Back home and running!

This past weekend felt extremely long…probably because it started on Thursday for me!   The trouble with those weekends though, is that come Monday morning, reality sets back in with a vengeance, which indeed is the case.  It’s the price we pay I suppose.

My weekend was a lot of fun and I’m glad I had the opportunity to head to Chicago for some fun! I felt as though I had to squeeze a lot into the two days I was in the city, and I tried my best to make every moment count (and then some!).  Seeing fellow Duranies at Hoyt’s was memorable, and I hope everyone had a good time.  We will definitely do it again!

The concert.  The concert was fantastic.  I have to admit that the band has improved quite a bit over the show in Valley Center – and even that show was great – so I can honestly say the band is in top form.  Madison Square Garden is going to have a fabulous show, that is for sure.  I known Amanda posted our joint review of the show – and I have to reiterate that while it was our intention to do a video chat of the review – be glad you don’t have to see that, and pray the video never gets leaked.  No one should ever have to witness something like that, and we’ve learned our lesson:  never do a review at 5:45am.  Ever.

As for me, I headed home to a lot of not-good things going on here at home that have to take precedence, so I must tend to them.  In the meantime for today though, I wanted to share a couple of photos of the show with you.  If I catch anyone using them without MY permission, you’ll be cursed to a life without a Duran show.  Yes, I do have those powers.  (Listen, you don’t really know or can’t prove that I don’t have magical powers…so I wouldn’t chance it!)

Have a good week everyone!

3 thoughts on “Back home and running!”

  1. Susan – I wish!!! It was just luck…and a whole lot of it at that! I was in 10th row on John's side, and I can tell you that picture of Roger is the best one I've ever gotten of him. My husband can attest to the hundreds if not thousands of blurry Roger shots he's seen around here. 😀 I just had my regular old Canon and had it zoomed in pretty good. The crowd around me was pretty tall, so I had to hold the camera up and kind of judge from there, and got super lucky! I'm pretty sure none of the band members saw me in that crowd that night – no way! LOL -R

  2. Well, no chance they'll see me then on Friday, because I'm in row Q…not that I ever thought they would see me anyway! However, one of the seats is an aisle (made sure of that) and now my husband and I are currently debating over who gets it. He wants it for the leg room and not to feel crowded – can't say I blame him because I've been inside the theatre before…it was built in the 20s and apparently, people were much smaller then because the seating is tight! However, I want it for the better sight line it would give me. Now that I think about it, there is a possible compromise that might work: since he can't stand a lot due to a bum foot, he gets the aisle, sits, and I could probably have an unimpeded view over his head!

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