Am I the Only One?!?

This is a blog that I have been thinking about writing for awhile now and keep pushing it away.  I have been doing that for a number of reasons, including that other things keep coming up AND because I’m not sure if I will be able to explain myself well enough.  Today, I’m going to try.  I am feeling brave.

Since the election ended, I have had more time on my hands.  Yes, that is the understatement of the year.  How does someone like me fill up about 20-40 extra hours a week?  I pay more attention to Duranland, including the Twitter-verse.  In many ways, I have enjoyed this because I like to talk to people or to see what others are thinking and talking about.  As part of my more frequent observations of twitter, I have noticed a bit of a pattern.  This pattern, which probably won’t shock any of you, is that people tweet to John and Simon.  I realize that isn’t new.  Of course, it isn’t.  What I noticed this time, though, that I somehow missed before is that people tweet to them ALL the time, even when they aren’t on and haven’t been on.  Sometimes, the tweets will be repeats from previous tweets that was sent.  Other times, they will be tweets that people think would be interesting to one or both of them.  None of that would be that terribly noticeable to me but I couldn’t help but to notice the sheer volume or number of tweets.  In many cases, these tweets would be from the same people, too.  My timeline would be filled with them so I cannot imagine what it must be like to go on to Twitter if you are John or Simon.  As I noticed this, I obviously realized that I didn’t do this and wondered what they said about me.

I don’t tweet very much to John, Simon, Dom or even Duran’s twitter.  Now, I won’t say that I never have because I have.  I do it in two certain circumstances, generally.  I either do it when they are on and I have a burning desire to respond to something one of them (usually John says) or when some event is happening.  For example, I’m sure that I tweeted to John when his book came out and I finished reading it.  I also tweeted before the signing/book talk in Chicago.  Basically, I tweet when and only when I really have something to say.  I don’t try to find a reason to say something.  If I have something to say, I say it and I say it only once.  Now, I’m not criticizing the people who do tweet to them all the time or say the same thing more than once.  I understand why they do it.  I even wonder if I should follow in their footsteps.  I don’t know.  That is what I’m trying to figure out by this blog post.

It seems to me that the people (fans) who tweet to the band members do it to get a connection with the band member or to get the band member’s attention.  (If I’m wrong, please, let me know.  I’m just guessing here.)  I can’t fault them for that.  After all, don’t we all want a connection or be noticed by a band member, especially a band member of choice?  I’m sure the idea here is that the more you tweet, the more likely the band member would see the tweet(s) and feel compelled to respond.  I get that.  Maybe they are on to something with this idea, too.  As I have already stated, I don’t tweet to them very much at all.  I also don’t ever get responses from them.  Heck, the couple of times that John responded to a tweet from the Daily Duranie, he responded to tweets that Rhonda had typed.  Would I love, love, love to get a tweet from John?  Are you kidding?  Of course, I would.  Who wouldn’t?  I do notice that many of these people who tweet to John or Simon do get responses.  I have no doubt that some of those fans are the ones John even referred to in his book.  So, why don’t I follow in their footsteps?

First of all, I won’t lie.  I’m not great with social interactions to begin with.  I can observe until the cows come home but actually going and being social isn’t very natural with me.  Could that be part of it?  I’m sure but I don’t think it is the only thing.  Second, sometimes, I think I’m not a very good fan.  Why?  I don’t feel very comfortable doing many fan like things.  For example, I wouldn’t approach any of them if/when I see them in public unless I totally knew it was okay.  Why?  Simple.  If I was them, I wouldn’t want to be approached by fans all the time.  I would want to be allowed to go into public without feeling like I was “working”.  For me, it is a respect thing.  I’m sure that many of you are saying that twitter isn’t the same.  That’s true.  It isn’t.  Yet, I do have to wonder what it is like to get so many tweets at you.  Is it flattering?  Annoying?  A bit of both?  I guess there is a part of me that would be worried that it would be annoying to them, which is part of the reason I don’t do it much.  I would hate for them to see my “name” and think “annoying”.  Of course, if I’m really being honest, maybe I don’t think my tweets would be interesting to them.  Maybe, they would think they are stupid.  Again, I wouldn’t want them to think badly of me.  I’m sure that some of you are thinking to yourself that this seems particularly stupid since I blog about what I think.  Yes, that’s true, but the band doesn’t know about it and wouldn’t read a FAN blog.  Lastly, and perhaps, most significant for me is that I’m not friends with John or Simon.  I don’t have a connection with them (as much as I would like to).  I’m a fan of theirs.  They have no idea who I am.  Heck, even if we were friends (yeah…dreams are free) or had some sort of association, I wouldn’t tweet to them all the time.  I don’t do that with my friends or associates now.  It feels unnatural for me to attempt to do that with them.  *shrugs*

So where does this leave me?  It leaves me tweetless, that’s where.  It leaves me continuing to have a battle with myself.  Am I approaching this the right way or should I try to be more like others?  What do I gain if I do?  What do I lose?  How do you approach twitter with the band members and why?  Do you think I’m approaching it the wrong way?


