Analysis of the Ranking of the Singles

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog, which listed the results of how the fans (at least those who participated!) rank Duran Duran’s singles with one being the favorite and 35 being the least favorite of their singles.  To read that entire blog, go here.  On that post, I promised that I would take some time to analyze the results.  What did the results say about the preferences of the fans?  How did those results compare with how the singles actually did in the US charts, according to Billboard?  Let’s start there.

Single                               Chart Peak                             How Fans Ranked

All She Wants Is                22                                                    28th

All You Need Is Now       Did not chart                             3rd

A View to a Kill                  1                                                        14th

Burning the Ground      Did not chart                               30th

Careless Memories        Did not chart                               8th

Come Undone                   7                                                         13th

Do You Believe in Shame   72                                               15th

Electric Barbarella          52                                                      32nd

Falling Down                     Did not chart                               27th

Girls on Film                       Did not chart                               6th

Girl Panic                             Did not chart                               16th

Hungry Like the Wolf    3                                                         17th

I Don’t Want Your Love   4                                                      22nd

Is There Something…       4                                                       11th

Meet el Presidente           70                                                     35th

My Own Way                       Did not chart                             25th

New Moon on Monday    10                                                   12th

Notorious                                 2                                                      18th

Ordinary World                   3                                                       5th

Out of my Mind                  Did not chart                             29th

Perfect Day                           Did not chart                             24th

Planet Earth                          Did not chart                              1st

The Reflex                              1                                                       7th

Rio                                              14                                                     4th

Save a Prayer                        16                                                    2nd

Serious                                     Did not chart                            25th

Skin Trade                                39                                                  30th

Someone Else Not Me    Did not chart                            34th

Sunrise                                       89                                                  9th

Too Much Information      45                                                 20th

Union of the Snake             3                                                     19th

Violence of Summer         64                                                    33rd

What Happens Tomorrow  Did not chart                      23rd

White Lines                           Did not chart                             21st

Wild Boys                               2                                                      9th

So, how did we compare?  Were the numbers ones our favorites?   Duran’s two number hits here were A View to a Kill and the Reflex.  AVTAK was only in the top 40th percentile for us, the FANS.  When I say percentile, it means that it is higher than 40% of the rest of the singles.  Clearly, that single isn’t a big fan favorite.  What about the Reflex?  That did much better.  It was in the 20th percentile.  Still, there were others that the fans seemed to think should have been big hits.  What about the rest of those songs who made it to the top 5 on Billboard charts:  Wild Boys (26%tile), Union of the Snake (54%tile), Ordinary World (14%tile), Notorious (51%tile), ITSISK (31%tile), IDWYL (63%tile), and HLTW (49%tile).  Based on that, the only singles that we feel deserve their fabulous chart success are the Reflex and Ordinary World.  (Obviously, we would love for all Duran singles to be hits, right?  I know that.  My point here is that the singles that were loved by everyone weren’t necessarily our favorites!)

Instead, the fans think that Planet Earth, Save a Prayer, All You Need Is Now, Rio and Girls on Film should have also done extremely well in the charts.  Some of those didn’t even chart at all, including Planet Earth, All You Need Is Now and Girls on Film.  In the case of those two off the first album, they were released before Duran Duran got real airplay or video play here in the States.  All You Need Is Now, unfortunately, was released in an era in which Duran can’t seem to get chart success for anything!

What does this all show?  Simple.  Chart success does not equal what fans love.  At times, fans have loved the songs that have done well.  At other times, the preferences go for songs that have never fared well or did not even make it onto the charts at all!  Obviously, if Duranies made these decisions, their chart success history would look very, very different.


6 thoughts on “Analysis of the Ranking of the Singles”

  1. Love this! I was just thinking about the same thing after seeing the Mazda “greatest hits” show set list. It’s another reason I think they should consider doing a show (NYC? LA? London?) with a fan-devised set list. Of course, DDVIP’ers would get the presale. 😉

    I believe the success of Wild Boys is partly due to the skillful marketing of the single. I mean, that was a stroke of genius to release it with 6 collectible covers! Even “John Girls” scooped up the Nick and Andy covers.

  2. One of the things the fandom are most critics on is just their choice over the singles to release. This is sad, but true.
    Generally speaking, whenever musicians they have to pick up your single, it’s the result of pressure from everywhere, that’s why they would love to put out etheir songs just recorded, because still frsh and “alive”

  3. Amanda is the numbers gal. I’m the “bottom line” person. With that in mind, the bottom line here is that they should probably never leave Planet Earth off of a setlist….and they could probably leave HLTW off for a while unless of course, John and Dom are going to sing it for me…uh, I mean..the FANS. 😀

    But the REAL bottom line is that we’d all really like to see them live and in person again VERY soon! -R

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