Breaking News: Chicago Canceled

So sad to have to post the news, but unfortunately Duran Duran has canceled their appearance at Ravinia tomorrow, Wednesday August 29th due to the continuing health issues of Nick Rhodes.

The full copy of the press release can be read here.

Naturally, our thoughts are with Nick, because of course as sad as we are about the show being canceled, we want him healthy and happy.  I am sure that every single fan out there agrees.  Amanda had tickets to this show (What? A show without Rhonda?!? *gasp*), so this affects us here at Daily Duranie directly as well.

Many rumors continue to circulate about the future Ontario Canada shows, the last dates on this ginormous 2011-2012 All You Need is Now World Tour, but the guess of Daily Duranie is that packing is probably not necessary.  Of course, this is just a guess at this point, and I would be sure to keep tuned in for any statements from the band, but it’s time to just get real.  Nick is obviously very sick, and unless he makes a miraculous recovery within the next day or so, I would imagine the tour is finished.

This is no reason for the band to feel down.  They have had one of the best tours that I’ve known to date.  To continue the momentum that they have had for over 20 months now is incredible.  I really don’t know how they get up there and stir the crowd into a frenzy each night without falling over at some point.  They deserve our respect, not our anger at a few missed shows.

Take care Nick and get well soon!


17 thoughts on “Breaking News: Chicago Canceled”

  1. For the good of the band and their future, I think it's time to just shut the tour down and call it a day. It's been a great two years and I'm really excited about what's in the future for Duran Duran.

  2. It really saddens me just a bit to think that the show I saw on Friday night may have been the last show for this tour. I was able to see three shows over the last 17 months – one on each leg – and its been one fun ride. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to do all that this time around, and really do feel for the people who are understandably disappointed by the recent show cancellations. I know I would be if it were me.

    I was just telling my husband about the cancellations, and he said to me, didn't you see what Nick did during the band intros on Friday? I told him I hadn't noticed anything unusual, but then again I was watching the band on stage whereas my husband was watching them via the video screens in the venue. There was a blinding stage light in back of Nick that made him hard to see if you were looking directly at the stage (as I was) versus watching the video screen.

    Apparently when Nick was doing his little solo during the intro, at some point when Simon was there with the mic Nick said to him “that's enough” and kind of waved him off to get him to move along with the intros. Like I said, I totally missed it because of where my attention was, but a couple of other people noticed him doing that as well. So he clearly was not feeling well even then.

    While I have a feeling this may be it for this tour, I'm just really hoping whatever he has is not serious, and that he will be on the road to recovery real soon


  3. I am seeing a number of comments across social media implying DD should really only focus on the US now. Traveling the rest of the world is too hard on them.

    I can't believe the selfishness and naivety of some fans. I thought three legs in the very demanding US market would've been more tiring than the relaxed in some other countries (where the fans are not quite so demanding about things like setlists, M and G's etc).

    It's been an awesome tour. It never came to my country, or a number of others, but the band have worked really hard.

  4. Such a shame. Of course the most important thing is Nick getting well and they did a fantastic Twenty month tour. There is no reason for them to feel disappointed. I mean I can understand feeling disappointed about not getting to do the shows but it should go any deeper than that. I've tweeted Simon, John and the band twitter a couple of times but I really hope a lot of fans show them support, on twitter and facebook, because I think they, more than even most of us, might need a pick me up and some encouragement after having to cancel the final shows. Letting them know how excited we are about the future and what they'll come up with next. I'm quite sure they wanted to go out with a BANG, onto a few months rest and into the next album.

    I do hope it's nothing too serious Nick. I mean I've had viruses that laid me up for a week and there is no way in heck I could go to work(in fact I've tried but was invariably sent home) but it wasn't actually “serious”, you know. I hope it's something similar for him, very tired from the touring, possibly having a virus on top of it, but nothing truly serious like pneumonia.

  5. Must admit that I've not really seen those comments, and I would think we're pretty well-plugged in at this point, but alas I'm a homeschooling mom now and my time is meticulously divided between 3 kids and this blog….amongst too many other things to list.

    The bottom line is that the US is in fact a cash cow for them. They know it, and we're very demanding. I'm not going to mince words here – they make a lot of money in this market, otherwise I don't know that they'd spend so much time here. All of that said, there's simply no need to demand more, we get plenty as it is, don't you think?? -R

  6. One recent comment was that DD should focus on the US rather than 'remote worldwide Islands'. What is remote I ask? It depends where you are. A comment like that speaks volumes about how a person thinks of other nations/people.

    I hope Nick is feeling better soon. He is only human, and this is another reminder.

  7. I can't say that I am shocked over this news…or overly worried. I get worn out by being a desk monkey…I can't imagine having to fill my days with promotion and nights with performing–for 20 months. Yikes!

    I was just looking at the timeline on the site…and I was agog at how many dates they played between Oct-Nov 1980. Course they were half their ages (or more)…how did they find the time to party?? I just skipped class…you can't just skip a gig LOL.

    I think you're right…they should cancel the last few dates…call it an EXCELLENT run, rest up and head to the studio. {I got tired just reading the timeline)

  8. I wouldn't make too much of this. I've seen Nick do this a couple of times and it never seemed to be in a harsh way just him saying I've done all I can do here.

    Watch the Live from London DVD and he does the same thing.

  9. For some reason I couldn't reply to Seven's post but if he's/she's talking about what I think they are talking about(if it's something else, that I didn't see, I apologize) – then the suggestion wasn't that Duran Duran only tour the US, though there was one joking suggestion that they only tour the UK and “(former) British Colonies”(which would include a lot of places as Canada, Australia, etc aren't colonies anymore either:)).

    But the main suggestion was that they not do three US tour legs and when they do stick to the top 25 US markets, or some variation thereof(like THEIR top 25 US markets). There was some chatter throwing various ideas back and forth but the main part of the discussion was actually that they tour the US LESS, not ONLY tour the US.(Or another suggestion, which was not geographically feasible was 1 month and a half in US, 1 month and a half in Europe, including the UK, and 1 month and a half every place else(of course every place is a lot of travel for a month and a half LOL).

  10. I hadn't seen that idea floating about 'anon' – I have seen 'just focus on US and Europe' suggestions though.

    I think they have done a pretty impressive tour this time. Covered a lot of ground. It's a shame it's ended this way. Probably a real downer. I really hope Nick recovers completely and in hindsight they have positive reflections on it.

  11. I would hope that it would go without saying that of course I think the idea of concentrating here is ridiculous. It wasn't those “remote” places that got Nick sick…it was traveling for nearly two years straight and I don't mind saying he got sick HERE…in the US!

    I have no trouble commenting on the band, but in this area…I have to think they know what they are doing and how much they can handle. -R

  12. Very sad, should be at the Chicago show right now 🙁 I did see them the 2 other times they were here but…..didn't get this last show to prepare myself for the end of this tour & have closure. Wishing Nick a speedy recovery. Now the wait begins till the exciting days when DD goes on tour again.
    One Depressed Chi-Town Duranie :'(

  13. I'm so sorry. If there were ever a time I wish I could give out hugs… it seems that there is many a depressed fan right now. While I know the band has got to be relieved that they are all home and back to their normal lives – I am sure they didn't want to end the tour on this sort of note. It's a real letdown, but as you say, now the wait begins for the next one. Anticipation can be fun. 😀 -R

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