Atlanta Roaring, anyone?

It’s the sound of celebration

I have friends who are meeting in Atlanta this weekend – Saturday to be exact. They’re going there for #Atlanta Roaring3 (three, already??) – which is really a fan-organized party for Duranies to gather, hang out, dance, etc. I wish I were able to go. Actually, I wish I had the funds so that I could fly whenever and however I wanted. Alas, someone has to be at home to manage the zoo. Or farm. (I couldn’t decide which term sounded better!)

Although Amanda and I didn’t really plan much for Vegas in terms of fan meet-ups, we normally love hosting and attending them. The band can’t always provide the purpose for the gathering – and we appreciate fans who decide on their own to set something up. It is these sorts of gatherings where connections are made and friendships are fostered. I love the idea because typically, these gatherings get past the general “noise” of social media and fandom. They’re a way to see one another for who we really are, versus the online persona.

There are a lot of fans out there that want to go to gatherings like #AtlantaRoaring3, but can’t afford the flight or can’t really get away. It doesn’t have to take major planning over the course of six months or a year to put something together. Amanda has had more than one Duranie party over the years. She’s even designed party games, like Taboo, with a Duran theme! I know other fans who have done sleepovers, or have gone to nearby clubs in their city for 80s-night. Need somewhere to publicize or put out the word? I happen to know a blog that would be willing to help….

Can you hear the planet roaring

A few of us were talking last night on Twitter about a club in San Francisco named The Cat Club. It was the club Amanda and I went to (along with our roomies) after the San Francisco and Oakland shows on the Paper Gods tour in 2017. Similar to the club that I spent many Friday and Saturday nights at in my early 20s, it was dark, edgy, and felt like home. We talked about setting something up after school gets out in June – so look for news about that as we get closer to June! It would be a lot of fun to meet up for a fun night out or even a weekend.

As much as I know everyone wants more – whether it is more music, more live shows, more Duran Duran – we are genuinely lucky. We’ve found a real family here in this community.

We are the song

After the first show at The Chelsea in The Cosmopolitan in Vegas, I was walking down the hall (well, it was towards a bar – but I never quite made it to the one I wanted!) and ran into Dom. He looked like he was headed somewhere, and so was I, so I didn’t want to hold him up but we stood and talked for a minute until other fans started noticing he was there and wandered over. As people tentatively walked up to see him, they exchanged hugs and hellos with me, too. This surprised Dom, and he commented to me that we really do have quite a community.

We really do! I recognize people from all over the world at this point. It’s mind-boggling, and very cool, all at once. It never gets old to see people that I’d only previously “met” online, and I hope I never forget how fortunate I am to have landed here as a Duran Duran fan. The music is wonderful, but my friends? You are all what makes being a fan so much fun. You’re the reason I love going to see shows. I mean, the gig only lasts a couple of hours – there are memories there, but it’s the before and after show time that I think of most often.

We carry on

Not so long ago, I wouldn’t admit to myself that I sometimes get sad or lonely. I’d play it off as though I didn’t really need people. Well, I live in the country now. Atascadero isn’t a super tiny town – there are about 30,000 people who live here, but the city limits are pretty big. It isn’t like my old neighborhood at all. I miss my two older kids – they can’t come home whenever they feel like, and that’s been a tough adjustment for me. Gavin hasn’t been home and I haven’t seen him since the beginning of January, for instance; and it’s been a month since Heather has been home. It was our choice to move, but I do miss my kids.

It turns out that even I can get lonely. I miss my friends, and yeah – I definitely miss that band. That’s why meet ups and parties like #AtlantaRoaring3 are so important. It’s like group therapy, but more fun!

If you’re in Atlanta this weekend or can get there – you should go to Atlanta Roaring (details below!). You never know what might happen. Lifelong friendships could come out of it, and maybe even a guest blog could be written! If anyone finds themselves there and the DJ happens to play “Anyone Out There”, “Sound of Thunder”, or even “Late Bar”…think of me! Have fun!!

My friend David (podcaster for #TheDSide, GuyFansofDuran/ @boysmakenoise on Twitter) is the host for #AtlantaRoaring3 – April 13, 2019. Contact him for more info or questions! The days events include: celebrating Record Store Day at @CriminalRecords, Duranie meet up at Atlanta’s @Dogwoodfestival with a possible visit to #TheDSide, and then partying until the wee hours at @AmsterdamAtl

Have a great weekend, everyone! Looking forward to seeing plenty of stories, tweets and pictures from #AtlantaRoaring3!


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