Analysis of Top 10 Duran Duran Videos

After asking people to submit lists of their top 10 Duran Duran or Duran related videos, I compiled the results and shared the results, which you could find here.  Then, last week, I shared our lists, which you could read here.  To finish up, I thought it might be good to dive into the results and see what we could learn about the Duran Duran fan community and their tastes when it comes to videos.

45 different videos were listed on people’s lists of favorites.  45!  I have to admit that I was surprised by the number of videos.  I figured that there would be a lot more consistency with the videos over the songs.

Which albums were represented?  In what order?  The videos are also listed in order of popularity within the album.

Rio (352 points):   Rio, Save a Prayer, Hungry Like the Wolf, The Chauffeur, Lonely in Your Nightmare, My Own Way

Seven and the Ragged Tiger (202 points):  New Moon on Monday, The Reflex, and Union of the Snake

1st album (165 points):  Planet Earth, Nightboat, Is There Something I Should Know, Girls of Film, and Careless Memories

Songs not on full length original song albums (164 points):  Wild Boys, A View to a Kill and Burning the Ground

All You Need Is Now (90 points):  Girl Panic and All You Need Is Now

Arcadia (83 points):  The Flame, Goodbye Is Forever, Election Day, Missing, and The Promise

The Wedding Album (76 points):  Ordinary World, Too Much Information, Come Undone, and Breath After Breath

Big Thing (57 points):  I Don’t Want Your Love and Do You Believe In Shame?

Astronaut (55 points):  Sunrise and What Happens Tomorrow

Red Carpet Massacre (23 points):  Falling Down

Liberty (11 points):  Serious and Violence of Summer

Tied between Notorious (10 points):  Notorious and Thank You (10 points):  Perfect Day and White Lines

Medazzaland (7 points):  Electric Barbarella and Out of my Mind

Power Station (6 points):  Some Like It Hot

John Taylor (5 points):  I Do What I Do

Band-Aid (3 points):  Do They Know It’s Christmas?

The Devils (1 point):  Hawks Don’t Share

Now, obviously, there are some albums that have more videos than others.  If I looked at points per video rather than just numbers, this would be the order of albums:  Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Rio, Non-album videos, All You Need Is Now, 1st album, Big Thing, Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, The Wedding Album, Arcadia, Notorious, Power Station, Liberty, Thank You/John Taylor, Medazzaland, Band-Aid and The Devils.  My point here is that the Rio album videos beat Seven and the Ragged Tiger videos simply because there were more of them.  Nonetheless, it is clear that the most popular Duran Duran videos were made between 1982-1984.

In terms of side and solo projects, Arcadia’s videos hold the top spot for the fans, at least in terms of their videos.  Some side projects did not even make the list, including Neurotic Outsiders, Simon solo and Andy solo.

I wasn’t really surprised much by the results.  I expected the videos from Rio and Seven to do really well.  I expected that the videos made between 1986-2000 to be, generally, less popular.  If I had to really look at the most popular videos, part of the key to their popularity has to be that they either have solid story lines to them, are “pretty”, or came out at a peek time in Duran’s career.  While there was much that I was not surprised by, there were a few things that I was surprised by.  First, I was surprised that Serious did not do better than it did.  Second, I was surprised that Ordinary World did as well as it did.  While it is one of those “pretty” videos, I think Lonely in Your Nightmare is just as pretty.  Clearly, it was a situation in which people’s thoughts or memories affected their preferences.  The same is probably true for The Reflex as it is really the only performance video chosen.

What do the rest of you think?  What surprised you?  What didn’t shock you?  What else should I have analyzed?  Like the top 25 songs, I enjoyed doing this.  The next one will take place later in the summer as I will ask the fan community to develop the ultimate album!


One thought on “Analysis of Top 10 Duran Duran Videos”

  1. Amazing analysis, amazing job!
    Yes, Rio was totally expected. 1982-1984 was the top visually.
    I was thinking this week while chatting with friends that we guys, teens in the 80s, we all have this concept of “visual music” because of the clips: if we were born 10 years before, in the 70s, we would have considered music for what it is, that is songs and live concerts.

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