Through the Barricades – a Wild debate over Spandau’s new lead singer

In the few minutes of spare time I’ve had since my last day of work, I’ve kept up with posts in a Spandau Ballet Facebook group. Just as Duran Duran fans sometimes find themselves embroiled in debate, Spandau fans are currently going a similar, yet far more intense deliberation. The subject, is  of course, the new lead singer. His name is Ross William Wild, which doesn’t quite roll off the tongue or my keyboard quite so easily yet. He’s young, good-looking, and most importantly, at least to Spandau fans—he is not Tony Hadley.

Whether or not that is a problem, depends upon with whom you’re chatting. Ross performed at his first Spandau Ballet gig last week. Social media went wild, no pun intended. There were many who felt as though he has the potential to re-energize the band. Some felt strongly that Spandau needed to hang it up. Still others have taken to calling the band nothing more than a “tribute” at this point.  (That last one is an “ouch” for sure!) It would appear that either you are “for” Tony and therefore hate everything about this new frontman and the existing members, or you are “for” the newest reincarnation of Spandau and therefore cannot possibly still love Tony. There is simply no in-between. Choose a side and get on with it…or so may seem.

I bring this seemingly un-related issue up here on a Duran Duran-dedicated fan blog purely because it has been both fascinating and heart wrenching to watch the debate unfold. The issues are vaguely similar, yet incredibly different, to some of the things we ourselves have debated.  It has been enlightening to witness the passionate outcry, and it reminds me that fandom is driven completely by emotion. Barely containable under the best of circumstances, fans struggle with change. Emotions run high. Choices are taken on an incredible, personal level.

This claim can be substantiated by recalling the heated debates in our own fandom over guitar players or even changes in musical direction from one album to the next. The fact is, fans are entangled tightly around the heart of Duran Duran. Like it or not, sometimes it is forgotten that we fans are not the band.  Many times over the past week I have read posts from fans proclaiming, “had it not been for the fans, the band would never be here”. We’ve grown up as fans, entered adulthood as fans, we are skipping down the path of middle-age as fans, and it can be very difficult to separate our own lives from the career of the band.  Decisions made by the band, are taken as a direct hit to fans. It makes no difference how pragmatic, practical or business-oriented those choices may be. Fans take each one to heart.

Fans are so personally involved at this point—twenty, thirty or even forty years in, there’s just no way to ignore what a serious change like a lead singer leaving (regardless of the backstory, which still seems to be in question) would do to any fan base. I don’t envy Spandau, they have quite a rebuilding process ahead. It is painful to see fans, completely torn by loyalty—to whom is very much the point of contention here—say that they’ve enjoyed their time with Spandau but they cannot continue on, citing that the band is not the same with Ross, or that he’s not good enough. It is heartbreaking to read posts pointing blame, or completely discounting the work of one young man purely because he dared to step into a spot previously owned by another. The arguments of why Tony left, or who is to blame, will not doubt continue.

I feel for Ross. Like someone else I know, he is the one most likely to “pay” in this situation. He cannot win. Even if he is every bit the singer that Tony is, the reality is that he is not Tony Hadley. He is Ross William Wild. That alone is a sin far greater than any bum note he may ever hit. He will never sing “Through the Barricades” like Hadley, even if he sings it note for note. The same can be said for “True”, “Gold”, and pretty much any other song in their catalog. I have already seen the words “hired gun”, “stand-in” and my favorite, “hack studio-singer” used to describe Ross. Unfair? Definitely, although I know I’ve read most of those words before somewhere…. He’s in an impossible situation because while many have and will embrace him, just as many (if not more original SB fans) will not. Many will openly (and loudly) proclaim him to be nothing more than a stand-in. It is most assuredly a no-win situation.

Tony Hadley tours with his own band as a solo artist, and still sings many of the same songs Spandau will also continue to sing with Wild at the helm. How on earth can anyone move forward under these circumstances? I am not sure.

While undertones of this debate seem very familiar, the truth is— what we’ve dealt with as Duran fans is likely 1/10 of the agony and turmoil Spandau fans have felt, particularly lately. It is painful to watch, particularly since I have some limited sense of what it feels like.  Spandau Ballet as we once knew it ceases to exist. While the band has stood at the crossroad and decided to take a new direction, fans must decide for themselves. I do not envy them.


