Broadening Duran Duran’s Fan Base

We all love Duran Duran’s newest album, All You Need is Now.  The entire fan base has thrown themselves behind this album in a way that hasn’t really been done since the early days of the first album and Rio.  Despite the band touring, shooting song videos and a dedicated online presence in social media, album sales simply haven’t been there.  This is clearly a problem because without album sales, the band will lack funds, motivation, etc.  Commercial success is important.  Without that success, the band will likely cease to continue. We can’t have that happen.  As fans, we have to do our part to broaden their fan base.  This means embracing the younger generation.  As much as we don’t wish to share the band, we need to in order to have the band continue.  

In attempts to try and find a solution, we look to current, more youthful and popular acts amongst the younger demographic (18-25 year olds) as possible support acts for tours.  While there are many artists that have captured that youth audience, we need to find one that creates the same level of hysteria among females.  Let’s face it – it has always been females that have been the core audience of Duran Duran and other other wildly popular artists throughout rock and roll history. (For instance, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, etc.)  We also aspire to find an artist who uses their fan base as a catalyst for sales and activity.  We want to continue to promote a sort of synergy between artist and fan base.  Duran Duran has made such huge inroads in connecting with their fan base, we very much wish for this to continue.  
Based on all of our extensive research, including this blog here, we feel that there is a very strong case for working with Justin Bieber.  Both Rhonda and Amanda have continued to become increasingly captivated by his work, obvious talent, and fan outreach.  Not only is his fan base incredibly youthful, they are willing and ready to go to work for Justin in any moment, creating hysteria, sales, and press interest in a way the world hasn’t seen since at least 1984.  Just as Duran fans have a name for themselves that they take to heart (Duranies), Justin Bieber fans call themselves Beliebers, and truly embrace the idea of being his army.  There’s no denying the effect that they have on Justin’s continued success. 
Now, we both know the question that is floating through our readers heads right now.  Why would Justin ever want to work with Duran Duran?  Obviously the band has been around a while.  They know how to deal with fan hysteria.  They know what it’s like to have their fan base age.  They know how to do handle long term success with a long term career.  Justin’s fans can learn from Duran’s fans.  We know what it is like to see our idols age.  We’ve learned how to tour appropriately.  We know what it’s like to go from having the band as the posters on our walls to staying in the same hotel as the band on tour.  Therefore it’s a win-win situation for everyone from Duran to Justin to their collective fan base.  
We are advocating for this quality of music to join forces with Duran’s quality of music by having Justin Bieber as the opening act for the 2012 US tour.  One might be curious as to how Justin’s catalog might fit in.  In fact, they would rightly complement each other.  Justin’s musical style has a slight urban feel to it at times, and as we all know, Duran Duran has worked with urban producers many times during their tenure.  For example, Duran Duran’s last album, Red Carpet Massacre, was completed with the fantastic hip and modern producer Timbaland.  Everyone knows his amazing work on Night Runner, Skin Divers and Zoom In set off the entire album as a timeless classic.  As Nick Rhodes himself has said, he feels the album will stand the test of time.  So, it is clear that the two catalogs of music, while distinctly different, very much complement one another.  
For the past year, fans have sat back and effectively been the Monday Morning Quarterbacks   in trying to explain the lack of sales and excitement surrounding what has quite possibly been one of the best albums Duran Duran has ever completed.  It’s now time to be proactive rather than reactive and offer an effective solution, which is why Rhonda and Amanda are calling fans to action.  Let’s promote the idea of a Justin Bieber/Duran Duran tour for the US! Daily Duranie is in the process of getting a petition ready, and we want each and every one of you to sign it, and share it widely so that we can get as many Duranies on board as possible.  This is a huge opportunity for power of the fans to speak and help to insure the bands future for many years to come.  
In closing Rhonda and Amanda are posting a youtube clip of Justin’s new song “Boyfriend”.  Embrace the Bieber.  You know you wanna.  
– A & R

23 thoughts on “Broadening Duran Duran’s Fan Base”

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    You almost got me. LOL.

  2. It sounds like a great idea,but in all honesty,Bieber fans don't go to see Justin to see DD,but to see Bieber.That makes no sense,but vice versa!Also I'd hate to imagine them getting booed off by all of the Beliebers,as they're worse than you think! x

  3. I'm sorry Rhonda and Amanda, but I just can't fathom how that would work, let alone Bieber's camp agreeing to be an opening act when his draw is so large.I do see your point, and this may sound a bit like NIMBY [Not in my back yard], as a Duranie, i cringe just hearing Duran Duran and Bieber in the same sentence! I am not sure if the band would even care to do this either. I envision the notion to being presented to the band and them snickering and laughing saying, “are you kidding me?” “I don't think so. That's not our thing.”
    If anything, at this point in the band's life, it has been stated by JT and others in interviews for the AYNIN tour, that while yes, it is hard to turn 5 million viewers of the “girl panic” video on you tube to 5 million buyers on itunes etc., that being without a label, being autonomous, they are free to choose their own producer, have more control over what they write, record, and promote, and that they are more concerned with putting on a great show more than showing up just to get paid.
    That being said, let's be real. If you're hauling ass all over the road to promote the hell out of AYNIN and venture out daringly “alone”, the band is not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. When DD works so hard to put on a great performance, there has to be a payoff financially for them to continue. I won't work for free, so why should I expect them too!

