Bop Ba-bop, ba-bop bop ba-bop….

I’m in my car quite a bit between taking the two younger kids to school, picking up my oldest and doing all of the chauffeuring, shuttling and errand running.  I’ve never been the mom who plays Kid Bop or Barney CD’s in the car – I’m the one who exposes her children to the finer things in life rather early, like from birth.  I am pretty sure there hasn’t been a time since I bought my car (or my long-since retired minivan) that I haven’t at least one DD cd in the player, and more likely – all 6 slots are taken up by various works of DD art.  As you can probably guess, my kids were educated early, Sabrina included.

When my first two were younger, Astronaut had just been released.  I remember the first day my son – he was probably about 4 at the time – started murmuring the words to Sunrise in the backseat.  At first I thought I was hearing things, then I realized he knew the words!  It got to the point where the entire van was singing a rousing rendition of the song, along with much of the Astronaut CD.  We were enthusiastic if not entirely on-tune!

As the years wore on, my son began to groan incessantly as he’d begin to hear the familiar chords of Duran Duran’s music in the car.  I don’t know when and where the change first began, but I realized with sadness that somehow, my choices in music were no longer acceptable to him, but with a flair that only moms have – I insisted that since it was MY car, MY music prevailed.  🙂  It wasn’t that long after that when my daughter started her eye rolling, but once again – my car, my music.   Rarely she’ll beg me to plug in her iPod, and typically I’ll relent, mainly so that I can get a sense of what she’s listening to these days.  (there is ALWAYS a method to my madness, you see.)   What is my oldest listening to these days?  Well, to my ears – complete and utter crap.  😀  (Spoken/written/typed like a true parent.  Ha ha!)

I really thought my years of sharing the joy of Duran Duran had come to a swift end.  I’d failed in my mission to completely brainwash them into being Duran Duran fans, but the shame I felt in having done so drifted aimlessly into complete apathy towards their own musical choices, probably in much of the same way that my parents felt when I first became a Duran Duran fan. (although I will share here that I can distinctly remember my mom singing along with Hungry Like the Wolf in the car on more than one occasion!)  Little did I realize that along with the surprise of welcoming yet another little one into our household, I also had the opportunity to educate her in all things Duran Duran!

Truthfully I haven’t even thought about what the youngest must be hearing when she’s in my car – a lot of times the music will be on and I don’t even hear it myself – it’s just background noise to whatever else is going on in the car. (with three kids, I’ll leave it up to your own imaginations!)  Since the remastered albums have come out, I’ve been playing them in my car – right now I’ve got their first album along with the CD of demos that came with it in there, along with the Arcadia album and a couple of other DD cd’s from a variety of places in there.  They’ve been in there quite a while I suppose, but like I said – I don’t notice them a lot of the time.

Yesterday afternoon, I was on my way to pick my oldest up from the bus stop – and it’s a good 20 minute drive from my house (she goes to an arts school that’s pretty far from where we live).  All of the sudden my little one was yelling from the backseat – “More bop bop bop Mom!”  At first I didn’t realize what she was saying, and then all of the sudden it dawned on me – she wanted more Planet Earth!!  I put it on…she sang along with the “bop bop” section, and then she requested it again.  And again.  And again.  (gotta love toddler repetition)

Let the brainwashing begin.  🙂


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