Appreciating Duran Duran Part 2

Today, I am continuing to appreciate all things Duran Duran by compiling the results from questions 11-20 from our month long daily challenge.  Yesterday, I summarized the results of the first 10 questions in part 1, which you can read here.  The process here was simple.  Each day, we asked a question of Duranies on Facebook and Twitter and kept track of the results.  Here is how the questions 11-20 turned out!

Favorite Song to Hear Live:

Twenty-six different songs were given when we asked which song fans loved to hear live the most.  What were the most popular responses:

  • New Religion (Perhaps, this should be back into the setlist then!)
  • Save a Prayer
  • Wild Boys
  • White Lines

What song is the most popular to hear live?  This one below:

How did we respond to this question?


Amanda–Careless Memories

Least Favorite Song to Hear Live:

This question, of course, was the flip side to the previous question.  Fans realize that the setlist must be limited.  Thus, which song would they like removed in order to free up a space for a different song?  Here are some possible suggestions:

  • A View to a Kill
  • Come Undone (Yes, please.  Oh…wait…that’s just my opinion!)
  • White Lines
  • The Reflex
  • Ordinary World
  • Save a Prayer

Which song would the fans really want dropped?  This one below:

We had the same response to this question but different than other fans!

Song That You Want to Hear Live but Haven’t!

The answers to this one really varied since when and how often people have seen Duran live can be very different for each individual fan.  Nonetheless, 44 different songs were given as answers.  Some of the more popular ones were:

  • Late Bar
  • New Religion
  • Hold Back the Rain
  • Shadows On Your Side
  • New Moon on Monday
  • Secret Oktober

The most popular response was:

How did we respond?  Again, we had the same response!  This one (Hint, Hint!!!):

Favorite Song from a Side or Solo Project:

Like all the rest of the questions, we had a lot of different answers to this one (22 in total).  The side/solo projects mentioned included Arcadia, Power Station, John Taylor solo, Simon Le Bon solo, Neurotic Outsiders, and Andy Taylor solo.

Most popular were:

  • Election Day – Arcadia
  • Goodbye Is Forever – Arcadia
  • Lady Ice – Arcadia
  • The Flame – Arcadia
  • Missing – Arcadia
  • I Do What I Do – John Taylor

The most frequently given answer?  There was a tie between these two!

What did we say?

Rhonda–Amazing by Dom Brown

Amanda–Fields of Eden by John Taylor

Favorite Video by a Side or Solo Project:

Like the previous question, a variety of side/solo projects were featured as answers, including Arcadia, Power Station, John Taylor solo, The Devils, and Simon Le Bon solo.  What were some of the more popular ones?

  • Election Day – Arcadia
  • Goodbye Is Forever – Arcadia
  • Missing – Arcadia
  • I Do What I Do – John Taylor
  • Hey Day – John Taylor

The most popular, however was:

How did we respond?

Rhonda–Election Day by Arcadia

Amanda–The Flame by Arcadia

Favorite Lyric:

This was, by far, my favorite question because I loved, loved, loved reading all of the different responses.  Lyrics from 45 different songs were given and there were very few lyrics that were repeated more than once.  This really shows how many different lyrics of Simon’s people really connect with!  What were the lyrics that were repeated by more than one fan?  These:

  • “My obsessive fascination is in your imagination.”–I Don’t Want Your Love
  • “Because I believe a little part of you inside of me will never die”–Do You Believe in Shame?
  • “Some people can call it a one night stand but we can call it paradise.”–Save a Prayer
  • “Was I chasing after rainbows?”–The Seventh Stranger

By far the song that was most often quoted was the one below:

What lyrics did we choose?  Interestingly enough, we chose lyrics from the same song!

Rhonda–“And so we travel, and we unravel”

Amanda–“On the bomb ticks that is my heartbeat”

Song That Showcases John Taylor:

In most cases, people chose Duran Duran songs for this question, but they could have chosen side or solo project songs as well.  17 different songs were given.  What was some of the most given?

  • New Religion
  • Last Chance on the Stairway
  • Planet Earth
  • Chains

The most popular response?

Rhonda and I wanted to choose solo work for this one.

Rhonda–Hey Day

Amanda–Johnny Full of Fear

Song That Showcases Simon Le Bon:

Again, in most cases, Duran Duran songs were given as answers.  Some did chose Arcadia, though.  All in all, 12 different songs were given as answers.  The most frequently given are below:

  • New Religion
  • The Chauffeur
  • Palomino

The most popular response was:

How did we response?  We agree with the rest of the fans with Before the Rain!

Song That Showcases Nick Rhodes:

Answers mostly focused on Duran Duran with some stating Arcadia songs as ones that best show off Nick’s work.  The most often given responses were:

  • Union of the Snake
  • Save a Prayer
  • Lady Ice – Arcadia
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Medazzaland

What was the song that most fans chose?  This one:

How did we respond?

Rhonda–Tricked Out

Amanda–Save a Prayer

Song That Showcases Roger Taylor:

Interestingly enough, no fan (besides Rhonda) chose a solo song for Roger despite his project, Freebass, from the 1990s.  Everyone else chose a Duran Duran song.  Here are the most frequent responses:

  • Wild Boys
  • Girls on Film
  • Careless Memories

The most popular response?  This one below:

How did we respond?

Rhonda–Softunderfoot by Freebass

Amanda–Careless Memories

That’s it for today!  Tomorrow, on Duran Duran Appreciation Day, I’ll summarize the last 10 questions of our 30 Day Daily Duranie Challenge!





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