the use of color and words, the band footage, the cemetery, the performance) all fit but do seem a bit obvious.  I wished that there had been more footage of the rest of the guys in their location shot like Nick’s.  Perhaps, they didn’t fit but I still would have loved to have seen them.  The important thing, really, is that they seem like they are having fun, which means a LOT to me!

Rhonda’s turn:

I have to say that I really looked forward to the release of this video.  Serious anticipation!!  I felt that with the content of the song, there would be much to “say” in video form, and the band (and Director Nick Egan) didn’t disappoint.

I noticed that the video opened and closed with the familiar film “shake”….as in film like from a film reel. (you youngsters out there that are younger than say, 30 probably wouldn’t pick up on why they’d done that…I won’t hold it against you.)  I also recognized that the video opened and closed with an empty set.  I don’t even want to THINK about what that could mean, metaphorically, so I choose not to chat about it.  My first thoughts of the video is that I really like the idea of the lion’s share of it being in black and white – it’s very visually appealing, especially with the tin foil background.  I also feel that it’s very much in Nick Egan’s “style” of direction given his past work with Duran Duran.  The band looks terrific, and I really would like to own Simon’s boots.  A similar pair, of course.  🙂

My favorite part of the video are the trio that are dressed straight from the 80’s (those were good fashion times and I love their hair!), yet they are using their electronic gadgets straight from 2010.  Honest-to-whatever-you-believe-in, I’d swear they could easily pass as Duranies…on our good fashion days.  ;D  It’s as though they’re living in the moment, yet they still love the music from the past.  Don’t we all???  I really loved the brief flashes of the band from previous, yet still fairly recent times (although I have to question why they didn’t use pictures from further back), and of course the word images of “Now What” and “Go Now”, along with other short sayings throughout really carry the entire message of the song through the video.  I personally did not care for Nick’s little stroll through a cemetery – again, it’s that dark side I don’t even want to consider. (I know it’s there, but I don’t wanna think about it.  Too busy enjoying the NOW!)  I understand the point though,  I do.

I love that they incorporated Dom into the video, I know that point is probably controversial with a lot of fans, but the fact is – he was listed as a writer for the song and obviously played guitar, so it’s not a stretch to include him.   They caught moments of the band laughing and enjoying the moment as well, which was a welcome sight – it’s been a long time since I really felt the band looked relaxed, happy and enjoying themselves.  They should be proud!!

Overall, I really enjoyed the video.  I’m not at all sure that video has the same power it once had in the 80’s – but with the popularity of youtube and other video websites, it may be about finding how to really use the video to benefit the band more than it is about whether or not to actually do one.  It’s an interesting road to be on these days, and I’m happy to see that the band is willing to try to find their own niche….or reclaim it, actually!

With that, as of tomorrow we’ll be returning to our usual Daily Duranie blogs.  I know that both Amanda and myself look forward to complaining about the lack of information regarding upcoming tour dates, the excitement of an upcoming tour, the joys of seeing the band live, and  the happiness of celebrating our fandom with the rest of the fan base.  See you tomorrow!

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