Calendars, Tour Books and Collections…Oh My!

I was thrilled to hear/see that Duran will have a calendar for 2012!  I so missed having one for 2011 as I have all of their recent calendars (2006-2010).  This year I decided to pick my favorite picture for any given month to display since there wasn’t a current calendar.  That worked out fine but it wasn’t very functional and often had to remind myself that it wasn’t the current year.  In case you have not heard, their calendar for 2012 will be available to purchase from the store on Monday, November 7th.  (Happy Birthday to Rhonda!)  Now, I suppose that I should wait to purchase it until I come back for the UK or simply put it on my Christmas wish list since all of my extra money will be going towards the trip, but I probably won’t.  I get too worried that it will sell out, which causes me to buy right away, which is strange because I’m not really like that with anything but Duran.

I admit it.  I like Duran stuff.  They make a lot of money off of me as I’m someone who buys merchandise.  I have a ton of t-shirts, which include ones that I bought at a show and ones that I bought from the website.  I already mentioned the calendar.  I have posters.  I have keychains and I have buttons.  There are tons of bags that have some Duran logo in my closet from various tours and VIP packages.  Heck, I renewed DDM and did the Gold package in order to get the message bag, t-shirt, bookmark, etc.  I am such a sucker for Duran related items.  I am weak.  I admit it.  They must love having fans like me (other than the part that I voice my opinion about what they are doing and sometimes it isn’t all that…flattering or positive). 

I was like this as a kid, too.  Like everyone else of my Duran generation, I had the tons and tons of posters on my wall and saved up money to buy this week’s copy of Bop or Tiger Beat.  I bought every album and singles, when I could.  I even had Duran Duran pajamas!  How cool was I when I pulled that nightshirt out at a slumber party?!  Of course, I purchased copies of Sing Blue Silver, Dancing on the Valentine and their other major videos.  I also saved my money to buy larger books of Sing Blue Silver, the photograph book, and the Book of Words.  How could I not?  I wanted to buy as much Duran as I could, including one of my favorite Duran items of all time…the Into the Arena board game!  I still have my original board game despite it being away from me for awhile.  I bought the game when it came out and even attempted to play it a few times.  The directions still dumb to me but the pictures were pretty!  Anyway, at some point in my childhood, I decided that I should try to move on from Duran for various reasons.  Yet, I couldn’t just get rid of everything so I did the next best thing!  I gave my stuff to one of my good friends!  Years later, then, she asks me if I wanted the stuff back!  Of course, I did!  Thus, items like the board game were returned home to their rightful place.  I went to my first Duran show with this friend and we went to a few more after that together.  Now, I will see her during our UK tour as she will be hosting Rhonda and I and going to the Glasgow show with us! 

My childhood revolved around getting Duran items so it isn’t super surprising that my adulthood is filled with that as well.  One of my more recent items is this tour’s tourbook.  I have the ones for Astronaut and RCM.  (By the way, who didn’t think the Astronaut one was cool as hell?!?!)  I have fond memories of both of them.  My friends and I purchased our copies of the Astronaut tour book in Chicago in March of 2005.  It provided fun reading material as we drove from Chicago to Milwaukee to the show there the next night.  Likewise, I purchased the RCM one in Chicago in May of 2008 but didn’t have fun with it until I purchased one for Rhonda.  Then, I could go through it and highlight the fun parts for her.  We did the same after purchasing copies of the Ask Katy book, “Would Someone Please Explain?” and read it together on a flight to Philadelphia in December 2008.  Therefore, we decided to purchase this year’s tourbook.  Originally we planned to buy it in the UK.  Thankfully, we didn’t as the size is…uh…an issue.  It is 12 inches by 16 inches and is way too long to be user friendly. 

As far as this year’s tourbook content goes, there is some positive aspects and some…I think are lame.  The cover is a shiny silver with a big pink D on it.  It fits with the theme of the album art.  It has many photographs of the band members taken live but they aren’t my favorite as the photos are more artistic and less clear.  They are also in black and white.  That said, there are colored photographs that are quite lovely.  Unfortunately, the crease of the book gets in the way at times, including blocking Nick in one picture and Dom in another.  Lame.  Some of the photographs were those that were used to create the album cover.  Again, I didn’t think they were necessary.  Call me crazy but I would rather have photos of the guys!  Most of the photographs besides the live ones were of the band, either as a group or as individuals.  Yes, most of those photos were quite attractive!  They did include a page with photos of Dom, Anna and Saxy Simon. 

