And so it begins. Or ends. Or keeps right on going!

I think this might be the first day of John’s vacation. Or at least I hope it is. Seems to me that while the rest of the band has been on hiatus for the past couple months, John has been working overtime.  Maybe it’s not really “work” for him.  One can at least hope that he’s enjoyed the potentially cathartic moments that may have occurred while he has gone to several cities to read portions from In the Pleasure Groove and sign thousands of those books. I did see signs that perhaps the book tour got to be too much for him…anyone who checked out Facebook or Twitter last night may have seen the same.  Judge for yourself.

So I think a vacation might be good here. In fact, I insist. Looks like you both (Gela and John) could use some time off, and maybe even just a bit of sun.  🙂

All joking aside, I know many of my fellow fans out there that have commented, both to me and indirectly on Twitter that they were beginning to bite their nails in a sort of nervous dread for this day to arrive – when there would be little or no “news” from the band, and nothing to look forward to on the not-so-distant horizon.  What now?

I can certainly understand and even empathize with this feeling of uncertainty.  I’m not all that uncertain about the band and what will come next – but there is this sort of uneasiness that comes as a fan.  This is really the first “hiatus” that we’ll all live through on Twitter and even on Facebook to a lesser degree.  John and Simon have done such an amazing job connecting with us on Twitter – and even Roger and John (again even though he is less comfortable) on Facebook that many wonder if they’ll just vanish during the next several months (years?) on social media until they are ready to bring another album into the world again.  The answer of course is that I have no idea. If I did – I’d tell you all.

This problem all stems from the same basic issue: we feel a sense of familiarity with the band and the individual members therein, that is not reciprocated on the same level. This is not a complaint, it is simply reality. Let’s admit it, many of us feel like they’ve embraced the fans this time around in a way we’ve never seen – at least not in recent memory, and definitely not if you didn’t grow up in Birmingham or at least England back in the 80’s. I am not one of the “familiars” that stood outside of John’s home in the 80’s, and to the best of my memory – I never wrote a single piece of fan mail that actually made it to the UK. I am not likely to be someone he could pick out of a crowd, and we’ve never been formally introduced on any sort of level. I think it’s safe to say that aside from my sometimes slightly sarcastic and perhaps even humorous replies on Twitter (or Facebook), he has not a clue about me – and even then – I only mention this because he has retweeted @dailyduranie a couple of times. (to which I am always thrilled. How could I not be??) My point being of course that while I know plenty about John – or at least what he has chosen to share – it’s entirely likely that he knows nothing about me. I might not even exist in his reality. *gasp*  I know.  It’s hard to imagine, but there it is.  We try to chat with them when they’re online – oh believe me I’ve sent FAR more than my fair share of tweets to a certain @dombrownmusic in my day, a few to @SimonJCLeBon and even posted replies to a Roger Taylor on Facebook – but I think it’s important to note that most of above mentioned never really reply….lest we forget.  So now, when it is assumed (on my part) that many if not all will take a break from public life and retreat to the quiet (or semi-quiet, because let’s face it – they’ve all got kids or young adult children and we ALL know how “quiet” that can be!) confines of private life, I find myself entering conversations such as the one below:

Twitter Buddy: “Have you seen _________ online?”
Me:  “No. I’m sure he’s taking a break.”
T.B: “I know, but does that mean he’ll NEVER get online again? I mean, are we just fun to talk with when they wanna sell something?”
Me: “No.  I don’t think it’s that, but let’s face it – they don’t KNOW us. It’s hard to remember we’re not friends, but we really aren’t.”
T.B: “I know. I sound pathetic. I need a hobby.”
Me: “YOU need a hobby!?! I write a blog. That IS my hobby!”
T.B: “Ha ha. Yeah, but at least you have a reason to keep going. I’m bored, and I know how I sound – I send tweets all the time.”
Me: “Oh, I send tweets. I think we all do. We all hope they read them, and that we keep them laughing when really they’d like to commit all of us to the crazy house. It’s sort of the way it works, isn’t it?  The point is recognizing that yes, we really all do sound like crazy people.  I think it’s the people who act crazy and don’t know that they’re acting crazy that would worry me most.”
T.B. “True.  So, you think they’re gonna do those summer dates?”
(note to John Taylor here: I’ll bet you’re sorry you tweeted about MAYBE doing summer dates, especially if they don’t happen. If it is not to be the case, may I suggest taking a long vacation…perhaps very far from any sort of internet connection. Just for your own safety, of course. I worry for you. Although by then, if my calculations are correct, the Duranies will have already begun the process of killing one another off by then….so the problem might already be solved.
Me: “I sure hope so. It’s only November and I’m already bored.  I need to find a hobby!”  (long pause) “Oh wait.”

The good thing of course, at least in my life at the moment, is that as of Tuesday say 11:59pm my time, still before my birthday (…which is a National Holiday in my house. Yes I realize that doesn’t make sense. The kids still buy it, and that’s what really matters if you get my drift…), Amanda will be finished with her campaigning.  Happy Birthday to me!!!  (Ok, so that has nothing to do with me whatsoever.  I’m slightly narcissistic in my spare time.) She’ll be back to Daily Duranie, we have a surprise in store for our blogosphere of readers, then we will work steadfast on finishing the book, and we’ll have Thanksgiving here in the US, and then Christmas and New Years.  I feel the busy coming on, and I welcome the feeling.

So John, enjoy your well-earned break. (obviously that goes for the rest of the band as well, should they be taking a break!) We’ll continue blogging here – I sense there to be a blog about a certain someone’s experience at a signing tomorrow.  We’ll keep discussing that fascinating book of yours, and should you choose to drop us all a line – we’ll gobble it up like the piranhas you know we are, and then we’ll sit, over-think, dissect and examine our way through to the new album.  Good times ahead!


2 thoughts on “And so it begins. Or ends. Or keeps right on going!”

  1. Hi guys,
    I read your blog with interest, I don't think that the band will go completely silent on Twitter and FB, yes they might not comment as regularly as we have become used to but they will still be there and giving us an insight into other issues than DD. Simon is busy supporting the childrens air ambulance in the UK presently as patron so I'm expecting tweets and retweets around that as well as football (soccer) that I know they follow, Dom has already been tweeting about some studio sessions with Roger as well as other musical projects.
    It is only 3-4 months until they are due back in the studio.


  2. True. I think that since this is really the first album hiatus that we've all lived through on social media, none of us really know what to expect. The point I was trying to make though was that for us, Twitter isn't really about connecting with fans – we're making real friendships as well as trying to communicate with the band. The band has a little different of a motivation in that regard, and while I want them to be there because they truly WANT to be there, I'm also aware that it's part of the job – and if they're taking a break, it's really not a surprise if they take a social media break too. We all have different reasons for being there. -R

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