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Today I have had a chance to read the transcript from Andy’s Twitter Session.  You can read it yourself  here.  There was a lot to read since the whole session took like 6 hours and I wasn’t able to read it super carefully as I have friends visiting this weekend.  That said, I do feel it necessary to comment on a few things related to this little direct to fan event.  First, I want to comment on Andy participating in something like this.  Then, I will comment about some of the more interesting questions and responses.  Lastly, I will observe how fans seemed to react to Andy after the fact.

Andy took time out of his day to answer fans questions.  As I stated before, this session took about 6 hours with a couple of breaks.  He let everyone know ahead of time that he was going to be doing this by tweeting it, posting it on his facebook, and sending an email.  This allowed fans to know exactly when they needed to be on Twitter and gave them a chance to think of questions that they might want to ask.  Some of those questions, in fact, included why he wanted to do something like this.  His answer usually involved that it gave him a chance to speak directly with fans as opposed to talking through a journalist.  This makes sense to me as journalists can distort interviews, leave off part of what was discussed, ask some questions while missing other ones and more.  In my opinion, this is great that Andy announced when he was going to be on and great that he stayed on as long as he did.  Talk about being fan friendly!!!  I also really like the idea that he wants to communicate with the fans without a middle man.  He isn’t afraid of us and isn’t afraid to answer questions!  Now, of course, John Taylor does something similar by answering questions that fans ask on Twitter.  The difference being, though, that John doesn’t tell anyone when he will be on.  Fans just have to luck out and there is no time to prepare.  Beyond that, he isn’t on nearly as long as Andy was.  To be fair, I don’t know that anyone could or should expect any celebrity to be on Twitter for 6 hours.  Thus, it isn’t like John doesn’t do what he should do as much as it is that Andy went above and beyond.   

During this 6 hour question and answer session, Andy was asked and answered a variety of questions.  Some of the questions had to do with what Andy is currently working on.  Some of them had to do with real life issues like moving to Ibiza, parenting, grandchildren and more.  Still others had to do with Duran Duran, which isn’t unexpected.  As far as his current projects, it sounds like his album, Motherlode, is coming along but that there is more work to be done.  This, of course, will be released independently, which seems like Andy’s way as he does like his freedom.  When it gets released, it will probably be released on vinyl, despite Andy not being a huge vinyl fan.  He does like designing the cover, though!  I was a little surprised to find that he views being a solo artist as a lot of work and classifies himself as more of a band guy.  Another thing that I was surprised by was that he like recording music the best out of being a rock star as opposed to be being on the road.  Although, he seems to be getting the touring bug soon, which I really hope is true!!!  I would love to see him live!  As for real life questions, I laughed that he won’t feel fulfilled in life until he is a grandparent but he doesn’t want that for awhile.  That reminded me of my parents.  They wanted to be grandparents but knew that once that happened they would now “be old”!  He talked about how chill Ibiza is and how the sunshine there is great but he does miss some things about home.  Now, as for questions about Duran, he was asked about his relationship with John and Nick, Reportage, and more.  As a John Taylor fan, I was particularly interested in Andy’s answers about John.  He said that there was no bad vibe between them.  When asked about John’s upcoming book, he did comment that in order for there to be juice about him, John would have to be able to remember things.  As for bad vibes with Nick, he said that there weren’t any vibes at all.  Interesting.  Reportage is a project that he hopes to finish and says that he isn’t the one holding it back.  Again, I find that interesting.

After the twitter session was over, it was clear that a lot of fans appreciated that Andy was willing to do this for all of us.  I saw many comments comparing Andy’s session with John and Simon’s interactions on Twitter.  Obviously, I totally get why we would want all of them to do this but I also like that they are different.  I would want their personalities to come through.  I also saw a number of people say positive things about Andy.  For some people, the fact that he did this also reinforced their belief that he is a totally cool guy.  For others, they became bigger fans.  Then, other fans started to see him in a positive light for the first time ever.  Let’s face it.  Andy has been a polarizing person in Duranland.  Some fans loved him and some hated him.  Maybe for those fans, they liked Warren or Dom better.  Maybe they didn’t like how Andy left when he did in 2006.  I’m just happy that this polarization seems less pronounced now.  It feels like people don’t seem so black and white about what they think of him.  Personally, I think that Andy has lots to offer and I hope that we all get a chance to get to know him better!


2 thoughts on “Andy Taylor’s Twitter Session”

  1. I agree that Andy went above and beyond with his Twitter Q & A. It was very much appreciated by many of us. I think a few things to consider here that aren't readily available by the transcript are that many comments were made between Andy and fans that weren't hashtagged by the #attv. Even I had a short chat with him that wasn't on the transcript. Many, MANY fans mentioned that “another band” wouldn't ever be bothered with doing a Twitter Q&A, and whether or not they should even try to keep up with Andy's 6 hour session isn't really the point. The point is that Andy even bothered at all. Sure, John does something similar. He also keeps it to a firm 30 minute session and never announces in advance. I don't necessarily think either way is better than the other.

    One thing that I will point out is that to begin with, Andy was absolutely inundated with questions. It was crazy even as a spectator. He had to have been completely overwhelmed (I know that I was!), but a very curious and surprising thing happened after about the first half hour to 45 minutes that I really want to share: people settled down. I think part of the problem with a short tweet session is that one never knows how long someone is going to stick around, so they're desperate to have their (sometimes constant) tweets seen. Andy continued to say he'd be around for the night, and once people started to see that he wasn't in a huge hurry to run screaming from us, they settled down. The questions became a bit more thoughtful (you have to understand that the transcript was only of the questions that were seen and answered – not of EVERYTHING), and the overall tone seemed far more relaxed. It was actually enjoyable. The wonderous thing was that when you got past the idea of chatting with “ANDY TAYLOR OF DURAN DURAN” and started chatting with just Andy – we were able to exchange some ideas and learn a little something. It was like developing a relationship. A friendship. Something very real and tangible. That's why it worked, and that's why Andy was brilliant to set aside an entire evening of his life to chat it up with us. He's going to end up having a very loyal and real fan base out of simple actions such as these, and I have to give him (along with Kitty who I am SURE talked him into trying it and Ade, who had sit there overseeing the whole operation!) real credit. Andy is the real deal.


  2. “Then, other fans started to see him in a positive light for the first time ever. Let's face it. Andy has been a polarizing person in Duranland. Some fans loved him and some hated him. Maybe for those fans, they liked Warren or Dom better. Maybe they didn't like how Andy left when he did in 2006. I'm just happy that this polarization seems less pronounced now.”

    That entire paragraph is to me, the most important. I have to deal with teenaged Duranies on Tumblr who honestly hate Andy (and Warren…) for whatever reason and I'm constantly defending both musicians. While I tend to like the music Duran Duran made while Warren was the guitarist, Andy will always be the original. There's no getting around that and you cannot ignore what he had brought to the group.

    All I had to do was listen to “Thunder” for the first time with a friend to realize just how underrated and amazing Andy was/is. That opened my eyes and made me appreciate him even more than I already did. The fact that he was willing to devote a long amount of time on Twitter really helped solidify my opinions on him. I've only been part of the Duranie fandom for a few months and I've learned a lot about the fans and I wished that the main people slagging Andy had witnessed the Twitter-a-thon for themselves.

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