Astronaut Facts and Stats

Astronaut Facts:
Released on October 11, 2004
Produced by Dallas Austin, Don Gilmore, Nile Rodgers, Mark Tinley and Duran Duran
Had 12  tracks except for in Japan which had 13

3 different songs were released as singles:

  1. “(Reach Up For The) Sunrise” (Australia 20 September 2004, UK 4 October 2004) – Charted No. 5 in the UK on 10 October 2004; Charted No. 89 in the US on 13 November 2004
  2. “What Happens Tomorrow” (31 January 2005) – Charted No. 11 in the UK on 6 February 2005
  3. “Nice” (European radio release, iTunes download)

The band at that time was made up of John, Nick, Roger, Andy and Simon.  With backing vocals by Sally Boyden and Tessa Niles.


Two videos were made from this album:

(Reach Up for the) Sunrise

What Happens Tomorrow

Electronic Press Kit (EPK:

The Tour:

The tour begin in January of 2005, despite having played a few gigs at the end of 2004.  The band played a show in UK before moving to North America for the spring.  The summer saw shows in Europe, the U.S., and Japan.  The band returned to the UK around Christmas.  Then in 2006, the band played in different cities in Europe before a doing a mini-tour of the U.S.

This album represents a significant time in Duran’s history.  The reunion that many of us longed for and never thought we would see come to fruition.  A lot of fans, including myself, jumped back in.  It began the second half and most significant part of my fandom.  I toured for the first time, really, and saw many shows.  I also made many friends.  It was a fun time!  My whole story will come next week.  Until then, I would love to read your stories surrounding this album!


4 thoughts on “Astronaut Facts and Stats”

  1. Wonderful post ❤ greetings from Australia! I first listened to the album this year, during a time of great sadness and stress. There was alot going on. Year 11 just started and I was nervous for the new year. To shift my mind away from school, I was intrigued by Duran Duran as they did covers of David Bowie, another favourite artist of mine. I learnt to love everything about them. I love how they approached each album with a unique style. They incorporated so many genres and each album had a story to tell. Unlike other bands, Duran Duran never grew tiring. I felt as though I could connect with Astronaut the most. The album inspired me to keep on going and to not let anything bring me down.

  2. This was a REALLY great time, finally got to see the FAB 5 all together at a smaller venue in Toronto, was it ever LOUD. But, still so ‘nice’ to see my favourite line-up on the band on the stage again.

    Wish I could have met them, and in most ways the reunion ended far too soon, but part of the reason I honestly believe were the songs that SHOULD have been on the Astronaut album but were inexplicably removed – Beautiful Colours, Virus, Pretty Ones and Lonely Business (Remix) come to mind in particular. Heck, they could have made it a double album for all the songs they had, but didn’t use.

    While it may not have been the huge success we, and the band, wish it had been it was still a pretty good effort and has quite a few songs that I really like such as Nice, Chains and Point of No Return. Do wish they had included the original version of What Happens Tomorrow with the unusual ‘silent icy river’ bridge.

    I also still have very fond memories of watching the Sunrise video, a terrific upbeat song, and our young kids used to dance to it as well, and WHT was pretty cool as well. Again, I believe they did it to themselves by taking BC and Virus off, two songs that people rave about on YouTube while asking why they were never released (yes, Virus as on the Japan album as a hidden track, but that was hardly a release).

    Sure would be ‘nice’ if they would finally release the ‘Beautiful Colours’ version of Astronaut with the best sound quality possible. Here’s hoping :).

  3. I absolutely “LOVE” this Album!!! I feel it represents one of their Best and their creativity/talent really shines with this one… I only wish they would have included the song Beautiful Colours on it. That song is fantastic and so very inspirational!

  4. I saw the first ‘Reunion’ show in Osaka in July 2003, and then Fukuoka and Nagoya. They made plenty of mistakes in the first show (mainly Andy) but they tightened up as the tour went along. It was great to see them all together again and it was on this tour that they started testing many of the new songs from Satellite. It took a while to get used to them, and unfortunately they didnt play ‘Chains’, ‘Nice’ Point of no Return’. The album is very good – just a pity Andy didn’t stick around. He shouldn’t have joined the reunion as his heart obviously wasn’t in it.

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