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Today is going to be a rough one for me.  I’m very tired.(Probably not unlike Roger or Gisella Taylor!)  Coffee is indeed my friend.  I have been up since about 2:30 in the morning CA time.  Why?  Well, today marks a bittersweet (although I’m having difficulty finding the ‘sweet’ right now) moment in my the life of my family.  The Atlantis shuttle landed at about 3am my time – and really it could have been earlier than that but I was half asleep as we watched it land on CSPAN2 and I’ve lost track of the time.  Yes, we actually watched it land because that shuttle is a very important part of my husband’s family.  My husband was raised in a Boeing family, which was once named Rockwell, which before that was North American Aviation and a few other names that I’m omitting because I can’t remember them.  His dad was an engineer (a real-life rocket scientist, to be honest!) – and yes, he really did design part of the engine.  Don’t ask me which part, because that’s typically when I start to tune out…  He eventually retired from Boeing, but Walt’s brother and sister still work there (or consult for them) in some capacity, and all of them worked on the space shuttle program in various capacities.  He has other family members that also work(ed) on the shuttle program.  My husband has all sorts of space memorabilia that his dad sent to him over the years as he went to launches at Mission Control, and never once did Walt look at them as being more important than he does today.  It’s as though a part of his childhood ended today, and for his dad – well, today marks something even deeper.  He lived Boeing through and through, and it’s inconceivable to him that the US would simply stop funding space exploration.  Yet we have.  I’m not writing the blog to discuss politics, only to point out that all things, even things that we never think will end, do find their end, whether it’s marked with an exclamation point, question mark, or simply a period.   So, our family finds a new beginning and we carry on.

Yesterday, the challenge was to name the song that shouldn’t have made it off of the editing room floor.  I couldn’t wait to read your answers – and the answers were all over the map!  There were some definite surprises though, for instance – I had NO idea that there were so many Union of the Snake haters out there!!!  I pictured some of you taking that record and roasting it slowly over an open fire until it gave in and melted, dripping into the hellish fury below.  Following closely behind were Zoom In, I Take the Dice, and even Bedroom Toys.  There were some other surprising answers out there though that only got a mention or two, such as New Moon on Monday, Breath after Breath, and even Sunrise!  There were many, many more songs mentioned – but those were among the ones that surprised me most.  Wow, even Sunrise is disliked by someone out there.  Who knew?  That band has absolutely no chance of ever making us all happy, do they?

For today, the challenge is to name the most overrated song.  I realize that many of you (including myself) have already made our choice and posted, and that’s fine.  However, for those of you still on the fence, I want to clarify what overrated really means.  We’re talking about songs that may have been hits, or songs that the band has really promoted as being amazing, and yet when you hear/heard it, you are/were either underwhelmed or in hindsight you see that it’s just not “all that and a bag of chips”.  Or crisps if you’re in the UK!  I would imagine that for most of us, there’s still some dislike in there though, and that’s OK – but I wanted to clarify what was meant purely because someone mentioned that it seemed like the same question as the day before.  I hope that helps someone out there!

Now, why did I title the blog using Ordinary World?   Well, if you’re one of my personal facebook friends – you already know my answer for today!  Happy Thursday and have a great weekend everyone!  Oh, and I hope that little Julian learns that sleep is not entirely overrated so that his parents can sleep…and if anyone wants to fly me to Sicily in August, and take care of my children while I’m gone, I’m totally up for it.  😀


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