Beyond the photos, they did include some written content, which I was generally disappointed with.  One page included the news story from the Man Who Stole a Leopard.  Really?  That was necessary? Then, there were pages where the band and Ronson discussed making the album.  Typically, this type of content would thrill me.  It didn’t, in this case, because I had all ready heard it on the DVD for the album.  Nothing drives me more crazy than when they recycle material.  The one part of the writing I really did enjoy, though, was when each band member was given the same series of questions.  I loved reading their answers and getting an insight into how they think.  A few answers really stuck out to me.  Clearly, Nick is obsessed with time and getting things done as he listed his greatest fear as running out of time and listed wasting time as his greatest extravagance.  Roger dislikes his nose and thinks that he is lazy.  Simon actually gave much longer answers and told a beautiful story about when his eldest daughter, Amber, was born.  John wishes that he didn’t care what others thought of him.  Very interesting, overall. 

Thus, while the tour book had some great photographs and some lovely insights into the boys, I wished for much more content.  I also wish it was smaller to be easier to store and travel with.  Despite its limitations, I’m still glad that I have it.  I’m glad that I have all of my Duran stuff, including the tourbooks, t-shirts, videos, calendars, bags, posters and board game.  Do you collect Duran?  If so, what is your favorite item?


6 thoughts on “Calendars, Tour Books and Collections…Oh My!”

  1. The guys, probably Nick more than the others, alwayd try to put great look on everything. I have the Ultra Chrome and Latex tour book and it is very cool and weird. I also have the Arena book, awesome! My daughter offer me the AYNIN t-shirt black and pink, another treasure, I am still a kid inside… 😉


  2. I didn't get the Astronaut Tour Book because I bought the Reunion one first…in Chicago of course, and with no regret. It WAS what I had waited for and fitting for my Birthday that year. I believe I still have the ticket stub for that special night and some photographs my show going partner took because I wasn't tall enough to reach my camera over the crowd from the mixing desk to get some great shots…Thanks Robert.

    I personally collected the vinyl and CD's…those were my passion. The Book of Words is awesome…I even have some Laserdisc pressings of the early video releases….bless old technology. I have a flyer from the 1999 Chicago HOB show and I've got a few tour shirts from the 7 era up to Astronaut. All in all it was the music related items that still catch my eye. With all the “remastered” CD's being released and in my opinion butchered, the warmth and ritual of analog vinyl can't be beat.

    If I remember correctly Simon and John both have the same affinity for the ritual of pulling that record out of the sleeve, placing it on the turntable and looking at the cover art….one who knows can never let that opportunity pass.

    I am by no means a prolific purchaser of Duran merchandise but I can understand the appeal of it for those who still relish everything from the DD batteries of old to the VIP tour bags of more recent outings.

    Cheers for staying kids….it is fun, isn't it. 🙂 🙂


  3. I think the tour book from this tour is incredibly lame, to be honest. It just wasn't up to par with the others, and I've looked at it exactly once…and I doubt I'll open again for many years. There's just not enough in it worth really looking at. The pictures are in many cases dark and distorted and overall it's disappointing. I LOVED the tour book from the Astronaut tour, and even the one from the reunion tour – there were just more tidbits of interest. Wouldn't anyone love to know what they include on their tour rider…or one or two things they absolutely have GOT to have with them when they go on tour (aside from clothes and their instruments of course?)…those are things that would be fun to read.

    I've never been one to buy every single thing they have – my t-shirt collection is rather thin, and I don't really go in for all the pins and things (although I have some from the 80's that I kept all these years). I do love books though and I have quite a few; my favorite being the Book of Words. I do still love posters though…I've even bought a few off of eBay as copies of what I had back in the 80's, and those now hang in my closet (of all places)…. 😀 Oh and of course I love the vinyl! -R

  4. Hi,I must admit that I love collecting on DD,just as much in the 80s as of today !Top priority is the music(cds,vinyls)+ dvds,official or bootlegs,remixes & all.I still got some of my cassettes(I traded that with penpals backthen)and early VHS tapes!
    I also LOVE the tourbooks,the books and collecting the magazines they're in.When they are active(album release or on tour)it is even better cos' theres always more to buy!Even on quieter times,there's still plenty of past DD items to look for to complete my collection.
    I'm the type of fan who'll get all the newspaper concert reviews,search for DD in any record shop or old bookstore that I pass by,and still trade DD stuff with other collectors.Yep,I'm crazy like that 🙂 Joel

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