Attitude adjustment in progress

It’s a strange time in the Duranie World. I don’t know what is really going on out there, but April has been an odd month. Things feel out of order. I see more strife than is necessary, and more….craziness…than usual. It’s been a weird month, even for me. Sunday is my youngest’s birthday. She will be four, and we’re having a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party for her and her classmates from preschool. I don’t know what happened, but at some point in the past month my darling little princess has turned into a complete monster. Mouthy (gosh I wonder where that came from?!?) with an attitude to match, and I feel as though I’m in a bit of a twilight zone when it comes to parenting her. Up until now she’s always been extremely obedient and I think I grew pretty complacent about the whole deal. I just expect for her to obey, and now suddenly, she’s decided it’s time for some independent thinking. I keep waiting for her head to completely spin around and for her to begin shouting obscenities my way. Yes, it’s been that kind of month the entire way around.

One might think that I shouldn’t be surprised by less-than-positive responses regarding the support of the current guitarist for Duran Duran. Dom and his father have recorded a Blues album, aptly titled Blue to Brown, and I wanted to do our part to support their effort. So I’ve posted a few words of encouragement on both Facebook and Twitter to go his website ( if you haven’t been reading!) and purchase the album. It works out to just over $16 USD right now with the exchange rate. Originally Dom was even offering free postage and handling – I’m not sure if that is still the case, but in my opinion it was a good deal and a great chance to hear some new music at the same time. Sadly, there are still those within the community that take issue with Dom’s involvement in the band…to the point where they simply refuse to buy the album.

Listen, I understand not being a big fan of blues. I get that because I’m not a big fan of rap, for instance. It’s just our individual tastes, and that’s OK. I can only take issue when we’re talking about not buying the album purely because Dom isn’t “a part of Duran Duran.” I suppose my first question would be “What do you consider ‘taking part’?” He’s been around now for what – nine years?  No, he’s not a member…but he sure does play on stage with them and has for the past nine years, and he even has writing credit on several songs on All You Need is Now. That sure seems like “being a part”, but ultimately – it’s really not up to little old me to insist that everyone support Dom, and it would be hypocritical, since I have been more-than-open about my preference for anybody-but-Warren. Unfair of me? Yes, probably so.

There is a bigger issue here though, and that’s living in reality. As I said on Facebook the other day, this isn’t just about whether you like Dom, or Warren. It’s not about whether *I* like either or both of them either. It’s about supporting each of them in the way that they supported OUR band, and took one hell of a lot of grief from us as fans for the past nine years. Like it or not, had neither of them come along, Duran Duran would not be the same as it is today…and Andy Taylor would STILL not be a part of this current band, purely because it is not where he chooses to be. We have to respect that fact. I recognize that’s a tough pill to swallow, but swallow we must. No, Warren wasn’t my favorite, but the fact is for much of the time he was in the band I had to learn to support his being there for the greater good of the band itself. There are a good many songs in the band’s catalog that simply would not have existed had it not been for Warren, and the same to a lesser extent can now be said for Dom. The history is just that, history. Andy, Warren and Dom all have their place in this band, and the sooner we all learn to accept and love exactly where we are, the sooner we can look backward and forward with clarity. Bring on TV Mania and I promise Daily Duranie will be just as supportive!

And now, I must prepare for the drummer’s birthday tomorrow…..alas, I have a birthday blog to write. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Attitude adjustment in progress”

  1. I for one like Dom.He seems like a good guy.Some Duranies feel about Andy the same way INXS fans feel about Hutch.As long as the guys are happy I'm happy.

  2. I have to say that I am thankful for you because without your insight and blogs I would have no idea what was going on in Duran land. With that said, I'm glad that I'm not missing much! I don't like Warren and will sing it from the rooftops. I am, however, understanding of his role within the band and without him, there may not be a band today. This is the same for Dom (WAY cuter and nicer to boot.) If blues isn't your thing, don't buy the jam. I for one like to experience all different kinds of music. Since I hate the radio I am very appreciative when a band that I like can introduce me to another side of life. Duran introduced me to Orson, which I still rock out to on my Ipod.
    Really people, get over yourself. No one is going to hell because we like a not-so-member but a kinda-member of the band. Simon will love you no less because you think Dom is ok.
    Happy Birthday to my crass hunny bug! Give her kisses from Aunt Schmell!!!

  3. MAC!! 😀

    I have dearly, dearly missed you. You just cannot know…..

    I will gladly give the little monster Aunt Schmel kisses. She's in her room pouting right now because no, we cannot POSSIBLY watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the 50,000 time this week, Princess. She announced that I was ruining her life, I started LAUGHING and she ran into her room and slammed the door. (I kept laughing. Can't help it. She thinks she's the first kid I've had. She's #3 – I've heard it all!!) Oh and yes, she is four. When she's thirteen I'm shipping her to her older sister, who will quite likely be out of our house by then taking Broadway by storm. 🙂 -R

    Oh wait. This is a DURAN blog and I just spoke about myself. Oops. Perhaps it was entertaining to someone out there…. 😉

  4. I like Dom, didn't care for warren, but understand that gaps needed to be filled to bring unity or cohesion of sound to the band. I do prefer Dom over w. but I'm unlikely to purchase cd as I am not into blues.


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