Can I Become a Professional Duranie?

This blog post is obviously a bit late tonight.  While this time of year is always a busy one, right now, it is especially busy, if you are a Duran fan.  As you all know, Duran Duran released a new single and is on the verge of releasing their 13th studio album on December 21st.  This would be exciting in and of itself.  The new song would provide plenty of discussion among the fans on various message boards and social networking sites.  Of course, the discussion might also include speculation about the other new songs, possible touring and more.  All of that reading and posting would take up time.  Lots of time.  Yet, it seems to me that Duran is finding other ways to keep us busy as Duranies on a daily basis now. 

Today was a good example of this.  I know that I saw and heard a new snippet of a song, “The Man Who Stole a Leopard” on the band’s official website.  Roger posted pictures from the video shoot on facebook.  There were more tweets, including one from John talking about how almost all of the reactions to the song were very positive.  Then, there was a live twitter chat with Simon and Katy where the fans could ask questions of Simon live and he would respond to them.  This isn’t all, I bet.  I suspect that I probably missed a thing or two.  Now, I’m not sure how the rest of the Duran world is feeling but I’m struggling to keep up.  I’m having a hard time finding a balance between keeping up with Duran news and real life.  I admit that I had gotten used to nothing much happening after the RCM era past and I am having a hard time realizing that in this is a new era of Duran Duran.  This era appears to be an extremely busy one.

Do not get me wrong here.  I am not unhappy with all of the Duran happenings.  On the contrary, I love reading about something new and discussing it with other fans.  Love it.  Since the single came out, I have spent more time on the phone and on the computer than I have in weeks in order to discuss the new material!  I have even found myself up late way.  Now, somehow, this lack of sleep hasn’t impacted my working performance yet.  The key word there is “yet”.  I suspect that all of my excitement about the new material is helping with the tiredness I should be feeling.  Anyway, despite all of the time spent on the latest Duran information, I don’t feel like I know everything.  Up until recently, I would have said that I was able to hear or read about every little detail about Duran Duran.  I never feel caught up!  Now, I feel lucky if I caught between 50 and 75% of what is new.  Today, I heard about so many things that I couldn’t even figure out what to blog about!

Where does that leave me now?  Well, I could wish for Duran to settle back down and just give us a piece of information once every week or month, but I don’t.  I LOVE all of the action taking place and cannot wait for more action with both the album release and tour dates (hopefully and soon!).  What is another choice then?  I know.  The band could just hire me to be a professional Duranie.  The job would allow me all the time in the world to see what is happening in Duranland and to respond to it.  Alas, I doubt this will happen so I’ll be left with trying my best to keep up while making another pot of coffee!


5 thoughts on “Can I Become a Professional Duranie?”

  1. Yes I perfectly understand how you feel because I'm feeling exactly the same way!!! ^^ So…I'm trying to keep up with ALL the DD news leaving out the details…if they don't really interest me…! (eg all the comments…)

  2. I totally feel the same way! I was anxiously awaiting the single on the 14th, and then last weekend it was leaked, album clips were leaked, the video was leaked (this was not true, I think!), it was on iTunes for free, everyone is blogging, tweeting, face…booking, JT & Mark Ronson are posting on iTunes, Roger is uploading pics of videos, Simon and Nick are on radio shows… I have people who don't even like Double D (but who know I'm a Duranie) coming up and saying, “Hey, that new song by DD is pretty cool.” I answer,”Oh yea, AYNIN sounds great.” And impossibly they say,”What song is that? I mean Being Followed!”

    What? Did I miss something? Oh yea, I did…the whole album is on YouTube, live streaming (and no, I have not previewed any material unless it was on! I dunno where to go or start anymore.

    I have a great idea! Why doesn't a certain website collect ALL the info on DD from the past couple of weeks, and condense the major points on ONE webpage for easy viewing, along with a limited amount of comments from fans and non-fans. Sort of like taking the pulse of the DD beast. You know, 90% say AYNIN is awesome, 5% say it sux, 4% say “Huh?”, and 1% abstain…something like that.

    Now which site could possibly do that?


  3. I just absolutely love DD! I met my wife, and there's a DD reference somewhere in there, right at the beginning! She's from Iraq, so I was completely surprised (BTW, I'm the quintessential Texan boy)! I haven't been this excited since Astronaut! I cannot wait until Dec. 21! I just finished hearing the boys on East Village Radio…all I can say is, thank God for DD and Mark Ronson. What I want to hear is in two years, DD & Ronson decide to make the album that should have FOLLOWED Seven & the Ragged Tiger!


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