8 thoughts on “Through the Barricades – a Wild debate over Spandau’s new lead singer”

  1. What a sad and painful post. I know it’s not as emotional for me because I liked SB ok, I never followed their career.But as a Duranie, we have had similar situations. I feel for the new SB singer. As you said, his position sucks. I hope he can/wants to soldier on and earns the respect of the fan base.Of course the band will sound different with a new voice, but with the other members the flavor of the band should be the same It’s kind of like us Muppet fans having to learn to accept Kermit’s new performer.Some are incensed. I’m sad but taking a philosophical approach.I want the frog to LIVE.I hope SB will live also, and that Duran never find themselves in this position..

  2. You have to ask yourself, what’s the soul of the group or band? That’s what can’t be replaced. Sometimes it’s the voice, sometimes band mates. Journey w/out Perry? Well yes – the heart is still with founder Neal Schon. AC/DC w/out Brian Johnson? Yes – the Young brothers are/were the blood. ABC w/out Martin Fry? NO. Duran Duran w/out Le Bon? NO. Zeppelin sans Plant. NO. Spandau Ballet w/out Tony? Hmm… The new guys has too much ‘West End’ musical theater and not enough ‘East End’ credibility. And, the age and cultural contrast with the band is just too divisive for my taste.

    1. Hmm…. I can’t fault them for wanting to keep going. Seems to me that many argue that they had no right, and you know, I think they did. They agreed to go their separate ways. Tony is solo, and the band found a new singer. Tony has been kind enough to send his best wishes, and in a situation like this,it’s the best possible outcome aside from never having split at all. From here, I think it just depends on what people like. Some are like you and say no; others are like me and say yes, which is also to be expected. But, to just say that Tony is the soul of the band? Nah, I can’t say that. He was the singer, but I think there’s as much heart in the music as there was in his voice. I’ve seen Tony’s new band live, and I think a lot of the Spandau songs he does completely LOSE their soul when it comes to the actual musical arrangement. But yet I’m not saying he shouldn’t do them, they’re just different now. It’s the way it goes, really. It sucks for things like this to happen, for sure, but I do admire their tenacity and I still feel for Ross having to step in. He’s in a “no-win” here. Yes, he’s young and his voice is totally different from Tony’s, which I expected would be the case. I’m still curious to see what his youth, energy and different voice might do for Spandau if they write new music from this point, but that’s just it – I want to see what they’re going to do from here. But I get what you’re saying and I can appreciate your point of view. -R

      1. Clarifying my point is I do think the ‘soul’ has remained with the core members, especially Gary who’s the main writer. However, ‘youth and energy’ was not what they were lacking, but rather a replacement sage voice of their generation to complement the band instead of contrasting them. It makes the elder members seem like his uncles, rather than band mates. This new jarring contrast would be akin to Ed Sheeran fronting Duran Duran (where a Robbie Williams would be more suitable). Just the wrong match of age and caliber — in this case, musical theater.

        1. I do see your concerns about the contrast of age, and I appreciate the clarification – I didn’t read or interpret your comments correctly so I apologize. I haven’t had the opportunity to see them live in person beyond the snippets of video, so it is difficult for me to really say with confidence how successful the contrast in ages might be or what that might even do to their sound and soul going forward. Even so, I remain curious. It’s not difficult to see why they might have decided to go with a younger singer, and I think there are always going to be people that don’t like the optics or the new sound – it’s not an easy road. I don’t know if *I* think they could use a shot of youth or energy, but I do now that record labels live for that sort of thing. Most bands are told those very same words at the beginning of each album cycle. This industry is incredibly agist, and that thinking comes from the top down. Sure, some bands buck the system and do their own thing, but many struggle with staying relevant, and one way they do that (successfully or not) is by collaborating with younger artists (Duran has done this many, MANY times now) or replacing band members with younger ones. Again, I’m not saying any of that works, or even whether or not it should be put into practice – only that it does happen. Time will tell how Spandau will fare. -R

  3. Funny that in the Italian side of the Fan Community on Facebook the debate is being on.,… the band’s three guitarists debate… How boring!
    All support Spands!

  4. 12 months later, it would seem that the pressure you mentioned on 11 June 2018 has been verified. Ross William Wild has unceremoniously left Spandau Ballet as their lead singer. The band wish him well on his new endeavors. And, Ross, elsewhere stated he “couldn’t wait on the guys any longer.” Martin Kemp has gone on to say that maybe they’ll just wait for Tony to return. Hmmm. Can we start a new Daily Duranie story for this year? It’s be fun to conjecture where SB goes to next.

    1. I did see that…and stories like this are what make me wish I had the time and energy for another, more generic music of the 80’s type of blog.I find the entire Ross-Tony-rest of the band triangle fascinating, and it just goes to show that we fans really know or understand very little of what goes on behind the scenes. Rest assured, if more news or facts come to light on this subject, I’ll likely write about it! -R

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