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It is August 10th.  For those of you not in the know and that probably isn’t anyone reading, today is a holiday.  No, it isn’t a holiday in the United States.  It is an international holiday.  It is Duran Duran Appreciation Day!!!  The holiday is even mentioned on the Days of the Year website.  Now, I have no idea exactly when this day came to be or how.  If you know, I would love to know so, please share!  Anyway, in thinking about how best to appreciate Duran, the band we know and love so much, I thought about a variety of means to celebrate.  I could post pictures of the band and/or the individual members.  Videos certainly could be an option since they were so important to the medium.  I could post interviews that show off the band members’ personality, intelligence and sense of humor.  To me, all of those could be very valid ways of showing and then appreciating them.  Yet, I am choosing a different route.  I will be posting live performances through the years.  After all, Duran Duran really shines in their ability to create and perform music, right?  Exactly.  Let’s take time to appreciate that.

Chichester Festival from November 30th of that year.  Careless Memories is definitely one of my favorites from this era and this clip definitely shows both the energy of the band as the level of excitement that they created among the fans.

Hammersmith Odeon from November.  After reviewing New Religion this week, this song has definitely been on my mind.  Truly, it is a quality song and this performance shows that.

As the Lights Go Down/Sing Blue Silver/Arena.  I chose this song, Is There Something I Should Know, because I like it but also because it captures a bit of the frenzy that we all know and remember from 1984.

Working for the Skin Trade.  I think the key here is that Duran proves that they still can perform well live.  I chose Vertigo as it is one of my favorites from the Notorious album.

While this era wasn’t the band’s look, in my opinion, it still held some gems like one, The Edge of America, from Milan in December of 1988.  I would absolutely love to hear this one live someday!

As we all know, this era brought Duran commercial success like they hadn’t seen since the mid-80s.  Of course, for the fans, it renewed some people’s fandom and brought many others into the fandom.  This is one of my favorite tracks from this era from Germany’s Rock Life.

The band continued to make music and tour.  Here is one of the songs I really do like from this era.  Last Day on Earth.

Of course, as we know, the original band reunited, which made many of us very, very happy.  Not only did they tour, but they made new music.  Here is one song that should have made the album.

The band’s reunion hit its peak during the UK tour in 2004, resulting in a live DVD and lots of sold out shows.  Sunrise shows it all.

After Astronaut, the band continued with an album that didn’t seem to do what they wanted, but they still managed some quality songs and performances.  This is my personal favorite from that era.  This clip is from London.

All You Need Is Now really showed how amazing Duran’s music and performances are.  It is an era that will always hold a very special place in my heart and makes me look forward to what comes next!  Here is one of my favorites from Unstaged.

So, Duranies, I ask you.  What songs and performances would you include to appreciate Duran?  If you aren’t appreciating Duran in the same way, how did you?  Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day to all, no matter how you celebrated!!


4 thoughts on “Appreciating the Music!”

  1. I'd include that time that they played Late Bar live for me.

    Oh wait. :/

    Ok but really, I like to remember when they played Secret Oktober in Brighton. That moment was AMAZING. I love this band.


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