And on it goes….and on…and on…

I have to vent this morning.  I guess that’s one of the perks of having a blog.  🙂

I was on Facebook this morning, and narrowly missed another John Taylor Tweeting session.  I’m apparently VERY talented at missing those, but that’s alright.  He’s on UK time, and I’m pretty much on west coast of America time, and so that’s the way it goes.  I love that he has his accounts set up to where his twitter posts are copied to Facebook, by the way.  I still comment on them when I want, and John isn’t subjected to my thought patterns.  Probably for the greater good of everyone, no?  (Yes, I can and do laugh at myself often!)  Anyway, one of the comments to John…actually a couple of them really…were regarding Andy.  I’ll wait for you all to compose yourselves, as I know this must have been as shocking for you to read as it was for me.  (that’s some Thursday Sarcasm for you)

As I recall, one of the tweets was a question to John – the person wanted to know who he’d like to play with as a guest on this tour.  His answer?  Andy.  This of course just fueled the ever-present fire for Andy fans out there.  After that honest tweet, I could envision John’s Twitter account, full to the brim with all SORTS of Andy questions.  Where would you want him to play?  What songs would you want to do?  How many shows would you want to play with him for….and the list goes on and on.  Naturally, John doesn’t (and probably cannot!) answer every tweet, so I’ll never know for sure what was asked.  Another question a few minutes later was something to the extent of: On a scale of 1-10, what are the chances of Andy returning to the band.  I’ll wait for you all to gasp in shock as you know I must have at reading that question.  Again.   Rather than put us all out of our misery, John has to answer in a way that leaves the door just a little bit open.  He responds by saying permanently?  0  for a one off? 5.  

Not long before this nonsense, I read somewhere in my news feed that someone else read on Andy’s twitter (This is all meant to sound EXACTLY as insane and as much like a old fashioned game of Operator as you’re reading!) that he said he would have played with Duran Duran in Ibiza had the tour not been cancelled.

Right about now, I’m wishing this blog had sound effects.  I’d have something like “Duh Duh DUH” play in the background.

I have to say that Andy Taylor has done more for the nostalgia factor for this band than Rio.  What I mean by that statement is that by Andy leaving the band back in the 80’s, many of us (this blogger included) waited, crossed our fingers and hoped for the day that he would come back to the band.  Call it the hope of youth, call it immaturity, call it whatever you’d like – there were a lot of fans that wanted the original five together forever.  That Rio would once again be played as the Fab 5.  That angels would get their wings, and that cats and dogs would live together in harmony.  World peace would finally arrive and we’d all live happily ever after once again.  Then, by an amazing bit of luck, our dreams came true.  Well…everything except the world peace part, and those angels – I’m really not sure about those.  A reunion took place, and Astronaut was our moment in the sun.   Then Andy left again.  Once again many people are thinking about sacrificing small animals, sending smoke signals and begging whatever band member that will give them the time of day to get Andy back.  Once again Rio, the first album AND Astronaut are seen as the end-all, and for that faction of fans who insist on living in hope that the world will once again come full circle and be perfect once again, and maybe this time world peace really will come right along with a full reunion of the Fab 5.  It’s the nostalgia of the idea that back when we believed the band was perfect, there were 5, and our guitar player of choice was Andy Taylor.

I really thought by now the fervor would have died down.  I guess I figured that the saying, “Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on you” would have been taken to heart – and really, it was by a lot of people.  Many fans out there wouldn’t want Andy back.  I’m not quite in that camp myself, but there are many that are, and I really can’t blame them.  They’ve moved on, they deal with change well and probably even run with scissors occasionally.  (Something I’m afraid to do because the last time I tried – I literally punctured a hole in my foot. Not a joke.  I still remember screaming bloody murder when it happened – I was about 10 then!  Did I mention I’m a bit of a klutz?)  The funny thing is, there are a group of fans who are insistent – Duran Duran is only really Duran Duran with Andy.   That of course, isn’t up to me to decide.  I only report what I see and hear.

My only reason for blogging about this topic today is that I’m simply amazed that what – 5 years after the man left, we’re STILL asking about his return.  I suppose for some of us, we’ll never stop wanting.  I love Andy.  Always have.  I also feel strongly that if for whatever reason, he doesn’t want or can’t commit to being in the band the same way that the other four have done; or if he can’t or won’t work with the other four – that it’s for the best he’s not in the band.  I don’t concern myself these days with why he really left, because what’s done is done.  I guess for my own sanity, I’ve moved on.  I’m glad he came back and did the reunion because it was something very, very special that I’ll never forget, and yes – there is absolutely a part of me that misses him being on stage – but only when he was FULLY with the band.  I hate(d) watching the shows where he truly looks detached from the rest of them and seems to be going through the motions of playing his own show.  I can’t imagine that was easy for him, or for the others.  I don’t really know – but it’s very clear they weren’t all a cohesive unit, and for me, that’s not enough.

