Anxious for What Comes Next!

 It seems to me that there is much to look forward to in Duranland.  Right now, we are in a bit of a quiet period (which, personally, works for me as my life is insane right now), but there is much to anticipate!  Duranies have gotten pretty used to Durantime and pretty used to long stretches of time when nothing much seems to be happening in Duranland.  This is one of those times.  Normally, when there is a bit of downtime, I notice more drama between fans.  I haven’t seen a ton lately.  Is that because there really isn’t much or because I have no time to check in and notice?  Anyway, if there really isn’t drama, is that because we all know that this downtime is short lived?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that we do have many, many things to look forward to.  Now, I realize that not every fan in every corner of the world will get to enjoy as much as others but I always get excited that Duran is doing something!  Let’s recap what’s coming!

First, Duran Duran have announced an appearance on Good Morning America here in the States on June 18th.  According to the band’s official website, this will be a performance.  It is an interesting choice since Duran isn’t doing anything in the States until August.  I can’t imagine that it will be to advertise a new single.  It is also right before the tour in Europe starts.  While I may not understand the point of it, I’m still excited.  It will be the first Monday I won’t be at work for the summer so I can watch it live.  I’m sure that Rhonda and I will comment on it.  I hope that everyone outside of the States will get a chance to watch it, somehow. 

Second, Duran starts their tour of Europe a week after that on June 25th.  I realize that some of their originally scheduled shows were never re-scheduled, which has got to be upsetting.  Nonetheless, I still look forward to the tour.  No, it isn’t because I’m going to any shows but I do like to hear from others who have shows!  I get excited for others!  Plus, of course, in this day and age, I get to see clips via places like youtube.  I hope that everyone who is going to a show(s) reports in and tells us all about it!  Of course, as part of this European tour, Duran will be playing at the Olympics.  Again, I’m not sure what I will get to actually watch.  I’m excited for the band, no matter what/how much I get to see.  🙂 

Third, A Diamond in the Mind live DVD is also being released during the summer.  I SO look forward to this!  I will get to re-live the fabulous UK shows of last winter!  This will also get me even more excited for the tour in August.  Of course, like Good Morning America and the Olympics (if we get a chance to see the performance), Rhonda and I will review it!  By this time, we better have our plans set for the tour in August!  Here’s a hint, DDHQ, we would really like to get things situated with our shows, but it is hard to do when we can’t buy tickets for Atlanta yet!  Of course, we won’t be able to go to all of the shows so we will need to hear from others about their shows!

Lastly, the fall will bring the convention in the UK.  Rhonda and I are also looking forward to that!  We will get to see friends and a city that we have come to really enjoy!  I suspect that we will take some time for a real Duran tour then.  I’m hearing rumors about a mini-bus, champagne and more!  Can you just picture it now?  A mini-bus full of Duranies driving around Birmingham?  I can’t wait!!!  The fall will also bring John Taylor’s book and book tour!  Obviously, I’m hoping for a stop in Chicago in order to be able to go see him without too much cost and without taking too much time from work.  It will also provide more for us to review!  The new year promises a return to the studio for the band based on what I have heard and read, which means that we have another Duran album to look forward to at some point. 

Overall, there is a ton of stuff to look forward to in Duranland!  It is good to remember all that is coming!  Some days, some times don’t need heavy deep subjects.  On those days, we all could benefit from looking forward to the future!  It is good for all of us to be excited about what is coming!!!  It is a good day and time to be a Duranie!


14 thoughts on “Anxious for What Comes Next!”

  1. And don't forget, even though, he is not an “official” member, many of us love Dom and he and his father, Rob, have just put out a new CD called Blue to Brown. It is a great little blues/rock album.

  2. There's loads to look forward to. My Dom Brown CD is (hopefully!) winging it's way here.

    I am excited about a new album next year, or at least starting it. I live in hope they will one day come to city/country if they tour again. I haven't given up yet!

    So thrilled they plan to keep going.

  3. There is pretty hot things coming up, The blu-ray-dvd-live record, the olympics and those showsover Europe and US (even a one shot here in Canada… too far away for me arghhh!). After that probably the AYNIN era will be over and they star working on an other opus of the Duran Duran's story. The only bad news is that it always take them years (and I use the word in his real sense) to put the final touch on a new cd… Oh and I forgot the autobiography from John, that will be pretty good too, surely more interesting than the Andy's one,at least because of the situation, John is a member of Duran when Andy wrote his the situation between him and the band was not exactly cool.


