Anybody Know?

Most days, I wake up and immediately start thinking about what I can blog about.  My goal with the blog is to come up with a topic and finish the blog in about a half hour.   Most days, that doesn’t happen.  I could probably spend several hours pouring over the boards every day, coming up with just the perfect topic – but the reality is that I don’t have that kind of time.  Or at least, I shouldn’t be spending that kind of time.

Today, and honestly for the past week, I’ve been sick.  My youngest and I continue to pass what I think amounts to a cold back and forth.  It’s no fun if you can’t share, right?  Anyway, I feel fairly removed from what is going on in the world of Duran, mainly because I write this blog each day – then I put the computer away and go lay down on the couch!  If shows have been announced, I wouldn’t know.   If Nick started a Facebook page in the last few days, I’m completely in the dark. So today I find myself twiddling my thumbs and racking my brain trying to come up with a topic that I haven’t already whined about previously.   I’m coming up completely blank.  That might have something to do with the cough medicine I’m taking, or the fact that I know I should be getting groceries at the store right this second….

So, instead of a real blog, I have a couple questions for anyone who can answer.

My husband, in a quest to try and find an album or Duran Duran treasure that I’ve never heard of before – found a Boys Keep Swinging vinyl online and bought it for me.  I think it was an auction win, actually.  The cool thing is that it’s yellow vinyl and I believe that it’s pretty rare – I think only 500 were made.  Anybody else have one out there?  This really isn’t a question as much as just a comment that although I knew about the vinyl, I can only find clear ones for sale online – not so much of the yellow.  Anyone know?

The other question I’ve got is also vinyl related.  There is apparently an album out there that is somehow related to Duran Goes Dutch.  According to something my husband read (keeping in mind that his only goal here is to come to me with knowledge of something Duran related that I’d never heard of before – therefore one-upping me and feeling superior.  Picture my eyes rolling ), there’s an album that is of the full show that Duran Goes Dutch was recorded from.  According to the seller it’s the “Holy Grail” of Duran Duran – and I wish I knew the name of the album, but the person who was selling it wanted about $1000 for it. (actually, it could have been more, my memory is failing me here)  Anyone know anything about this? It’s something I hadn’t heard of, and I’m sure as heck not admitting that to the husband if in fact this is something valid!  😀  I’ve tried googling it but I’m coming up empty.

Well, my brain has completely ran out of power today, so I’m calling it a day and going back to laundry.

Til tomorrow, be good to one another! -R

3 thoughts on “Anybody Know?”

  1. i know tams got a pink vinyl boys keep swinging. you should definitely pose that question to Mr. Taylor next time he's on twitter. or perhaps whilst we're sipping champagne with him in the UK.

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