Answered with a Question Mark

If you are a consistent reader of this blog, you probably realized that there were no questions of the day on Thursday, Friday and even today. I have been thinking about these questions that I have been doing for years. At times, they have been super popular like when I asked about favorite band members (EEK!). At other times, they have not gotten much of a response. We are in one of those times. I think interest decreased when Rhonda and I took our break in the fall, which is fair. It is easy enough to fall out of the routine of checking and voting. Likewise, social media might have stopped sharing our posts with people at the same level. People might just be busy. They might also not care as much about the question. I get it and I understand.

This has caused me to re-evaluate, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe I need to do them differently. On top of that, I have been doing a lot of thinking about ways that I could give myself more time to breath, to relax, etc. So, after thinking I came to this conclusion. Instead of doing a daily question, I will do a weekly question. The questions will include from ones that focus on the band like I generally do. For instance, right now, we are trying to determine which song best represents the All You Need Is Now Tour. I will also include fun survey questions like which band member would you want to go to a concert with. Just to mix things up a bit!

I hope that everyone is okay with this. More than that, I’m crossing my fingers that people also participate. Speaking of that, I would welcome any ideas that people had for questions to ask. Is there something you always wanted to know about Duran fans or what they think? Throw the question my way!

On that note, let’s finish this question about the song that best represents the All You Need Is Now Tour!

Coming Soon
Which Song Better Represents the All You Need Is Now Tour?
All You Need Is Now
Before the Rain
Is There Something I Should Know
Girl Panic
Other People's Lives
Secret Oktober

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