15 thoughts on “Am I the Only One?!?”

  1. kudos to you for a brave & honest post, Amanda.

    no surprise that i rarely tweet them just because, like you, i don't think i have anything particularly unique or interesting to say to them. and sometimes, i just don't have anything nice to say.

    just like the shows and the face-to-face interactions, each fan needs to their level of comfort. hopefully, that level is respectful to the band members and their families.

    regardless of the arena, it's nice to be acknowledged, noticed by the boys. i'm sure most people with their abundance of tweets are just looking for a little recognition from JT and Simon. their method isn't our method but that's ok.

  2. Amanda,

    I agree w/this blog post 100%. Well done. It needed to be said. I think people who tweet at celebrities incessantly are so incredibly annoying.

    In MY OPINION, I think most of those types of tweeters are more focused on the person's celebrity than their actual musical (or other) talents. I want to distinguish that there is a big difference between tweeting at celebs in order to promote their new album or project or to tell them you like what they're doing creatively (as an example, like you said with JT's book) and “follow me, follow me, I love you…” But whatever one chooses to say, say it once & then move on. Don't RT every single thing they say. I can't even begin to imagine how irritating (and even scary) it must be for celebs to see the same tweeter's names in their “mentions” over & over & over & over again…. day after day after day. My guess is the celebs keep their mouths shut because they want their “fans” to keep buying their merch, books, clothing lines, tickets to their shows, etc…

    I'm sure no one will like this suggestion, but my thoughts are that a lot of these “fans” are depressed, delusional &/or need to do something more productive with their lives. It's truly sad (and I'm honestly doing my best not to sound condescending) but in reality, if you are out living life… travelling, making connections, exercising, going to events, working, shopping, eating out, spending time with your significant other/children/families, meeting friends for drinks, seeing shows, being involved in your community, visiting with friends in RL… you wouldn't have hours upon hours of free time to be on the internet day after day after day. It's just that simple.

    Like I said, this is only my opinion & I'm sure there will be lots of people who want to disagree with me. Oh well. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  3. This comment refuses to be posted for some reason, so I am copying and pasting it here. J.Noble – this is for you! 🙂

    “I feel your dilemma! I am quite new to Twitter and just discovered JT and SLB on here – quite exciting I must say. To see them tweet got me excited to respond, but not to everything. I did get a retweet from JT one time recently and he referred to something I said in another. Was I thrilled? Yes. But it doesn't compel me to tweet, tweet and tweet again to them in hopes of another notice by them. I see so many ladies tweeting them all the time (and their dogs)and some of it is suggestive and, in my opinion, not very sophisticated or grown up. Too each his/her own, I say. I know what feels right for me as my personal limit…you have to live with yourself and what feels right for you. Keep on posting – your blogs are great.”

  4. I think it's OK to tweet or not to tweet. I do agree with much of what you say here (if not all of it…), there are some fans who tweet the same thing over and over, and I have to wonder why that is. It doesn't feel quite as genuine when you read the same “I love you John Taylor” over and over. I can't imagine I'm any different from the rest of the band in that sense.

    However, I do tweet them. I tweet them just to POKE them sometimes…and I don't mind saying that. Sometimes I'm just shaking their tree to get them to respond. Not necessarily to what I've said – but just in general. Just doing “basic health and happiness checks”, so to speak. I'm not looking for attention per se – just a nod that yes, they're still alive. 😀 Sometimes I do tweet regarding specific things though, but only when I think I've got something to add to the conversation.

    Maybe I'm just weird, but I guess my feeling is that if I want this connection to feel normal and unforced, then I just tweet them how I would anyone else. They are HUMAN and while yes, I might have posters of them from long ago up in my closet (I know that sounds creepy and weird but whatever. It's the one room in my house that's mine!), but they're still human. I would rather talk with them like they're normal people, even if once in a while I'm tweeting or posting on their pages to tell one of them that I'm coming to a show because yes, I'm still a fan and do silly things. Oh WELL!