What’s even funnier is that I don’t ever hear or see people begging for Warren’s return in this same way.  Perhaps it’s because there are many, many fans who would call for the public flogging of those people.  Maybe it’s because Warren was the #2 guitarist – not the original.  I’m not sure.  I read the reminders from his fans that he was in the band longer than Andy, and that somehow entitles him to be able to trash Andy….which still ticks me off to this day, but yet it’s very clear to me that Warren doesn’t have the same outcry for a return that Andy does.  It’s fascinating.

I posted a comment in response to one of John’s tweets today on Facebook.  I think it was where he said that there was a 0 chance of Andy returning permanently but 5 (out of 10) for a one-off.  My comment?

“Let the Andy Taylor thing GO.”

Really.  Don’t you think it’s time?  Why or why not?  -R

15 thoughts on “And on it goes….and on…and on…”

  1. Okay, this is hilarious because I almost tweeted to you guys right away when I saw John's Twitters light up the computer. I knew it would only be a short time before you blogged about the Andy questions.

    John has seemed to be answering all Q's related to Andy lately. Almost as if to see if putting him into “rotation” will garner a favorable response from fans.

    After reading Andy's book I wouldn't think he'd want to come back. Not that he ripped anyone a new one completely, but he seemed to be finished with Duran, forever.

    Sure, nostalgia is wonderful and I wouldn't mind seeing the Fab 5, and yet….

    There's Dom. I know Dom has never been installed as a permanent member, but I hate to think he would feel threatened by a moonlighting Andy. I like Dom, and I think he deserves respect.

    It's all pretty interesting. John just cannot seem to stay quiet when something is in the works. 😉 I have to think some of it will come to fruition. Duh duh duh duh…..

  2. Being a Warren fan is the underground fandom-within-a-fandom. Do you know how much crap someone takes if people find out they even maybe in a small way could think about liking Warren – and have for years? Duraniedom is not a culture that permits the embracing of Warren very frequently, which may prevent anyone from expressing that interest. It exists, I promise, but those of us that share it likely only discuss it amongst ourselves.

  3. I straddle both camps. I can totally relate to your reaction when Andy left in 1985. I was watching MTV, I was 13, and was absolutely devastated. Yet I embraced Warren because I felt so betrayed by Andy, and then I saw some guy on guitar (only for a second) during Skin Trade, wondered if it was the same “Warren Cuccusomething” who is credited in the liner notes, and then finally saw him in “Meet El Presidente” in all his glory. And again in the “I don't want your love” video…now I'm 16 and thinking that Andy just wanted more guitar in the songs, well now they have it, WTF…(not realizing it was more than that). Anyway, I was equally excited for the 2001 reunion and sad for Warren but felt that the trio had run its course. As much as I loved Medazzaland and Pop Trash, I was tired of having my favorite band play to pathetic crowds and have low record sales…I'm not on Facebook or Twitter so I appreciate these updates. I'm also a guy–I wonder if that plays into my willingness to embrace Warren. For me it truly was about the music and I found “Midnight Sun” as beautiful and haunting as a 27 year old adult in 1997 as I did “Save a Prayer” as a 10 year old in 1982. And frankly, I didn't want the band to repeat themselves and am grateful their sound evolved. I have no feelings about Dom one way or another. I'm glad the band took the middle ground of giving him writing credit on individual songs but not admitting him as a full member–thus avoiding any more nastiness with any guitarist departures. Bottom line, would I be psyched if Andy returned? Hell yes. Why not…and as a Warren defender, I prefer to do just that–defend his time and contributions to the band but leave it at that–really have on desire to see him return. –Chris

  4. One more thing–when did Warren trash Andy? I know that Warren was critical of Astronaut and RCM, and I do recall seeming to be a bit testy at having to play the old stuff during those late 90s tours…but I also recall Andy's just awful guitar on “Ordinary World.” What was up with that–if Warren trashed that, he had every right to. Ultimately, what I did read from both of them annoyed me. As much as I think Astronaut is overrated by the Fab Five faction of the fan base, Warren's criticisms bugged me. There are cuts on it (Nice, Chains, Sunrise, plus all the b-sides) that are as good as anything in the catalogue. Likewise, Andy's dismissal of the 90s stuff bugged me for the same reason. And everyone's dismissal of RCM–Falling Down, Box full of Honey, Cry Baby Cry, THe Valley–some good stuff on there. My point is that you keep referring to Warren “trashing” Andy and based on what I've read over the years, it seemed like they were equally dissmissive of each other. Andy's guitar on OW is awful–even you have to admit that. –Chris

  5. Chris – Oddly, I actually prefer Andy's guitar on Ordinary World, so no – I don't agree. I like the way he plays it better, and I don't think he trashed it at all. He made it HIS, which is what I would have expected out of Andy. Or Warren for that matter when he played Careless Memories or New Religion… (which in fact I think he slaughters, and I don't mean that in a good way).

