Ball of Confusion

Ball of confusion.  While the world might be that way today, that’s the way I am right now, too!  I feel like I have been in the twilight zone for the longest time and that I’m now starting to make my way back to reality.  The twilight zone doesn’t seem to be a very Duran-centric place.  As I have been moving through this alternate reality, I have had glances, glimmers, brief moments of reality that include the latest in Duran happenings.  Reality was flitting, though, and I was unable to really follow what has been going on and what I needed to know, to remember.  Now, obviously, this isn’t the first time that real life has gotten in the way of my life as a Duranie and, obviously, I’m not the only Duranie to be away from Duranland either literally or figuratively!  However, this is the most extended period of time for me since my Duranie spirit was renewed about 8 or 9 years ago.  It also is different because I write a daily blog, for crying out loud!  I’m supposed to know what is going on so that I can comment about whatever it is and how the rest of the fanbase is reacting.  It has gotten so bad that even Rhonda had to call me to ask me if I knew about that contest on DDM to see Duran perform some songs in New York City this upcoming week. 

Now, I am trying to come out of the twilight zone and am trying to come back to reality.  The reality I want to return to contains Duranland.  Here’s is what I know has happened.  I know that Duran was featured on at least one show in the UK.  I haven’t seen the video(s) so I don’t know what was said or who was on the show(s).  I know that there was some announcement about A Diamond in the Mind and facebook.  I haven’t read the details so I can’t comment on that yet, either.  I know that Dom had a birthday and John tweeted about ducks or something.  I know that there was some sort of contest regarding a performance in NYC that I mentioned above.  Next week, the band is supposed to be on Good Morning America, right?  In less than two weeks, I know that the band will begin their summer tour of Europe.  Of course, I also know that I’m supposed to be going on tour in about two months.

This upcoming tour has been a strange one for us to plan.  Part of the reason for this strangeness is how early the shows were announced and the amount of time between that announcement and the ticket sale for many of the shows.  Normally, we have a pretty simple course of action in planning a tour:  decide show(s), buy tickets, get hotel rooms, arrange transportation, set up or join meetups and more.  Now, we have tickets but we are, honestly, still deciding which shows to go to.  We have some hotel rooms and some meetups planned.  Nothing seems to be going in the right order.  Of course, just like with the news in Duranland, I am now coming back to reality.  I now will have the time to talk more with Rhonda to really plan and enjoy that planning, too!  Do you think that Rhonda could just catch me up on everything that has happened in the last few months?  Now, I know that she, too, is busy so I guess I better find another way to deal!

So, fellow fans, I ask you the following questions:  First, what news should I focus on?  What is most important to check out?  Second, where do you recommend I find the latest news?  What sites or resources do you seek out to catch up in Duranland?  Obviously, I’m hoping that with some time to catch up and some time to plan a tour with Rhonda, I can, officially, rejoin reality and instead of being a ball of confusion, I will be the ball of clarity.


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