And the Duran Duran Survey Says….

During the time I have been diligently writing, one tiny worry in the back of my mind has been research.  Let me explain: Amanda and I have researched when necessary, but much of our research has been “in the field”, by observing, making mental notes, and collaborating what we have discovered.  Neither Amanda nor myself have been especially keen on the idea of doing surveys or questionnaires, simply because it would feel as though it falsified the process rather than allowing things to happen organically.  I just wasn’t quite sure to explain what we’d done to arrive at some of our “big ideas”.  In social science research, it’s common to gain research by observing – the science comes from the methodology, not necessarily the facts, figures, graphs and charts, but for whatever reason I worried.  Amanda and I have never wanted our book to become the main reason for interacting in the community, rather we’d hoped the book would be the byproduct thereof, if that makes sense.  As such we try very hard not to sound clinical when we ask questions or put theories out there, hoping for them to be trampled by the masses.

What we’ve found is that a lot of fans don’t necessarily get the same enjoyment out of overthinking that Amanda and I do!  It is perfectly OK with most fans to remain delightfully superficial; only interested with the band, the music, and not question the rest.  I can’t blame them.  Music is meant to be enjoyed, and while Amanda and I might be totally intrigued with the inner workings, the rest of you are happy to watch a video and call it a day.  That’s fair, and it’s worth packing that into my brain for future reference.    Of course I’m over generalizing, and feel free to send me a note to call me on it.  Our inbox awaits!
Imagine my excitement and surprise this morning when I stumbled upon a Duran survey on!  Granted, a survey is only as good, or as reliable, as the sample of people who answer, so I encourage all readers to go – go right now (well, after you’ve finished my blog of course!) – and grapple over such questions as “Which is your favorite Duran Duran song of all time?”  or “Who is your favorite Duran Duran member out of the original 5?”  
But please, while you’re doing that – do Daily Duranie a favor and answer the demographical questions at the beginning.  *I* want to know how old you were when you became a fan, and whether you’re male or female!
Here’s a link to the survey:  Duran Duran Survey!
No, I didn’t write it.  I promise.  I just stumbled upon it this morning, but now I’m curious to see how many Duranies out there will take the time to answer, and more excitingly (for me) what the answers will be!!
Til Monday….

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