    As for your question about when Warren trashed Andy – you can find this on just about every single interview Warren ever did regarding his work in Duran Duran, including the press interviews for the Liberty album. I would refer you, as a starting point – to the interviews included on Greatest for the years when Warren was a band member (and even prior to his being announced as “within” the band). He talks about Andy's lack of talent, his lack of work ethic and about how his style is so much better suited to the band. I can't really disagree with Warren's comments about his work ethic (not that I think Andy was horrible about working – I honestly don't know, so I can't argue yes OR no about that), nor can I argue with Warren about whose style is better suited for the band – that's just personal opinion. The fact is, I just believe that Warren would have been much better received had he just chosen to take the high road in that regard. I don't ever read Andy saying things in quite the same nature and with the same acidic and/or dismissive tone about Warren – in fact, I read FAR more of that from say, John or Simon.

    All that said, it all comes down to personal opinion here on this one, and I recognize that there are Warren fans out there – I'm even friends with some of them, and I respect everyone's opinion. There's no one right or wrong way to feel on this one. 🙂 – R

  6. I don't think Warren really had anything against Andy (up until he was summarily fired for Andy to come back, anyway), but he definitely had issue with the endless comparison he could never win. I don't think he ever had an option to take the high road. From the very beginning of his time with Duran, fans would tell him not to get comfortable because he was just a placeholder for Andy – saw it with mine own eyes. Warren was reminded every day that his last name wasn't Taylor, so I can't blame him too much for having a chip on his shoulder about it, especially while he was financing the band remaining in existence.

  7. @Krissie – I would agree completely that he was constantly under comparison, but I would have to argue that his own comments probably didn't help matters. I don't know how he really felt about him, although the one time I did meet him (prior to the reunion being announced, but probably NOT prior to his knowing how it was all going to go down) he didn't have many nice things to say about the guy, but I would imagine that had everything to do with circumstance that I wasn't aware of at the time. The only thing I can say is that *I* would have received Warren much better had he chosen to take the high road, but I'm only one person out of what was once many thousands. What do I know anyway??? ;D – R

  8. You mean the Greatest DVDs? I thought I'd seen all the interviews and “extras” on those and don't recall any interivews like what you're describing. I also saw the Warren-era lineup 7 times from '97-'01 and thought he played all the classic songs true to form. I'm sorry, Ordinary World is unlistenable the way Andy plays it. I also heard him play “Electric Barbarella” on a bootleg download from a Glasgow concert in '05 and that was similarly awful. Oh well–like you said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and like I posted earlier, I think the band was very clever in allowing Dom writing credit on individual songs but not admitting him to the band full-time, to avoid this stuff in the future.

  9. Chris – we're probably never going to agree on this, but I think we can at least find common ground, and that is probably that we both still really like the band, regardless of the lineup, even after all of this time! 🙂 -R

  10. Yes, I agree. Life is too short for these debates and there are far too few of us supporting the band as it is…and they've given us some amazing new material to get united behind! Thanks for putting up with my posts. –Chris

  11. I'm the girl who tweeted the question to John. I was trying to think of a creative question to peak JT's interest and sadly that was the best I could do. I was NOT fishing for an Andy response in any way, shape or form. Actually I was kind of hoping he would throw out the name of some rising musician or one of his own musical idols, and praying internally that he wasn't going to say they'd already lined up Lady Gaga to sing with Simon in his crazy Poker Face remix ala Coachella. Regardless, the response and the reaction were interesting. Personally I'm a big fan of Dom, but it would be pretty epic to see Andy onstage for at least one song this tour.

  12. Hi there and thanks for commenting! Your question was good, if not better than most I see to John. It was only his answer that fueled the “Is Andy coming back?” fire, and really, that shouldn't surprise me. Even our blogs about Andy get a ton of views/comments! He's a popular guy, and it's a popular topic. I would agree, to have Andy on stage with them again would be over the top. I love Dom to pieces, but even I would love to see Andy again. How could I not? I've just kind of moved on past that hope and have grown to love the band we've got. Sort of like I did the last time, I guess.

    Oh, and I'm as happy as you are that he didn't say Lady Gaga. ;D

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