  4. You bring up a good point! While it is exciting that they will keep working next year on another album, it will be sad that the AYNIN era is over. I would be okay with this one lasting a little bit longer…


  5. I understand Amanda, this is a very good time for Duran Duran. But they are suppose to team up with Mark Ronzon again and maybe the next record will be even better.They prove that they still have it. In my sense they always do great albums, what made some less captivating is the production. RCM was a great album with great songs but horrible production. Surely the guys learn a lot from those 2 experiences.


  6. Obviously, if they are teaming up with Ronson again, I'm thrilled! I can't agree with you on RCM. The problem was that they let the production team write too of the songs. That isn't the Duran way.


  7. I am not so sure about that Amanda. I remember Nick saying that Timbaland came with songs already composed and that he said to him: sorry, we do the songs and you do the production. I got the feeling that Timbaland was a bit mad with them about that. And never would those guys Timbaland Timberlake etc would be good enough to make those songs. Listen to songs like The Valley, Falling Down, Box full o'honey, She's too Much, Dirty Great Monster and Last man standing. Now imagine the same songs with cords… imagine Andy, Warren or Dom really doing their things in it and of course John with a real bass and Roger really playing his way. Now many things I didn't understand why if the problem was that they use too many synth why were they doing a part in the show with pure synths??? I remember clearly John saying that this record was going to be the biggest thing they ever done. Maybe we will get an answer in his book. But really the composition was good, I hope one they they do some of the songs again but in the way they should have been, the Duran Duran's way.


  8. Pat-Look at the song credits for the songs on RCM. The Valley, RCM, BFOH, Tempted, TO, STM, DGM, and LMS's music was written by Duran Duran AND Nate Hills. Nite-Runner's music was written by Duran, Tim Mosley and Justin Timberlake. I could go on for the rest of the tracks. If you look at Astronaut, for example, the cd linear says the following: “All songs written and performed by Duran Duran.”. No one else is listed. Now, I do agree that the songs would have been better with real instrumentation…


  9. Amanda, they did the same with AYNIN, Dom is mentioned and Mark Ronzon, but I believe they decided to credit the producers. They could have done the same with Nile Rogers back in the time of The Reflex etc. Of course the producer do have an impact, but I don't believe they compose the songs with the band. For exemple surely Dom participate in RCM and his name isn't there, same with Warren back in the Big Thing era, he obviously participate in the composition and his name was nowhere. Maybe they put the name of Timbaland Nate Hill etc like an explanation for why it was so bad… My point is tha we can't look at the credit and believe it is the complete truth and I believe they just change the mode. Queen did this at one moment they decided to write that the songs were done by Queen and not by one of the members or another like in the previous 12 records. Maybe John will tell us more in his book. That surely would be great to know. We want the truth!!! 😉


  10. I do believe that Dom and Mark had writing credit on AYNIN because they DID write the songs along with the rest of the band. Why would they credit Timbaland there on RCM or Dom on AYNIN if they didn't contribute to the writing process? Likewise, Dom's name isn't credited on RCM as a writer because he wasn't one. He played guitar on the album and is credited for that. This is one area that I believe what the linear notes say.


  11. I'm so excited that I just can't hide it……indeed! A great time.

    Since I'm behind on twitter, band announcements, and catching up here FIRST for the best…..I'm loving it.

    Now tell me more about book signing in Chicago for JTs autobiography? I'm just a 6 hour megabits trips ride for $34 to Chicago. I'm there. Is there a link to actual dates as of yet for the book signings? Meeting JT is like my “make a wish” request. Although I would never use my misfortune to request such a thing, i have a better chance of seeing him camping out for a book signing than I do on tour with Duran. I can have the people bus swoop u up on the way. Better yet….limo style… wait….get the girl panic rolls Royce …..yeah baby!

    I want it all inmy calendar to plan for it, too. And I look forward to seeing it unfold, hearing stories of concerts this summer, and finishing up AYNIN, and leaks on next album.

    And yes, yay to working with ronson again. I like timbaland personally as A producer, and I liked the funk of some songs and sounds of Duran on RCM, but you live and learn working with different types of people.

    So, where do I get info on book signings? (woof!)

  12. I don't know anything about when/where JT will go for his book tour! I, personally, am just hoping for Chicago as traveling more would be difficult! Maybe, it will work out for both of us!


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