    I like that the Neon Trees opened for DD in Cleveland. An up and coming alt/indie band. They warmed up the audience nicely and it's the kind of music genre that DD emerged from….the New Romantics…..disco + punk….Chic + Sex Pistols.

    So I say no to Bieber being even uttered in the same sentence, pictured, associated with, or gosh forbid TOUR with DD.

    I would much prefer that DD mentor up and coming bands that do have a “younger” following, and have them as their opening act. This, to me, would seem in line with the values of the band and this part of their career, to work with those bands who name DD as a major influence on their music.

    I'd rather put my enrgy elsewhere, like signing the petition to get the band inducted into the RRHOF! (even though considered a joke by many, including Clevelanders), as I sit here with the induction ceremony starting this week, I take offense to G&R being inducted and not DD. And there are many more who are deserving, and Brits are among them, Bieber and DD do not mix.
    Enough said.

  4. I'd hate to have to try and outbid a Bieber fan for a front row seat. You know kids these days have more money at their disposal than we do!

    I've kinda lost track of the date and was about to call the men in the white coats to go pick you guys up.

  5. @ Jessie – I think you're severely underestimating DD's fans. We would never put up with the band being booed. Never.

    @ Deb – it's time to put our energy into the band being attractive to the millions of youthful potential fans out there. We need to fully embrace this idea. I know it's difficult, but it's necessary. The band would agree. JT himself appreciates the Beebs. -R

  6. I have NO idea what you're going on about Betsi. Both Amanda and I conferenced about this, and we agree, it's time to just get with the times. We need to be forward thinking. Kind of like Nick! 🙂


  7. I think you are on to something. I would have the Duran Camp contact Bieber and see if they could get him to cover Planet Earth, better yet Rio. Now this would do wonders for Duran Duran!!!

  8. You know, we should organize a fan-mob. If we all mob him…maybe he'd consider!?! That would be excellent!! Who needs Justin Timberlake if we can get Bieber….outstanding idea! -R

  9. This is brilliant. Sheer brilliance. I understand the overlap, the initial fascination with the looks (although I'm not entirely sure Biebs can really deliver on the talent and longevity.) BUT, I GET it. My kids love the music, the problem is their generation isn't exposed to DD on radio or in the mainstream. I don't think it's a joke.


  10. given the worldwide success they had with their collaborative efforts on RCM not to mention the overwhelming acceptance by the Duran fanbase for that album, i think this is an outstanding idea. the cross-generational work they did with timba/timber proved that tweens/teens are all about what their parents (and grandparents) listen/listened to. GOLD.MINE. you two are brilliant.

  11. It's good thing I know exactly which Jessica this is. 😀

    And with that, I certainly hope everyone enjoyed our APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!!

    Timberlake. Timbaland. Bieber. Good lord…. If you all only knew how much laughter took place yesterday as Amanda and I were on speaker phone together composing this blog. When I read back through it, I couldn't even get through it without a fit of laughter.

    That said, I should be shot for posting a video of Justin Bieber on a Duran Duran blog. EEK!! -R

  12. I am still laughing about this. I have to admit I was about half a paragraph into a rebuttal of why this was an insane idea, and what kind of crack did you guys smoke, when it hit me what day it was. And then I started laughing…and laughing… tears were running down my cheeks.

    In all honesty, I know DD got their kick-start as an opening band, but I really could do without supporting acts now. While I know DD can't necessarily play longer sets, the style of the bands that I have heard open for them lately haven't been my bag of crumpets. Nothing against them – at least Neon Trees was energetic – just not what I like.

    So I know Andy doesn't want to go back to the band — but in my dreams he could “open” for them. Yeah, yeah… I know… but what Duranie wouldn't LOVE that (other than the two or three who are still mad at him)? Just keep him and the Revlon-Wearing Duran apart and things would be fine! Hey, if you're going to dream…

  13. called it! I suspected so. Good for you for holding out so long! I would have caved MUCH EARLIER~so kudos. From what I gather about you gals, is that you have a sense of humor, duranies through and through, runs through your veins. I was honestly considering un-following the blog if you were serious. And JT liking the Bieb's? C'mon–that would floor me. What I have learned through the peaks and valleys of my fandom is that these talented men are artists, first and foremost. The vision for the band that JT and NR created in 1978, and the composition of a band of intelligence? I DOUBT that they would stoop so low to such a ridiculous collaboration. I really see no talent, art, or musical intelligence from what I have seen of Justin Bieber. As someone who works with the 10-18 year old population, they even think he's a joke. And that say's something, even if this is Ohio.

    This is my opinion alone, and I may take slack for those who like the boy.

    Today I can breathe a big sigh of relief! Phew, glad that's over. Got us good. Now let's get back to reality ;)and move on to the fun week you all have planned!

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