    Like I said, maybe I'm weird. That's OK, I'm happy. -R

  5. Great blog, totally agree! The constant, repetitive tweets remind me of one of my mum's old pupils who used to pat her arm, saying her name over & over, until she got her attention, or Sheldon knocking on the door repeating Penny! Penny! Penny!
    It's also not the way I use twitter. I see the space as a conversation – imagine having a multiway chat with a group of friends in the pub: if you had something to contribute on a topic, you'd say it, but if it wasn't picked up and the discussion veered off in another direction, would you just keep saying the same thing again, louder & louder? Wouldn't your friends be a little irritated? Also, if your point was really for someone who wasn't even in the room, why would you say it?!
    I guess fans who use Twitter only to engage with the band won't mind their timelines looking a bit odd to a stranger dropping in, and some may even keep a separate twitter account for non-band tweets, but I use mine for everything, so like to appear polite & reasonable consistently to all other tweeters, and not come across as a bit of a pain when interacting with certain people. (A colleague from the job I start next week is already following me so that is definitely a good boundary! ;-D)
    Will be interesting to read what others think on this topic – thanks!

  6. No Amanda. Please don't try to be like the others. I agree with what Lisa said earlier that people who are constantly tweeting celebrities are completely annoying.

    I have wondered before to myself about how many tweets do these celebrities actually read. I would think very little. When I check my twitter feed and I see that I have 150-200 tweets to read, I find that I just scan over most of them not even reading them. Daily Duranie is exempt to this of course.

    I'm sure many of these people might be blocked as well by the celebrity. I believe they can block you but you never know it. So you just tweet away to them and they don't even receive it.

  7. What Andy?!? You don't read every single last one of those 200 tweets?!? 😀

    I hate to say this, but we don't either. We read the ones from the people we really know well, scan over the others, and reply to the ones that need replying (if we see them).

    I don't know about blocking people – I've never done it and I don't know for sure, but I suspect that not only are those people blocked from tweeting, they can't see tweets from the person who blocked them.

    Then again, maybe we've been blocked by people…and then you'd be right, we don't even know! *gasp* 😉 -R

  8. I agree with you, Bryony. I use Twitter mostly for conversation…. I mean, I might get on there and read the tweets in my timeline to try and catch up, but I also use it as a bit of a chat thing. Maybe that's misuse, but it's really how I like to use it. I also tend to tweet just general statements once in a while, whether from my personal twitter account or from @dailyduranie.

    I really don't know if the band considers those fans to be a pain or not – I have to say they are generally very good sports, even in situations that I personally would have a difficult time keeping my mouth shut. (if you know me, this won't come as a shock.) Politics are not my strong suit. Truthfully, there are a lot of things that *I* personally think must be a pain in the ass to them that they probably deal with on a daily basis. I must have a low-tolerance threshold 😀


  9. Great blog, Amanda!

    I don't tweet JT or Simon much — only when the mood strikes me at the odd time or if I have something I really want to get across (which I realize is usually something that they are totally not interested in!). But I will admit that, of course, it is quite thrilling when the respond. It's definitely enough to make one's day. It makes one feel chuffed, sort of in the same way as a stranger saying they really like your hat or something. It always catches you off guard and makes you feel just a little bit special.

    It is hard not to notice that some fans tweet them ALL. DAY. LONG. One can only guess why this is, and it's easy to say that they should be doing something else with their time. Which is probably right… but I think there are worse vices. Sometimes we just need something to get us through a rough time when we are lonely, and the same folks who tweet the band incessantly often communicate with others who do the same. It's just kind of a “thing” — perhaps like DDM used to be. Totally dorky, but harmless (to both the tweeter and the tweeted) and if it provides even an odd comfort, so be it. I think sometimes — for all of us — it's just nice to think that they are “there”. Think back to when Simon was ill — it would have been so much scarier without that communication from him, and we would have felt that much more powerless without the ability to directly send our love.

    Now… I say all of this even though Duran Duran has blocked me from their twitter. No, I don't know why, and yes, they know about it. I'm pretty sure it has to do with some sort of personal vendetta that Katy has against me. C'est la vie. It really doesn't bother me, but occasionally I do enjoy shaming them over it, as I think it's a total social media fail. I have a lot of followers (no idea why!) and it only makes their management look pissy and childish. I get love from Simon and John, and that's all that really matters… haha.

  10. i hear you! i've tweeted each of them (dd, simon, and john) a couple times, only if i feel i had something worth saying. nothing like “omg retweet plz!!!” or anything. never got a retweet or anything, but that's life i guess. roger's posted one of my videos (as in a dd vid i uploaded on youtube) on his facebook account which is the closest brush to fame i've had with anyone from the band. it's not like i got a shout-out or anything from it but hey, i'll take what i can get! 😉

  11. You said it well, Rhonda, when you said that you wanted the connection to feel normal and unforced. I think I have concluded that if they tweet back, I want that to be unforced, which means that I can't/won't tweet to them all the time.


  12. I think that's fair enough. Honestly, I wish more people would do that. I get sick to death of seeing some of the ridiculous tweets. Sure, the band can decide whether or not to read them – that's true. I just think that perhaps exercising some common sense sometimes might be worth the extra effort.


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