American Science – Ranking The Albums (Part 1)

Welcome to American Science – a scientific study of the Duran Duran discography. How scientific? Well, I came up with a formula based on five categories: Songs, Artwork, Videos, Fashion, and Nostalgia and analyzed each album. Songs were rated 1 (ewww) to 5 (yes!) and then averaged for the album. The score is 60% of the overall album score as Duran Duran is always more than just music. Each of the remaining categories was scored 1 to 5 and given 10% weight. The results surprised even me. This week, we start at the bottom of the list…..

2 thoughts on “American Science – Ranking The Albums (Part 1)”

  1. Love what you did here with the obvious exception of Red Carpet Massacre, but that’s okay. We can’t love the same exact albums all the time or someone is going to start spreading rumors that we’re the same person. 😀

    I think I want to try doing this for myself. Not sure if I’m brave enough to do it as a vlog (I’ll be honest: it seems like a lot of work to do the editing and graphics, and I say things on camera that I really shouldn’t sometimes…LOL), but hey, I think I might take the challenge! 😀

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