Another Durandemonium?

I’m really not on Facebook very much anymore.  Yes, I go over there for Daily Duranie purposes or if someone tags me in a photo or post, but I don’t go there to scroll through people’s posts very often.  In my busy schedule, something had to go and that seems to be one that is cut a lot.  Part of the reason it is cut more than other things is because I just don’t see as many interesting posts as I used to.  One aspect of Facebook that I do enjoy is the “See Your Memories” part.  I often go to look at mine.  I am reminded of what was on my mind when or what I was doing a year ago or three.  This weekend, a photo popped up.

Durandemonium 13 materials

What the heck is all of this, you might be wondering?!  This was the back of my parents’ van on this weekend two years ago.  The van and its contents were headed to Chicago for Durandemonium, the Duran Duran fans convention we organized.  Inside those boxes were banquet decorations, Duran games, merchandise for raffles and much, much more.  In seeing this picture, I shared it to my timeline as it brought a smile to my face.  What made me smile even more was all of the comments people posted in response, many of whom were convention attendees!  It certainly made me think about planning the convention, the convention itself and the after effects of this convention.

Planning the convention was not as easy as I had assumed before I began the process.  I knew that there would be a lot of details to arrange and take care of but I didn’t realize just how many.  Then, there were the financial responsibilities of it as all of the businesses we worked with needed deposits and needed someone to charge for the costs.  That fell to me and, at times, it seemed that I had put far too much risk on my own finances.  Thankfully, it all worked out but still added quite a bit of stress in my life.  Of course, beyond all of that, there were constant requests about when, where, how to have the convention.  The truth we knew going in and got reinforced was that we can’t and couldn’t please everyone.  Many people wanted a different weekend or a different location or different activities or a different cost.  It was hard making those decisions, knowing that we weren’t going to make all people happy.

Once the event started, though, all of those worries wiped away.  I had too much to do and was living in the moment so I couldn’t worry about criticisms.  I wouldn’t worry.  That weekend moved by so quickly.  It felt to me that we went from one activity to the next with very little down time.  (I wonder if attendees had that same feeling?).  Some activities, of course, stick out WAY more than others.  I admit that I loved running the “get to know you Duran games” during registration, but I really LOVED seeing A Diamond in the Mind on the big screen at a local movie theater.  That Saturday night was a ton of fun with the banquet and after banquet party at Late Bar, a local 80s club in Chicago.  Here are some pictures of that weekend:

Playing games - not so quiet any longer!
Playing games – not so quiet any longer!
As you can see, we didn't sit!
As you can see, we didn’t sit!

At Late Bar!

1. Group
The group on the last morning.

Looking at these pictures and the video brings back a lot of good memories.  You know what makes me smile even more?  Seeing people who attended the convention now be friends!  After all, that really is the point.  Yes, of course, conventions celebrate the common interest (Duran Duran, in our case) but through that process, connections and friendships begin!  I know I made friends that weekend.  Lifelong friends.

Now, two years later, I really am beginning to believe that I’m ready to do this again!  I learned a lot that weekend.  While I truly believe that weekend was a massive success on many levels, I also think we could make it better as long as we have people interested in attending and people interested in helping.  After all, the reasons to have conventions still exist as all still love Duran Duran and need/want connections with others who understand us on a fundamental level.


7 thoughts on “Another Durandemonium?”

  1. I LOVE Seeing Myself In More Than One Of These Pictures!:) I LOVE Seeing These Pictures, PERIOD!:) And I Would, ABSOLUTELY Attend Another DURANDEMONIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) I Have NOTHING But WONDERFUL MEMORIES Of That Weekend!:)<3<3<3<3<3 THANKS Guys!:)<3<3<3<3<3

  2. As much as I’d love to have another one, we absolutely cannot have you taking on the financial burden and risk…so unless we can figure out that portion, I don’t know how we could do another. I really don’t.

    However, if we CAN swing one…we’re gonna need to find some entertainment. Any ideas on who we might have come cover that??? 😉 -R

    1. I agree that the financial risks and burden was way scary and would love to have that part taken care of so that we can just worry about cool activities and whatnot. As for entertainment, I might have an idea or two for who! 😉 -A

    1. We’ve talked about doing either a Kickstarter or GoFundMe – the thing is, I think in order for it to work we’d have to come up with some proper incentives. That’s really where I need ideas. What would entice someone to kick in money for an early deposit??

      1. What about a reduced convention rate?

        Or maybe free pass on the drunk bus! (LOL)

        Free merch?

        A special exclusive VIP dinner?

        Maybe you could work with the venue and get a VIP rate on rooms?

        It would be nice if DDM maybe kicked in some incentives as well!!

        Just throwing out some ideas.

        1. Brainstorming is GREAT and it does help us because although I know what it is like to be a fan…I have never gone to a convention as an attendee, believe it or not. I’ve always been on the other side. It is good to see and know what people might like!!! :)-R

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