Anyone Out There – Service Bells (Making Patterns Rhyme Tribute album)

Today brings new music in the form of a newly released single from the upcoming Making Patterns Rhyme tribute, curated by Manimal records. Service Bells put their mark on “Anyone Out There”, and I took a listen before posting it on Facebook.

For the first thirty seconds, the music is pretty unrecognizable…and depending upon whether you like that sort of creativity or not will likely determine how you feel about the rest of the song. I think it’s slightly harder or rougher edged than the original, but on the same token there are certain sounds that remind me very much of some of the old remixes from that day or even of songs on Seven and the Ragged Tiger…but not as polished and glossy.  The same familiar guitar riff can be heard, but Service Bells doesn’t stop there. They take their liberties and make the song their own.

As always, give it a listen, see what you think and let me know!!




3 thoughts on “Anyone Out There – Service Bells (Making Patterns Rhyme Tribute album)”

  1. I do like the music in this one. I like as well how it starts, and you have no idea what it could be. But, the vocals I find too underwhelming and plain, and at a few points you can’t even hear them. It would be interesting to hear a mix of the music done with Simon’s vocals.

    1. Hi Francis!
      I am light years behind today – as I saw a tweet about this on Twitter this morning. I will get on it (right after this Brazil/Germany World Cup match….)

      I’ve thought about what you (and others) have said about this cover of Anyone Out There being soulless. It took me more than one listen to come to grips with the vocals, while musically I do find that I enjoy most of what I hear. The vocals though…I find myself wondering how it all would sound with Simon, and I dislike that I immediately want to go back to what is comfortable rather than learn to accept what is new. -R

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